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"Leverage on the Art of Modern Astrology to Uncover Your Innate Potential,  Re-discover life Purposes,  And Gain Clarity To Ease Through Every Challenging Moment In Life."

What Can Modern Astrology Do For You?
While there are many explanations to Modern Astrology, the most notable one would be the use of humanistic approach in construing chart interpretations to unlock a person's innate gifts and potential. Despite it's a spin-off from Traditional Astrology, Modern Astrology emphasises 100% on a native's free-will to act upon his/her life, rather than basing off deterministic or fated interpretations, which are largely discouraged in the practise of this divine art. After-all we are here to enjoy and experience the wonders and greatness of life! To be restraint by a fearful interpretation or "prediction", which could eventually lead to a "self-prophecy come true", we are the cause to all unnecessary worries and fears in us, making astrology a superstitious business, which is totally unfounded. Modern Astrology instills a powerful paradigm shift in us, turning problems and obstacles into opportunities that serve as springboards to our personal growth.  Because... Modern Astrology does not aim to just predict...

It Prepares You.


Astrology Readings

My astrology readings are unbiased and meaningful. They serve as tools of support to your journey in self-discovery, healing and in actualising self-empowerment.

My consultation is in-depth and fully customised to your needs and concerns. Read more about what others have said after engaging my services! ;)

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