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Millionaires don't use astrology. Billionaires do. ~ J.P. Morgan
Astrologer Jassy Clover talks about her astrology journey and what leads to a life breakthrough and transformation before becoming an astrologer to Insideclover
A Truth-Seeker and a Spiritual Explorer in the quest of her awakening journey
My Story
My Soul Searching Journey Begins...
Coming from a Southeast-Asian background and being brought up in a Buddhist family, I always believe that everything in life happens for a reason and for this, I'm a strong believer of the karmic effect - cause and effect theory. 

I've dabbled with astrology when I was barely 20, and was fascinated with it. My intuition tells me there's something way much deeper than just horoscope reading based on a person's date of birth. Google wasn't enough to satisfy my insatiable need for an answer, so I deep dived into western metaphysics for nearly 3 years, majoring in Psychological Astrology, studying alongside renowned astrologers from UK, USA, AU & NZ and gained invaluable insights through these veterans. Among them is the renowned Sue Thompson. 

This journey has proved immensely beneficial to my personal growth and satisfied the spiritual quest in me. Not only I got the answers I've been seeking for, I healed from within and gained the much needed inner-peace and clarity... When the mind, heart and soul are aligned, happiness, luck, positive vibes, wealth, and recognition followed closely. Through living the Buddhist philosophy way of life and also applying the techniques and tools of astrology, I have received way significant abundance and positive growth than I could ever imagine! This is something spiritual, something really profound.
Discovering My True Calling
After a decade in the corporate world, I wanted to do something meaningful, one that injects a purpose in my life and something that I'm passionate about. I was clueless of what can I do but I know deep in my heart I wanted a change. The opportunity came when I was affected by a massive retrenchment exercise in my company. I took the bullet and left with a heavy heart... I knew it was time because the "calling" in me was so strong, but just didn't realise that there was a need to push away the barriers and start doing what I like because I was sheltered in a "comfort zone"

Armed with a huge passion in astrology, with the heart to guide and teach others and the heart to want to make a difference.. I finally decided to embark on a journey as an astrologer. With my digital expertise and background I hope to touch as many lives as I could through the power of social media and online world, to share this life-changing skills and inspire and help anyone who could be just like me, 10 years ago.. to become successful and victorious in their unique way...
What many have said
professional lady April Ee consulted with Insideclover Jass Ye on Astrology readings for her relationships

April E.

Jass has been spot on when comes to deciphering of my relationships themes and since then I’ve sort of caution myself in identifying the types of relationships that could be toxic and have not wasted my time in the wrong people. I’m now 8 months into my new relationship (saw Jass in Oct 2018) and hope this will be the right one for me!
professional lady Ivy De silva gained fulfilment, clarity and true calling to her life through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Ivy D.S

I was undergoing counselling therapies due to my failed marriage that has scarred me to the core. Although my therapists do help, I still feel something missing and unfulfilled.. After getting insights from Jass, I gained more clarity and found my true calling.. I’m a believer of working with professionals when it comes to my overall well-being, emotionally and psychologically.
professional lady Jasmine Toh gained clarity, opportunities and inspirations through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Jasmine T.

She’s wise, witty and gives a no BS point of view during our session. She always leaves me feeling inspired and balanced. Jass is my go-to person whenever I feel stuck at work. She always says, I need to exert free will and ride with the opportunities or challenges ahead but only when I’ve met a hard-nut deadlock, her insights always never fail to unlock a glimpse of light to my answers
professional lady Pattey Stacey gained clarity and answers to life through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Pattey S.

I walked out of my first session with her, having an understanding about who I really am and some answers that I’ve craved for years and so many tools for how to access everything I ever wanted on astrology. I’m so glad that you have started some classes and I look forward to those intermediate classes Jass!
business man jet patel gain breakthrough and clarity using Astrology with InsideClover Jass Ye

Jet P.

If you are looking for a breakthrough in your business, or to understand deeper about yourself and why things are happening in your life the way they are, I highly recommend working with Jass. Her insights and sharing have truly motivated me ever since I engaged with her in Mar 2018. Looking forward to our next session!
entrepreneur clifford gained breakthrough and clarity through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Clifford J.

I used to be a fanatic in having my daily life read before pursuing any ventures or activities and have bought many gems and ornaments, to sort of improve my life, but eventually found them to have no effect only just to appease my own fears. I have toned down in these obsessive readings and buying. After working with Jass I have come to understand a lot more of myself and taking full control of my life now rather than relying on others.
professional executive chester gained clarity and and life answers through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Chester X. W.

I would definitely recommend anyone who is wanting to seek more clarity about themselves and for future planning. Jass is highly professional and accurate in her readings for me. Many goosebump moments!
entrepreneur eileen seah gained clarity and believes in astrology through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Eileen S.

Jass is a super knowledgeable lady and passionate about her work. Will recommend to anyone who want to know themselves better as Jass will definitely be able to advise on what's true calling and directions in life!
entrepreneur aaron tan gained breakthrough and clarity in his career and relationships through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Aaron T.

I've gotten very good relationship and career advice here. I got a better understanding of myself and my personality. Highly recommended!
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