Apr 19: A Charming Beautiful Full Moon in Libra

Ok I’m a little late to report on this, well I was busy immersing myself being soaked up by the beauty of today’s full moon.


Today marks the 2nd full moon of the beautiful, diplomatic sign of Libra. The last time we had that was in March and you might even have the feeling of déjà vu. So what does this Libra full moon brings to us and what does it signifies?


The zodiac sign Libra represents the areas of partnerships, love and money. It also rules all forms of diplomacy, justice and charms. Since this is the 2nd round of coming back from Libra, it could very much signify a re-focus. This time, our Libra full moon falls onto the critical degree at 29 Libra which tells about a need to accomplish and to fulfil what have been left unfinished and to put a conclusion to them, especially on areas such as your finances, relationships and love. And the infamous trait of Libra is being indecisive. So work on your indecisiveness and put a conclusion to these areas. Period. That said, we could be anticipating something very refreshing and something very welcoming. It would be a positive change and take note on the message each change is trying to bring across.



You may be even feeling this full moon a few days ahead before it is formed. This full moon is certainly going to affect everybody especially if you are one of these signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn., but for some signs. It is going to be an extra potent time for changes, feelings, and full-moon intensity. So do read on if you are one of these 4 zodiac as there are important insights for your takeaway. Note: if your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant Signs are in either of these 4 signs please take extra note.



Keeping a balance to your heart and your emotions will very much bring about healthier relationships with anyone. You are dynamic and passionate and rather than giving all your attention and time to others, you need to learn how to balance out your emotions and energy. Your direct and straightforward self could very much be mistaken for being aggressive and blunt. During this period, past relationships and finances issues will resurface and this is where you will need to put a conclusion to them.



This is a time to introspect and to draw up your spirituality to guide you from within. Your emotions ebb and flow with the moon and with this Libra full moon, it too, brings about areas on relationships which you need to pay attention to. The best way is to move away from areas that drain you and to focus on the opposite side which you have always failed to recognise. Familiarity breeds within Cancerians and having the needs to shift away from what has been comfortable does seem uncomfortable, but this is necessary for your emotional well-being.



Become the person whom you want and need to be. It is time to put any indecisiveness to the storehouse and stand firmly to your beliefs! Rather than viewing things from people’s point of views, start doing it for yourself and focus on what you want and what are required to make you grow. Evolving to the next phase is at times touchy and edgy, but right now it is a time to introspect from within and take an inner journey to fully explore the become whom you are truly meant to be. Areas on finance, relationships or love that aren’t working, it is time to close this chapter and to open a new one for progression. Time and tide waits for no man.



The hardworking ambitious goat will be feeling this full moon in a rather intensive and pressurized way especially in your profession and career. There could be disharmony happening within your workplace and tongues wagging situations may even arise. Take it graciously and always continue to polish and become a better version of yourself, rather than being pulled into such situations to belittle yourself. You are designed for grander and much bigger things in life. Move on and cut any losses in order to win even more ahead.


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Keep well and stay tune for next upcoming post! Loves and hugs!



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