Finding Your Career Calling – Your Resources House

When it comes to finding a fulfilling and satisfying job, one would have so many factors to consider before finally deciding on what their career calling is.

In my previous article of ‘The Ideal Dream Jobs For Twelve Zodiacs‘,

I listed the types of careers that are best suited for each zodiac, based on their archetypes and energies that surround in them.

You also can read more from ‘Astrological Guide To Choosing A Satisfying Career

where I discussed about the different ways to get closer to a career that is most suitable for you, and one which can bring out the best of your talents and personal development.

The most recommended and fastest way to discover the messages your career houses have for you, is to engage in the help of a professional astrologer, and get a feel of what he or she has to say after reading your chart.

Another excellent way is to learn about Astrology and discover your career houses. As Dane Rudhyar said, “Astrology is a language. Once you understand the language, the sky speaks to you.” And the above 2 articles will be a good start!

When it comes to Astrology, we are very familiar with zodiac signs and the planets they carry. There is also another element at play, which is to understand the significance of a particular house, so that we have clues to how best to function in them.

Finding Your Career Calling – Your Resources House (THE SECOND HOUSE)

Houses represent the significant aspects of our lives. There are altogether twelve houses (read more) and each one represents a part of us – our relationship, our wealth, our career, resources, intellectual, partners we are prone to attract, our academic intelligence, our creativity etc.


The Resources House‘.

The 2nd house (known as the ‘wealth house/resources vault) governs areas that made up of our self-esteem, values, our personal belongings and possessions. This is a house of sustenance and describing our survival instincts and needs.

It is also our first wealth and resources house. The 2nd house speaks about our level of personal fulfillment and self-worth through our materialistic gains, and the way how we accept them and how they satisfy our inner desires when we go about acquiring them. This house talks about how we materialised our energies and turning them into something tangible that we hold dear and possess.

Check out the zodiac sign of your second house’s cusp

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The Zodiac That Represents Your Second House Cusp

ARIES ♈  Driven by instincts to survive and eager to start new projects to sustain livelihood. Creating something in the material world to increase self esteem and self-worth. Doesn’t mind taking risks in acquiring fortune and resources. Aries will be actively making his living and can be selfish in sharing of his personal possessions.  Resources may come from means of being in combative and competitive professions such as military, sports, spearheading of new businesses, entrepreneurships and being your own boss.

TAURUS ♉  : Practicality and pragmatism rule the house of survival. The need to lead a life of comfort and luxury drive Taurus 2H people to work hard for their wealth and possessions. Love to collect items of value and mostly tangible assets. The important lesson for Taurus is to know when to let things go and not be adamant in holding on to materialistic possessions and allowing his vanity and complacency take over the needs of building up his sense of values which are critical for his resources house. Resources may come from means such as beauty and fashion, collector of antiques/valuables, architecture, finance, music, F&B and in luxurious settings. 

GEMINI ♊  : The need to survive involved large amount of mind stimulation to get to where they need to be. Gemini 2H people values communication and usually have more than 1 source of income to sustain their livelihood. They are restless and need to move around and share ideas. Boredom is the biggest killer for Gemini’s sustainability in a job. Therefore it is advisable for Gemini to pick a vocation that is mentally stimulating and also allowing him to socialise and commute as much as possible. Resources may come from journalism, teaching, speaking, skills-related professions that help Gemini 2H people to stay fulfilled while they survive.

CANCER ♋  : Their basic instincts push them to want to provide and to acquire financial security for themselves and their families. Investments are usually prudent and mostly into real estates. They are big on nurturing and protecting what they have. This is a position that states an inheritance is already present when this person is born. When a person has Cancer sign on his 2nd house cusp, very likely this person may see his home as his place for work and spend most of this time working from home. Resources may come from means of working with things related to family roots, F&B, all things nurturing and care-giving. 

LEO ♌  : Confidence is set off in acquiring assets and wealth. Leo in 2H people are often put in the limelight e.g modelling, theatrical sets, speaking in public for their basic survival needs. 2H Leo needs materialistic gains in order to feel good about themselves, sometimes it may come in the form of praises, depending on what values the Leo holds dear to. This can be a tricky position as it not only affects the self-worth but also the self-respect from self and others. Keep your ego in checks Leo 2H. Resources means may come from being able to develop his creativity through media and entertainment, all things fun and lively, risks investments, children, and theatrical exposures.

VIRGO ♍  : In the house of Venus, this many not be an ideal position for Virgo 2H, as Virgo is detrimental to Venus. This is especially so when Virgos are always finding faults to the way how they earn in order to survive. They doubt their self-worth and isn’t much satisfied with what they own probably largely coming from their lower self-esteem. They gain much through their hard work, being attentive and dedicated. Resources may come from means of being of service to others, debts related business, healthcare, diets, and may also involved small animals.

LIBRA ♎  : Your self-worth and value of basic survival come through being in the relationships with others. It can be worrying if Libra 2H people feel worthy only through the material blessings in a partnership or if they become a possession to others. Their basic survival needs stem from accumulating wealth and resources through partnering with others or through legal means. When finances balance is off the scale, you feel lost. Your resources can come from various means such as business partnerships, legal, beauty and fashion, weddings or even the arts.

SCORPIO ♏  : This position speaks about the finances left behind by the ancestors. The person needs to let go of something in order to gain. Gains are usually through joint ventures and accounts with others. It could also mean a debt to be repaid which sometimes can be hard to swallow and difficult to comprehend or enjoy. Resources may come from means from joint partnerships, handling of other people’s money, industries that deal with life/death (eg insurances, funeral parlour, crimes investigations), psychology, esoteric studies, mining business, archeologists, banking and finance etc.

SAGITTARIUS ♐  : Material gains will derived from higher learning, teaching, travelling and even publishing. These people are forever optimistic and they have faith with what they have and will make. Problem may arise when they spend faster than they can save. They either eat too much or spend too fast. But they do have the luck to make money fast too, it is a matter of sustainability for these people. Do save for rainy days. Resources may come from means of being of in professions of higher teachings, motivational speaking, publishing/journalism/editorial, adventurer, travel, foreign affairs etc.

CAPRICORN ♑  : Can be a good or a tricky position. Good because the person will pursue relentlessly to achieve what they need to survive. They are responsible and disciplined and usually can accumulate huge amount of wealth over time. Things get tricky when they are pessimistic and never feel contented with whatever they have, leading to feelings inadequacy in life. Resources may come from means of being in professions related to politics, management, horology, entrepreneurship, etc. Anything that a Capricorn 2H do, he can easily establish himself as the authority of his field.

AQUARIUS ♒  : They act spontaneously and at times there aren’t any plans to go about acquiring their needs. Their financial approach is erratic and they place value of their self-worth based on how he is seen and gauged in his friendship and associations. People with this position are usually very grounded and disciplined in their personality but when it comes to money and materialistic matters, they are the most liberalised bunch with unexpected gains in their wealth accumulation. Resources may come from means of being in fields of astronomy, astrology, futuristics and progressive endeavours, science, innovation and all things revolutionary.

PISCES ♓  : The instinct to survive is usually through connecting to the unknown and using the power of faith to get to where they want. Pisces 2H people don’t place huge importance on materialistic gains but instead on their spirituality and personal beliefs. Their biggest strength lies in their ability to follow through their true calling and turning it into a mission to fulfil in this lifetime. That’s where they create true satisfaction and meanings in their wealth and value creations. Resources may come from means of being in the fields that allow Pisces 2H people to display their creativity and imaginations in media/entertainment, drugs/pharmaceuticals, therapist, healer aspects.


More References to Understand Your Career Houses

If you are keen to know more about Career Astrology, here are more references you can look into. I’ll be sharing more of these in my next write up. Join my mailing list so that you won’t miss any of my articles.

    1. From the diagram above, the 2nd house of wealth is in the sign of Cancer and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The position of where his Moon is located, will trigger his survival instincts. How does he go about acquiring or deploying his resources/wealth/values, will largely be influenced by the position of his 2nd house ruling planet.  In the example above, 2nd house ruler is Moon and it is found in his 8th House of joint resources. This signifies that the person’s income is most likely related to the involvement of other people’s resources, joint investments, banking, brokerage, insurance, or life/death matters. There is a possibility of receiving an inheritance. In order to gain something, most of the time, this person has to first let go of something. This position also offer gains through marriage.
    2. Understand the strengths of your career houses. 6th house is the house of employment, routine, health and service to others while 10th represents your social status and your prime point in life and overall image to the world. Employ the above point to find the relationship between the rulership and the sign it rules.
      • Sun rules Leo
      • Moon rules Cancer
      • Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo
      • Venus rules Taurus & Libra
      • Mars rules Aries & co-rule Scorpio
      • Jupiter rules Sagittarius
      • Saturn rules Capricorn and co-rule Aquarius
      • Uranus rules Aquarius
      • Neptune rules Pisces
      • Pluto rules Scorpio
    3. We all have free-will in pursuing the type of careers we want but it is also important for us to consider the best way to utilise our talents with the 20-80% efforts-to-results strategy to get to where we want. It brings joy, ease, satisfaction, good people relations, fulfilment and many other positive perks if we can channel our strengths in the most appropriate way for our career. By studying and integrating the strengths of your second, sixth and tenth houses will help tremendously in achieving the above.

Not only that. Astrology also provides insights to planetary cycles that can help you to take advantage of upcoming positive transitions that are happening in your chart. Having the good fortune to attract good influential friends, getting recognition and promotion and receiving financial rewards can be now realised and not something far-fetched.

Receiving these great benefits is not the end journey. There is a reason why you are chosen by the Universe to receive these abundances in life.

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The Most Ideal Dream Job For Each Of The Twelve Zodiacs

Everybody wants to be happy in life and so, having a satisfying and happy career, is of no exception.

So what it takes that constitutes an ideal dream job? 

Some people may want a career that allows them to travel and explore various experiences in life while some prefer to be working behind the scenes while they pursue their passion.

Some would look forward to work in the banking industries and there are those who seek for inspiration and to care and nurture others.

As mentioned by Buddhist philosopher and Thinker, Josei Toda, he said that the criteria of selecting a job can be found in the Theory of Value’ which leads to a happy and fulfilling career:

    1. Beauty – You pursue your passion and finding a job that you like
    2. Benefit – The job allows you to support and sustain your daily life
    3. Good – Being in the job allows you to help others and contribute back to the society

I have always kept this in mind. On top of that, through understanding my inherent energies and strengths, I can direct them to the most appropriate channels to amplify the theory of value in my career path.

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Aries People

Aries is a fire sign and a cardinal one. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to initiate and to lead. Aries is full on power, restless, competitive and always ready for an action. People who have strong Aries energies, should aim for a career that matches up with their dynamism and courageous nature.

Examples of career choices for Aries (who’ll eventually climb to the top):

    • Military officer
    • Defense attorney
    • Athlete/Sportsman
    • Police/Firefighter
    • Commissioned Sales Person

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Taurus People

Taurus is an earth sign and a fixated one. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to sustain and follow through. Taurus are reliable and dependable and can be left alone to complete any tasks given on hand. With their down to earth and practical nature, people with heavy Taurus energies usually gravitate towards careers that will satisfy their materialistic needs, which can provide them long-term security, comfort, and the ability to utilise their senses for aesthetic choices in being creative.

Examples of career choices for Taurus (who’ll eventually get what they want):

    • Beauty Consultants
    • Vocalists/Artiste
    • Insurance/Finance Consultants
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Pastry Chef
    • Traders
    • Architect/Builders

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Gemini People

Gemini is an air sign and a mutable one. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to communicate and share information. Gemini is a dual sign and is capable of learning a skill fast and are versatile. They are excellent in generating information and use them to their greatest advantage. They settle for jobs that can mentally stimulate them, allowing them to travel or commute frequently as they can be hard to contain as the nature of Geminis is flighty.

Examples of career choices for Gemini (and they perform to their best):

    • Social Media Marketers
    • Magician/Trickery skills
    • Journalist/Broadcaster
    • Sales & Marketing Personnel
    • Influencer/Blogger/Editor
    • Writer/Teacher

See: An Astrological Guide To Choosing A Satisfying Career

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Cancer People

Cancer is a water sign and a cardinal one. The crab’s greatest strength lies in its ability to feel its way through others and it nurtures. Cancers rule the realm of emotions and they have the uncanny ability to detect a person’s feelings and needs in an unspoken way. They are sensitive and are good caregivers and will excel in careers that allows them to display their strengths in these areas.

Examples of career choices for Cancers (and it is tremendously fulfilling for them):

    • Chef/Gastronomer
    • Real Estate Agent
    • Caregivers/Childcare Worker
    • Hospitality/Hotel Managers
    • Doctors/Nurses/Dietician
    • Lecturer/Teacher

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Leo People

Leo is a fire sign and a fixated one. Leo’s greatest strength lies in its confidence and exuberance to lead. Leo is capable of giving great presentations and will do extremely well in careers that are fun and vibrant, one that allows them to showcase their creativity and enable them to lead.

Examples of career choices for Leo (they need the limelight and applause):

    • CEO
    • Best industries: Toy manufacturing/Theme Parks/Element of Fun
    • Financial Traders
    • Event or party planners
    • Theatrical director
    • An avant garde in Fashion

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Virgo People

Virgo is an earth sign and a mutable one. Virgo’s greatest strength lies in its ability to execute, analyze and dissect the information for purposeful use. Virgo thrives in the realm of being of service to others. They are meticulous and analytical and are fine working behind the scenes. Virgos centric people can make very practical decisions and will fit in careers that allow them to display their organizational skills where precision is needed.

Examples of career choices for Virgo (they are dedicated and skilled):

    • Secretary/Assistant
    • Statistician
    • Analysts
    • Researcher
    • Accountant
    • An Executive/Right hand man

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Libra People

Libra is an air sign and a cardinal one. Libra’s greatest strength lies in its ability to cooperate, integrate and harmonise. They are the social charmers and are great in diffusing tensed situations to create win-win for all parties. Careers that allow Libras to display their sense of justice, fairness, objectivity, communicative and social skills will be very welcoming for these people.

Examples of careers choices for Libra (they won’t screw up the things they love):

    • Marriage counsellor or mediator
    • Wedding consultant
    • Relationship manager
    • Beauty Consultant
    • Host or hostess in restaurant, lounge, or coffee shop
    • Lawyer/Judge

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Scorpio People

Scorpio is a water sign and a fixated one. Scorpio’s greatest strength lies in its investigative ability to penetrate deep into a given situation. They have great endurance, resiliency, protective and super intuitive about their surroundings. They work best in careers that allow them to work in seclusion, discovery of secrets, taboos, and investigate.

Examples of careers choices for Scorpio (they go to areas that no one will would go):

    • Coroner/Funeral Director
    • Archaeologist
    • Funeral Director
    • Medical Researcher
    • Detective
    • Psychologist
    • Forensic crime investigator

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Sagittarius People

Sagittarius is a fire sign and a mutable one. Sagittarius’ greatest strength lies in its ever optimistic outlook to life and the ability to keep faith and upholding of integrity and justice. Everything that a Sagittarius do, they want meaningful encounters and it doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t serve a purpose to it. They do best in careers that allow them to connect with the world at large and to learn from people, cultures and the environment they are in touch with. As such Sagittarius require a career that is lively, stimulating and one that allows them to be on constant move. They aren’t meant to be caged.

Examples of careers choices for Sagittarius (there’s fun wherever they go!)

    • Publishing and media broadcaster
    • Professor/Lecturer
    • Guru/Learned Spiritual Leader
    • Lawyer
    • Travellor/Adventurer
    • Advertising Sales Personnel

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Capricorn People

Capricorn is an earth sign and a cardinal one. A Capricorn’s greatest strength lies in its ability to be highly disciplined and goal oriented to his ambitions. Capricorns gravitate towards career that promises them status, success, authority and position in the world. They are meant to scale to the highest!

Examples of careers choices for Capricorn (you won’t believe how Capricorns go about navigating themselves till they reach their goals!)

    • CEO
    • Entrepreneur/Business owner
    • Horologist
    • Banking manager
    • A leading professional in big corporations

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Aquarius People

Aquarius is an air sign and a fixated one. An Aquarius’ greatest strength lies in its ever progressive outlook to life and fight for causes that scream inequality and humanistic issues in today’s world at large. Aquarius will work well in career that allows them full autonomy, technology and futuristic projects and the room for them to progress, think and innovate. To an Aquarius, impossible is not in their dictionary. Their favourite liners? “Why not’ and “I know”.

Examples of careers choices for Aquarius (you’ll be shocked with their ingeniousity and brilliance!)

    • Scientist/Inventor
    • Engineer/Programmer
    • Human rights activist
    • Astrologer/Astronomer
    • Astronaut/Adventurer
    • Technology trailblazer

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Pisces People

Pisces is a water sign and a mutable one. It is the last of the zodiac signs which signifies completion and ending. A Pisces’ greatest strength lies in its sensitivity, empathy and its selfless care for another person. Pisces gravitates towards careers that allow them to heal others and display their utmost creativity and talents to satisfy their imaginative thoughts.

Examples of careers choices for Pisces (they are in another dimension..)

    • Nurse/Doctors
    • Caregivers/Pharmacists
    • Holistic practitioner
    • Musician/Artistes
    • Therapist

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Advices For Job Seekers

At a start, you may love your job and find it fulfilling or you could be clueless and confused as to where to go. We all have good and bad days, so it is okay to feel this way. Everyone’s clock is different, and we all have the need to want to have a change every now and then. It is all about the art of balancing our needs and wants, self growth and development vs sustainability and comfort.

While your Sun Sign is an important element in your natal chart, there are also other significant planets that play a key role in defining the most appropriate career journey for you based on your overall personality, strengths and emotional comfort towards your job and it’s environment.

Your Ascendant, Moon sign, and other astrological aspects are worth taking a deeper look into. If you’re serious about finding an insightful answer to your career and life questions, your best bet is to visit a professional astrologer who can weave in all the factors involved, and give you a holistic assessment and overview.

What works and what doesn’t and provide clarity to why you feel this way and why certain events occur in your life. After all, we are trying to make sense of the situation and how to get closer to achieving our overall success in life. Of course, answering any questions you have along the way.


Jassy C.

An Astrological Guide To Choosing A Satisfying Career

Most people spent more time at work than they sleep or interact with their families and friends. *me raising hands*

To have put in so much time and energies at work, it better be something satisfying and rewarding. It’s not only about getting a steady flow of income but also being able to feel inspired and being able to give back to society.

Staying fulfilled, satisfied and happy in our career, will certainly have lots of positive impact to our overall well-being which can significantly improve our lives.

“What is the best career path for me?”

“What’s my dream job?”

“What should I be working as when I grow up?”

These are all commonly asked questions from people regardless of their age and the life stage they are in.

If you have just started out, or feeling less motivated, and unfulfilled with your current vocation, or perhaps you are struggling each day to get yourself up to work, perhaps Astrology can offer answers to what you are facing.

Choosing A Vocation Based On Your Strengths

It is not surprising to hear that some people are not even aware of their inherent strengths. There are 3 types of people I’ve come across during my consultations with them:

    1. Those who thought that their strengths are their flaws, gave up pursuing them and wasted big on opportunities.
    2. Those who believed that their flaws are their strengths, while it is great to have such confidence, they keep making the same mistakes without understanding what has went wrong.
    3. Those who are unaware of what their strengths and inherent gifts are and like people in point 1, they too, missed out on opportunities here and there.

There are few indicators from Astrology that could help provide directions to what will work best for our vocational paths.

We are familiar with the zodiac signs. But on top of these 12 zodiacs, we have also the modalities and elements that give insightful clues to what are the types of careers that will be most suitable to our inherent gifts.


    • Cardinal: People born with their Sun sign in the zodiac of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, belongs to the cardinal modality signs. Or if you have more than 3 planets that falls into these 4 zodiac signs, you belong to the Cardinal family too! Cardinal initiates and they are the starters and the movers.
    • Fixed: If you’re born with your Sun sign in the zodiac of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, then you belong to the fixed modality signs. Or if you have more than 3 planets that falls into these 4 zodiac signs, you have strong fixed signs in you! Their strength lies in seeing things through and their roles here is to nurture, support, hold and persevere.
    • Mutable: People born with their Sun sign in the zodiac of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, they belong to the mutable modality signs. If you have more than 3 planets that falls into these 4 zodiac signs, you naturally have strong mutable energies in you too! Mutable signs are versatile and they adapt quickly with their environments. They regroup, learn and recollect themselves fast in any given situations.

The Elements

    • FIRE signs: The nature of fire is spontaneous, passionate, and directive. They don’t sit and wait but will spring into action real fast. Fire is energetic, dynamic, independent, self-directed, straight-forward, extroverted, and courageous. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius belong to this category.
    • EARTH signs: The nature of earth is endearing, hardworking, grounded, persistent, determined, pragmatic, dependable, patient and materialistic. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn fit the bill entirely.
    • AIR signs: The nature of air is formless and it represents spontaneity, freedom, cerebral, detached, communicative, socially adept, being objective and cooperative. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius belong to this family.
    • WATER signs: The nature of water is penetrative and intensive as water run deeps. It is emotional, nurturing, endearing, empathetic, sensitive, calm, intuitive and imaginative. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces rule them all.

Some job requires the employee to be desk-bound while others require constant client facing and moving around. There are jobs that require lots of analytical thinking and while there are some that require you to work remotely and be fully independent. By understanding your Sun sign and the dominant traits of your chart, you’d be able to fully understand what are the fields that would work best with your persona and energies!

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Imagine asking an introvert to work as a sales person with constant client facing daily? Not that he isn’t up to the job, but at the end of the day, how draining would he become? I bet all he does after work is to come back home, crash onto his couch with hardly any energies left to mingle and bond with people who matter to him.

It is not just about the money but also about the importance of balancing out our physic, health, mental, and emotional well-being.

Once you understand your inherent strengths, you will naturally be able to pick a career that matches your gifts. Be it working in large corporations, technical, medical, education, or service industries, it definitely has room for a job title that plays to your strengths.

The Workology “Workplace Zodiac” has done up an interesting article that divides work personalities into 8 different types to learn about each of these personalities strengths and potential blind spots.

Similar to this, Astrology can also be applied in many cases of career assessments, and to find out how each archetype fits into their most appropriate career field just like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Astrology, when used in the right way, can be a very powerful and effective tool.

Continue reading:  An Astrological Career Guide For Each Zodiac Sign

How Astrology Guided Me To A Better And Meaningful Life


Best regards,

Jassy C.

Understanding The Twelve 12 Houses In Our Lives

12 Houses in Astrology

Other than the 12 zodiac signs from the 12 constellations in our Universe and the 10 planets in our solar system, here comes the 12 Houses!


Like a clock, the zodiac belt is divided into 12 segments, or what we call, the houses. Each house is ruled by a zodiac sign. The houses functions in an anti-clockwise direction, forming from the 1st first house on the extreme left.


Each house is unique and it comes with it a distinctive quality of what it represents in our life. Beginning from the 1st house of the ‘Self’, and expanding outward in an anti-clockwise direction, integrating ourselves into the society and the collectiveness.

When we were born, our natal chart showed how the sky looked like and each planet, each zodiac and house has its unique function and message that only we can fulfill what the Universe has in place for us.

When planets visit a house, they light up that part of your chart, and energize that house’s traits. Professional Astrologers use houses to predict which parts of your life will come into focus, and where you can take the best possible action. To learn more about a house, read about the sign that’s associated with it.

twelve houses in astrology

The first six houses are known as the “personal houses,” while the next six houses are known as the “collective houses.”


The first house covers everything that is a “first”. Your first impression, the self and image, first reaction in any given circumstances, leadership, new initiatives, fresh starts and new beginnings. The sign on the cusp of first house,  is referred to as your rising sign or ascendant.  This house is default ruled by Aries.

If you tend to get misunderstood for who you are most of the times, probably you have a conflicting zodiac sign that disharmonise your Sun, Rising Star and the Moon.


The second house covers all matters related to your immediate material and physical environment—taste, smells, sound, touch, sights. The second house also rules the way how you use your resources, earn your income, money, and development of your values and self-esteem. This house is ruled by Taurus by default.


The third house rules all forms of communications—talking, thinking, gadgets and devices (cell phones, pagers, Instant Messenger, etc.). The third house also covers siblings, neighborhoods, local travel, libraries, schools, teachers and community affairs. This house is ruled by Gemini by default.


The Cancer-ruled fourth house sits at the very bottom of the zodiac wheel, and thus, rules the “foundation” of all things. This includes your home, privacy, your basic security, your parents (particularly your mother), your roots, your own mothering abilities, nurturing, and comfort zone. As it is so deeply hidden, only very few people will be able to see this side of you.


Hail the King! The fifth house is ruled by default, the loud and dramatic Leo, and it governs self-expression, drama, creativity, color, attention, romance, fun and play.  It also represents the inner child of us and the house of children as well as our risk appetite. This is also the house of romance, before you enter into house of marriage to tie up the knot.


The sixth house rules our health, schedules, organization, routines, fitness, diet and exercise, natural and healthy living, helpfulness and being of service to others. This also rules our work environment. Because we spent so much time with our co-workers and at our job, our health is no doubt, indirectly impacted and influenced by it. This is by default ruled by Virgo, the detailed oriented and meticulous sign.


The seventh house is the sector of relationships and other people. It governs all partnerships, both business and personal, and relationship-associated matters, like contracts, marriage, and business deals. This is the house of how you see others. As this is the opposite of you, it can represents union, getting together with your other half or your open enemy. This house is by default, ruled by Libra.


The eighth house is a mysterious sector and the most powerful house in the 12 houses. It rules birth, death, sex, transformation, mysteries, merged energies, and bonding at the deepest level. The eighth house also rules other people’s property and money (real estate, inheritances, investments, etc) This house is by default, led by Scorpio.


The ninth house covers the higher mind, expansion, international and long-distance travel, foreign languages, inspiration, optimism, publishing, broadcasting, universities and higher education, luck, risk, adventure, gambling, religion, philosophy, morals and ethics. It is ruled by the free-roaming and adventurous Sagittarius.


The tenth house is at the very top of our chart, and most illuminated part of our chart govern. The tenth house governs structures, corporations, tradition, public image, fame, honors, achievements, awards, boundaries, rules, discipline, authority, fathers and fatherhood. The border of the tenth house (known as the cusp) is also called the Midheaven, and it clues astrologers into your vocational path. This house is default ruled by Capricorn.


The eleventh house is default ruled by Aquarius and this house rules friendships, groups that you belong to, technology, electronic media, networking, social justice, rebellion, and humanitarian causes. It also rules your originality, eccentricity, liberations, novelty, invention, astronomy, science fiction and all things futuristic.


The twelfth house is the last of the twelve houses and that signifies endings, completion and surrendering. This house covers the final stages of something in you, tying up loose ends, completions, the afterlife, old age, and letting go (ego). It’s also associated with separation from society, institutions, hospitals, jails, hidden agendas, medicine and secret enemies. And it rules the imagination, creativity, arts, film, dance, poetry, journals, and the subconscious mind. This is the powerful house of letting go of your ego and the theme is to embrace and go with the flow. Pisces is the default ruler of this house.



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What Do The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Effects Have On You?

What kinds of energetic shifts do eclipses signify?

On 5 June 2020, we will be seeing the first lunar eclipse full moon at 3.13pm EDT, which is happening on the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius themed. Read more about it.
A lunar eclipse full moon is largely relationship based and they bring to them a different theme as per compared to a solar eclipse. The energies that a lunar eclipse brings contains a full blown need or want that has an urgency sense that needs to be addressed..
Usually these are needs or wants that have been culminated but didn’t have a chance for them to be expressed or fulfilled. Full moons have the potential to speed up what has been lacking and bring those needs and wants to light.
Since Lunar Eclipses are known for relationships and polarities, with the Gemini-Sagittarius axis involved, this Lunar Eclipse nudges us to deep dive into the needs, lacks, and wants in our lives concerning the themes between Gemini and Sagittarius ruled areas of life.
Neglecting either side of the axis will certainly causes the balancing scale to tip. A good balance should be found and this lunar eclipse is all about communicating our needs, our values, our attitudes and identifying what is our sense of purpose and the adventures that lie ahead.
Depending on where the lunar eclipse sun and moon are currently in your chart, the positioning of their polar axis in your natal houses tell the story of what needs to be done and things that you to pay serious attention to. There are also planets to be taken into consideration but for now, we will look into just the houses to explore what are the themes that are prominent in our life now:

When Gemini/Sagittarius axis is in your 1st & 7th houses:

    • This is the time to take a close look into your overall self and personality. It is time to redefine yourself and finding a balance between the self and others, between autonomy and dependence. Pay attention to your needs and emotions, while not forgetting to do so with respect for your other half too.
    • During this time, significant partnerships will be tested but there’s nothing to fear if the foundation is strong. 7th house signifies unions, one-on-one partnership, marriage, business partner, significant other or your open enemy.
    • Time to strike a balance to compromise and negotiate without losing your own voice. It is not just about finding your own voice, but also sparing a thought of how other would feel. A perfect balance between the 1st and the 7th house: self vs partnerships.

When Gemini/Sagittarius axis is in your 2nd & 8th houses:

    • There’s a cosmic push into financial matters in your life now. Sharing issues are brought into light, creating a question of what’s yours and what’s mine. Take care of your own needs, values, and resources without infringing the financial needs of others. Debts issues, financial settlements, start of end of a particular money matter will be brought into light. Have you been working hard enough to build up what’s of importance to you? Is money the only resource that is of concern? What about non materialistic values?
    • There are high chances of dramas regarding joint accounts, letting go, inheritances or investments. Time to settle what has been long overdue so as not to occur recurring worries.
    • What makes you comfortable and secure needs to be balanced out with others needs and comfort. Money matters are highlighted now and it could be on the positive note.

When Gemini/Sagittarius axis is in your 3rd & 9th houses:

    • When Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon land on the 3rd and the 9th houses, the way how you have been communicating, be it with your neighbours, your family or siblings will be brought into attention.
    • Even modes of transportation, schools, learning needs, and routines will also be highlighted. Traveling or educational plans may be realised, probably you may gain promotion of yourself. Publishing matters may be in the picture too. The way how you think will create an entire shift to a new perception.
    • Your personal beliefs and values are tested. You could be yearning for higher learnings, spirituality, philosophy, and you are more prone to get in touch with these areas. Strike a balance with what has been expressed above. While we focus onto logical thinking and information extraction, we should also question ourselves from time to time, to what meaning and purpose are we able to grow and expand our lives and to teach and guide others with what we have.

When Gemini/Sagittarius axis is in your 4th & 10th house:

    • Matters of the home, family, domestic conditions, personal comfort, emotions, parental issues are being illuminated. Strive a balance between career and family. Your attention is fully required in these areas right now and you need to prioritise. You need to find a balance between your personal life and your public life.
    • When it comes to your 10th house, your career, your public image and how the world sees you will be brought into attention now. You are tested for your competency, it is time to show your ambitious side and to climb that success ladder. But bear in mind that it shouldn’t jeopardise the needs of the 4th house. Balance must be delicately achieved.

When Gemini/Sagittarius axis is in your 5th & 11th house

    • When Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon land on the 5th and the 11th houses, romances, children, creativity, self, vitality, how you shine at your best, all these themes are being tested and require your utmost attention now.
    • If your romantic relationship is strong, there is nothing much to worry and fear. In fact the eclipse may turn out to your favour allowing both of you to realise how much you need each other.
    • If you have children, they will be going through a new stage in life and experiencing a brand new beginning which requires your care and attention now. Some might even be expecting a bundle of joy. Or a new creative project is on its way.
    • Friendships, the communities and groups you belong to, will be tested. You could be looking for validation from these areas. There could also be a major event concerning a child, a creative project or a romantic partner right now.

When Gemini/Sagittarius axis is in your 6th & 12th house:

    • Health, diets, work routines, animals are the upcoming highlighted themes for you during this lunar eclipse full moon. Use this surge of cosmic energies to make positive changes into your life. Improve your health or work conditions. Communicate and learn from co-workers. A physical health issue may be bugging you or past injuries might resurfaced and act up.
    • Regarding work wise, a work project could signify a beginning or an ending now. Work project could turn fruitful for you. Hang on tight
    • You may experience a sudden spiritual renewal, overwhelmed with all the unknowns, secrets exposing themselves all at the same time. Learn to balance your life and at work otherwise you feel very much disoriented. Any secret affairs will be exposed or you would engage in something private, or in secrecy.

Whichever the position of the transits are in your natal houses, movements from the celestial bodies and stars give us the opportunities to experience different lessons in life that can stimulate our inner growth and enhance our well being to undertake the journey that we need to embark on.

The beautiful thing about understanding Astrology is that you get to understand the meaning behind each event that unfolds and how you could apply life-changing tools to navigate and change your situation around. Can’t ask for anything better 🙂

You don’t have to wrestle with life’s unanswered questions. You can take charge and shape your journey the way you want it.

Learn How To Navigate The Energies And Discover What Lies Ahead For You In 2020 & 2021. 

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Wishing you the best xoxo

Jassy Clover

SUPER PINK MOON (Libra) – 7 April 2020

The first quarter of 2020 has just ended and none of us are ready to take our first breather. It has been very uphill for humanity to undergo but a necessary time for our Earth to recuperate. Hence here comes the theme of this super pink moon.


Super pink moon 7 April 2020

The Power Of Balancing

Full moons signifies revelations, a time for all things to come into light. It represents completion, the height of power, the realization of your desires and the peak of clarity. It is a time to acknowledge your growth, take stock of the progress you have made and to reflect on how far you have come.


A full moon takes place when it is even closer to the Earth than usual. It is equivalent to a cosmic culmination from the heavens and the lunar theme depends on the sign it occupies. During this super pink moon, it has transited from new moon Aries on 21 Mar to a Libra full moon on this 7 April @ PST 1930hrs.

Full moons bring about increased energy and illumination, amplifying things to more intensified.  


Depending on the zodiac sign you are in, you would have felt the degree of intensity in different ways. This Aries season brought with it a heightened level of emotions that could stir the quietest string of the coldest person’s heart.


With all that are happening right now, causing social panic and unrest around the world, it is inevitable to feel confused, frustrated, uncertain, and lost. Fear is embedded in some while compassion and spirituality are seen in the most courageous hearts of them all – the frontline workers. With Full Moon in Libra on 7 April, it teaches you to bring back balance into your life. This time the super pink moon also coincides with several planets, giving a dose of powerful influences to how the world and the individual is experiencing in life right now.



With a spill over to dreamy Neptune, it could unveil the fog that has been blinding us from getting close to the truth. This is a period where your intuition and 6th sense may get heightened, gaining you access to deeper spirituality while Mercury to Jupiter/Pluto could cause communication and thoughts to be extra sensitive to deceptions and exaggerating revelations. With Uranus still squaring Mars, there will be sudden explosive impulse of actions and events that could stir up the already tender emotions. 



What has these translated for the world and for us? For the world, it is about justice. It is about the balance between mother nature and the coexistence of humanity. It is about being able to seek balance between your one-on-one relationships vs your self identity. This is the time where it calls for the equilibrium to provide guidance and support to the ties we have with one another.



Every Zodiac sign will be impacted but there are 4 super signs that will be most influenced by this full moon and those who are born under full moons (when their Sun is opposite their moon sign). Let’s take a look at which are these 4 signs:



  1. Libra: If you are born between Sept 22 – Oct 22, or have heavy Libra traits or a heavy 7th house in your natal chart, you are considered to be a Libra centric person.
    • During this super pink moon, it is time to reflect upon your self identity and what do you really want and who you really are. Look back and see how much have you been taking care of yourself especially your needs. You have been always compromising with others, making sure others’ needs are taken care of and all these may have taken a toll on your general well-being.
    • Because you are partnership orientated, it is natural for you to pour all your energies into other people rather than focusing on yourself. During this full moon, you need to take care and prioritise your needs and shift all that attention to no one else but yourself. Once you are well taken care of, you will see how natural it is for things to fall into places on their own
  2. Aries: If you are born between Mar 21 – Apr 19, or if you have heavy Aries traits or a heavy 1st house in your natal chart, you are considered to be a heavy Aries centric person.
    • You have been always looking out for yourself, your independence is what have pushed you this far. During this full moon, slow down and turn back to see if others are also progressing the way you are. Are you leaving anyone behind? Aries is forthcoming and direct and sometimes that could cause much misunderstandings that upset the sensitive souls.
    • Forming solid relationships will be your key focus during this full moon period. It is time to introspect your one-on-one partnerships with others and how you compromise in order to lead and to win. It does not necessary need to be in combat mode or aggressions to win your battle each time, sometimes agree to disagree, lose to win are all examples of how you can use your tact somewhere to form winning formulas to your relationships. See for yourself who is worthy enough for you to give your attention and affection to. You will be able to use the illuminating light from the full moon to see the true colours of those around you now. What has been hiding in the dark, will soon be reveal to your favour.
  3. Cancer:Those born in the month of Jun 21 – Jul 22, having heavy Cancer traits or a heavy 4th house are Cancerean centric people.
    • In this full moon, your career will be your limelight. You have been overly focused on your ambitions that you could have neglected those you loved and also on your overall well being. Take time off to nurture that gentle side of you.
    • The full moon highlights the area that you have been missing out from and lacks. It is time to forge a balance between career and personal relationships. A balance between family and your career.  Find a healthy middle ground.
  4. Capricorn: Those born in the month of Dec 22 – Jan 19, having heavy Capricornian traits or a heavy 10th house are Capricornian centric people.
    • You could have been having deep thoughts to your career and ambitions and wondering how much progress have you made this far. You may be frustrated with the pace and have always wondered how much more you can excel. There are blockages and hindrances where circumstances are challenging your every aspects to what you intend to fulfil..
    • This is the time to think about a balance between your professional endeavours and rethink the strategies to your vocational progress. When one door closes another will open so never get that into your head and think that you are unworthy.


This challenging time forces us to rethink our priorities, to deeply introspect into areas that we thought we were always so good at but in actual fact, we could have become rusty and obsolete as we fail to acknowledge the fact of self improvement and self progressions. Those who are complacent, slow or unwilling to innovate or to push themselves ahead to learn a new thing or two, will face elimination in times to come.

This is the time that we should not be afraid to look beyond the norm and give rise to opportunities to anything that is deemed possible. We should continue to have an open and accepting mind while not forgetting to respect the lives that have coexisted with us long before homosapiens even existed.
Do you wish to have a chat about your life progressions and future planning? A call and an in-depth consultation shall reveal the biggest answer to the big WHYs you have in your career’s directions and relationships matters.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Millionaire?

This is the #1 Zodiac sign in the list of the TOP Forbes billionaires charts!!! 😱

“How to make more money?”

“How to be successful in life?”


This are the questions everyone is most concerned about. However, with the current crisis we are all in right now, money and status are no longer the most powerful motivators when it comes to the category of Abundance.
The category of Abundance is also denoted as Health, Knowledge, Love, Happiness and Friendship.
I guess the question should be rephrased as:

“How can I attract more Abundance?”

You see, have you ever wonder, why there are some people who are more successful, more resourceful and more powerful than others? Well, some are born under a silver spoon but may not be able to ride the tide of riches and success throughout their lives, and there are some who are late bloomers and able to make it BIG at a later stage in their lives!
So is it POSSIBLE to attract loads of wealth and abundance into your life?
The answer is a resounding YES!
But first, (yes there’s a BUT) you’ll need to discover your inherent strengths and qualities that you possess which can aid you tremendously in pulling these resources closer to you. Then, the next thing, is to learn to activate these key aspects to work for you in your favour! Sounds simple I know right!
With restrictive orders to stay home, apart from doing my online consultations, I also took time to study and researched on some powerful and successful people in the world.
I went through 200 billionaires (there’s an updated list of real time billionaires according to FORBES) charts. Unfortunately, the exact time of birth of the majority of these billionaires is unknown; therefore, I had to make do with whatever available information I have. Nevertheless, I still managed to find some important regularities that MOST OF THESE BILLIONAIRES POSSESS in their astrological charts!
Check out the findings below and see if you have also these aspects in your natal chart. These are the inherent qualities of yours and when a favourable transition happens at the right time in your life, these points get activated, and that’s where abundance will start flowing in.
millionaire sun and moon signs
If you can identify them, you can easily amplify them to your advantage! This won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it certainly increases your chances to become richer and capable of attracting more abundance if you make considerable efforts to your causes.
Unfortunately, there is no fixed template of how to enable one to become a millionaire or Billionaire in his life. It also boils down if you have these inherent qualities and if you can activate them to your advantage..
Millionaires mercury venus and mars sign

  • SUN = Typically refers to your vitality and your life directions. What do you believe in and what are you fighting for? A strong placement of the Sun illuminates your life and brings you ample energy to lead your closer to your goals.
  • MOON = An emotional balance person who is able to work both emotions and rationality in harmony, will get far in business and in interpersonal relationships. Being overly emotions weighs you down on making decisive choices and probably hinder your progressions. Emotions when used in the right way can empower and nurture the people who are aids to your causes.
  • MERCURY = Being able to be equipped with a sharp mind and the ability to think and process your thoughts into actions (SUN, MARS) are critical in creating successful scenarios in whatever you do. An acute sense of intuition, know when’s the right time to strike based on information obtained, are equally important to get you closer to your goals.
  • VENUS = joy and financial matters. Your Venus placement tells about your financial strength, how magnetising you are in attracting abundance and how others are happy to be around you. You need a certain degree of charms, tact and diplomacy to get your ways around and Venus is the one.
  • MARS = actions and motivations. With all grand ideas and luck but if no actions being put to the right cause, everything will be in vain. Mars pushes you forward. It initiates, spearhead, fights for what you want and bestow you with the drive to get to your destination.
  • JUPITER = biggest benevolent star for abundance. It is the largest planet on our solar system and wherever Jupiter touches, it expands. Even Jupiter is not in the ideal place, it also helps to mitigate obstacles to minimal and amplify opportunities.

Millionaires chart aspects

  • SUN / PLUTO: When Sun is aspecting Pluto in your natal chart, it makes you passionate, resilient and determined. You want to have more than just an average life. It makes you quite ambitious and even powerful, because Pluto represents power. Some people with this aspect demand much from themselves, perfectionists, they are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They make sure what they set out to do, they get it somehow.


  • SUN / JUPITER: This aspect brings LUCK & ABUNDANCE into your life. It gives optimism, faith, and enthusiasm.  People with such an aspect in their natal charts believe in themselves, in their projects. They need recognition, attention. They spread their light broadly, because Sun is light, and Jupiter is the principle of expansion.


  • SUN / SATURN: This aspects signifies perseverance and discipline. The person will be committed to his/her goal and isn’t afraid to put in hard work to get to what he/she wants. Saturn refers to authoritarian and it rules also wealth and power. For people with Sun/Saturn, their life means business and they are absolutely ambitious.


  • SUN / MARS: To initiate and to kick start. Regardless what the world has become, you still can be independent enough to steer and propel your mission ahead. This is a motivated aspect that gives rise to power, strength and courage to complete what life has ask you to set out to do.


  • PLUTO / JUPITER: Pluto gives immense wealth and the word ‘plutocrat’ is not just for a show.  People with this aspect has a powerful need to seek out expansions and growth and it gives rise to power and wealth simultaneously. Power has to be used in correct manner. Jupiter-Pluto is associated with huge-power and it can have us questioning our deeper morals.


  • JUPITER / VENUS: When you have the most beneficial and luckiest stars combined, what would you get? Venus and Jupiter bring financial opportunity, space to do the things you love and an optimistic and amiable approach to encounters with others. You are well received by people and also enjoy cooperating with others to achieve your goals.

The above aspects need to be in trines, sextiles or conjunctions for smoother manifestations of positive vibes.

In this age of technological advancements and great opportunities, we are still limited with the way how we obtain our resources.. Most people are still trying to find their perfect vocation, choose their ideal profession, discover their talents, finding life purposes and their true calling and even trying to find the ideal life partner to love..
In the end, we end up changing one job after another, wasting time shooting in the dark, unhappy with the choices made in life, falling in and out of love and getting unstuck and stuck again and the whole cycle repeats..
Your natal chart has the most revealing answers to the biggest questions you have in life. Once you get it, the rest will be history and a revolutionary change will begin.
If someone was to ask me, “why hasn’t my life change?”
The answer is simple. The change needs to come from within. Astrology has the power to prepare you of what’s to come and what to expect, you still need the life force, courage and strong determination to make that dream come true.
You can’t expect the bowl of rice to be ready simply by wishing for it. You need to wash, prepare and switch on the rice cooker to begin the cooking process. The actions still come from you.
Here’s wishing you prosperity, abundance and the pinkest health. Stay strong and stay indoors!



How To Generate Your Free Astrology Natal Chart – Step-by-step Guide!

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This is where you get soulful answers to who you truly are as a person and what role do you play in this collective world of ours.


Your natal chart, is an astrological profiling of who you are. It provides so much awakening facts about you and the innate gifts you possess which you may not even know you ever have. Because they are all hidden beneath your subconscious level, waiting for the right time to be manifested and activated by you. And your astrology natal chart provides the answers to them.


Your natal chart is also a snapshot of how the sky and universe looked like from the moment you took your very first breath. Each planet, each star, each position of them tells a unique story about you and the journey who, only you, can fulfil in this life time. This is like a life manual and an important roadmap to your spiritual growth, and the journey to attracting love and abundances in life.


This Is How You Generate Your Free Astrology Profiling Chart:


There are 2 ways to generate your free astrology chart.

  1.  ASTRO.COM – this is a free and my go-to site for quick chart generation. You’ll first need to get familiar with the signs and symbols of what these planets and stars represent.
    • Go to or CLICK here to skip step 2-4
    • On the tab above, hover mouse to FREE HOROSCOPE
    • Slide towards your right and go to EXTENDED CHART SELECTION
    • Select Guest User for quick access and go to data entry (you need to have your DOB, time of birth and location of birth ready – If you don’t know the time, you can put 1200hrs, that will get you some info but not total details about the houses positions and actual aspects of the planets)
    • Input your details in the fields and click CONTINUE
    • Look out for this sign ♀️and if you’ve the birth time and location, you’ll be able to know where Venus star is located in the house of the chart.
    • The house is indicated in the inner circle of the chart
    • Next look at the sign your Venus is in and the house, you’ll know the traits of this person’s love language!
    • If…There’s too much hassles and you just want a quick interpretation to everything here it is 👇👇
  2. This will provide you free access to the chart and generate a report to interpret what your astro chart is all about. Not just for one planet, but for all other significant planets in a person’s chart to decode the mysteries!
  3. Generating SYNASTRY (compatibility) chart
    • Go to
    • On the tab above, hover mouse to FREE HOROSCOPE
    • Slide towards your right and go to EXTENDED CHART SELECTION
    • Input you and your partner’s birth data as shown in the table:
    • Click ‘add new person’ to input birth details for each person
    • From the dropdown menu in the next section, select ‘Synastry chart’
    • Click on the BLUE BUTTON to show chart – you will see the combination of you and your partner’s chart in one
    • Click PDF additional table to save the aspects in alpha-numeric format
    • To learn more about relationship synastry join in our FB Group – BeMineTruly Dating Group 2020!

FOR LIFE AND CAREER ASTROLOGY CHARTHow To Get Your Life / Career Astrology Chart

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Wishing you all the best in your soulful journey in finding your true love and true self!



Jassy Clover


~ Astrology is a language. Once you understand it, the Sky speaks to you. ~

2020 Forecasts and Predictions – Astrology Explained!

2020 Forecasts and Predictions – Astrology Explained!

👉Click To Watch Video

Or Read About It In The Post Below:👇👇


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What You Need To Know – 2020 will be a mega year to watch for.

See the rise and fall of the old versus the new. Which industries will feel the heat and impact of these mega movements and what is it in store for each of us when it comes to understanding the impact the transitions have on our career, investment decisions as well as on relationship matter.

Before I begin sharing on my forecasting, perhaps let me first give everyone a brief heads up on what Astrology is all about and what it really does. This would help provides deeper context to what I’m about to share in a short while.


What Is Astrology And What Does It Do?

Astrology is a close cousin to Astronomy but this ancient art has been largely ignored and misunderstood for decades. In fact, when it is used and applied correctly, the tools proves itself to be really formidable and powerful and allows anyone to strategically transform and plan their lives around!

When combined with the knowledge of Astronomy, the elements and components on earth, astrology can provide astounding insights and forecast to worldly events, and how the collective phenomenas serve to complement or disrupt an individual’s life.

For centuries, civilisations have used astrology to help them plan and organise their daily lives around. One very good example was the ancient Egyptians. They have used astrology to save millions of lives of their people. There is one star the Egyptians were particularly watchful for, and it is the brightest star in our Universe – Sirius.  When Sirius rises, it means the Nile River will flood and this allowed the Egyptians to evacuate their people, and to plan the crops and harvest appropriately to sustain everyone’s livelihood.  

The tools have been used largely for predicting worldly events, phenomenas and occurring patterns in our societies which have helped agricultures, farmers, sailors and many other industries to plan their livelihood around. When farming industry turned into a hit probably the next alternative food industry will blossom and this is how many events in today’s world financial and industry booms will be guided with such exceptional tools. So bear in mind, Astrology is not just 12 zodiac signs that you read regularly on magazine or online forums that based largely on your date of birth. It is more than it meets the eye! 



Year 2020 also marks the end of a 200-year cycle of two powerful generational planets – Jupiter and Saturn. After their last meeting in 2000, this time, they will meet each other in disruptive and reformative sign, Aquarius in Dec 2020. That also means that both Saturn and Jupiter have just completed their last cycle of Earth element before transiting from Earth sign Capricorn to Air sign Aquarius. The year will signify a whirlwind full of surprises shaking up the old and obsolete to pave ways for the new and unconventional. We are about to witness many disruptive transitions, transformations and changes in 2020 and 2021.

There Were Already Signals And Signs

These major planets have already been giving out signals and signs to prepare us on their transitions, only if you are able to pick up the signals of their messages. As an Astrologer myself, many times my clients would ask me if they need to purchase any ornaments from me at the end of my consultation session, well, Astrology is nothing superstitious and it doesn’t require any crystal or ornament powers before its fully functional. In fact, mankind is the most important element in the entire ecosystem of astrology and in the universe. Because man is the important deciding factor here when it cones to deciding whether or not, the outcome will turn into something disastrous or something constructive and positive.

So what are the signs? Let’s begin to understand what do these planets and their transitions mean and soon, you’ll gain clarity to put the pieces of puzzle together.

Jupiter signifies expansions, freedom, optimism and freedom of speech. While Saturn talks about restrictions, old, obsolete and stagnancy. When Jupiter and Saturn meets, it brings out an energy of combustion, where the old meets new, tearing down established orders, hierarchical structures and bringing about new thoughts, new way of doing things. Big examples are seen in Hong Kong and Brexit situations where the new are pushing out the old creating resistance and upheavals.

The earth element(Capricorn) signifies focus on material security and the consolidation of resources that are resistant to change, while the era of air (Aquarius) will bring about disruption to established hierarchical orders and dramatic changes in collective ideas to the way we think and communicate.


What’s In For 2020?

Anything that has been around for the past decades, if they fail to implement new injections of ideas or to be innovative and progressive enough, they too, will easily face elimination in time to come. Yes it is sad and inevitable, but it is necessary to pave way for such transition. This is exactly the theme of this transition is all about.
Many companies have bite the dust or have filed for bankruptcy even before the actual transition of Jupiter and Saturn begins. These signs are gradual and it usually takes couple of years before the full effect takes place. The transition is shaping up gradually, as if the Universe is giving us ample time to make the necessary change to get accustomed to the new. It nudges us to break out from our old shells, a time to strip off what no longer works, so as to give way to something new that would enrich our souls and selves completely.
By not advancing and staying status quo is equivalent to being regressive. Each planet and celestial body moves every single second, what will happen if they stop moving? It will be chaotic! Imagine the Sun refuses to rise or set or the Moon forgets its lunar cycle or the Earth refuses to spin around the Sun. We are ourselves the mini cosmo within us and the mirror image of what the Universe projects.  Therefore, we should constantly evolve and progress otherwise, be prepared to face stagnancy and elimination!
It is not an overnight transition but if you are to look at it in a soulful and enlightening way, this is how the way the Universe ‘speaks’ through it’s movements of its celestial bodies, to prepare us for what is about to come, and the theme that it brings along. Only if every one of us is equipped with the knowledge to decipher its meanings..and to embrace them..
Across Asia, and in Singapore from where I come from, we have seen many brick and mortar shops closed down and exited their businesses – companies such as Forever 21, SASA, HomeFix, and also DFS. If you are familiar with Banana Republic and GAP, they too have bite the dust and existed out of SG last year. Still remember the very large music retail chain HMV?  With the rise of streaming services and digital devices, music retail chains like HMV eventually lost out in their competition. In 2013, HMV’s head office in the United Kingdom filed for bankruptcy and in Sept 2015 it shut down its operations in SG and reported that Canada and HK will be closed down over the years too.
After all, it is not surprising that retail, fashion or beauty industries will take a big hit. One planet that is not to be missed will be Uranus and that signifies upheavals, shocks and sudden changes it brings about. It has entered into the sign of Taurus from May 2018 and will stay there to change the stubborn bull sign till Apr 2026.
Taurus is a sign that represents fashion, beauty and it rules the music and banking industries.. it is also well known for being the most stable and fixated zodiac sign which also signify brick and mortar shops of such industries will be force to make drastic and surprising changes to their businesses else face elimination. This is how tyrant and cold Uranus can be, affecting Taurus-related industries.

If You Are A Market Watcher Or An Investor

This could be something interesting for you. The primary goal of Uranus in Taurus is basically going to be a period of serious evaluation and assessments of the burden of ownership. Assets, stocks, tangible and intangible goods are going to be the theme this period. Expect to see many traditional financial institutions such as banks, closing  down their branches, opening up virtual banks to avoid territory regulations and other changes in the way we exchange money. Cryptocurrency has been on the rise and fall for the recent years as that market seeks to stabilise itself in the fixated financial landscape. I’ll say not until mid 2024 that we can see visible trends of stabilisation going on.


What’s Upcoming?

You know what’s the next most interesting thing? Based on the planets movements over the next few years, communications, telecoms, satellites, transportations and things that connect people, will be the next watchful industries to be setting your researches and eyes on.  That’s few more years to go but I always like to be well prepared.
Together Jupiter and Uranus will not only bring down old and obsolete structures but will also push us ahead to release our old selves that we have been so attached to and make way for a brand new beginnings in our lives.
There will be new challenges and unknown potential arising as we begin a new era of Jupiter and Saturn that we will need to make space for in our lives with Uranus in Taurus. During 2020 ask yourself truthfully that what is no longer working in your life that you need to let go and what are the dreams that you should be daring enough to pursue. Start building now. Remember, we get to enjoy the shades from a tree because we have planted it 20 years ago. Getting out from the old and comfortable way may be scary at first, but it is a necessary move we need to take in order to grow and nurture ourselves.
Most impacted zodiac signs on career, relationships, and family matters will be Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. For Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius you would have lots of breath to catch up during the on upheavals and changes in Uranus in Taurus. Get a free astrology chart and take a look at your personal profiling and energies. If you are interested to know what 2020 and beyond will mean for you, where should you be heading in your career and what’s in store for you when it comes to generating wealth and investments and if the stars are shining brightly for you when it comes to your love and romance matters. Let’s have a non obligatory discussion to find out more!
Remember you are the most important element in deciding whether if this is a win or a lose. The tools are here to guide you to amplify opportunities or the minimise the collateral damages.  Astrology doesn’t just predict. It prepares. Start your year strong and get yourself well prepared, there’s nothing to lose only to gain.

See you real soon and all the best for 2020!


Best wishes,

Jassy Clover

How To Find Your Destiny And Be Successful In Life And Love

how to find your destiny and be successful in life, north star

It all boils down to revealing of your Northern Star!

We have heard people saying, “This is my north star.” And Pierce Brosnan has also famously quoted his wife Keely, of being his “North Star”, after she guided him through a series of personal tragedies.

So what exactly is North Star in astrology?

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, North Star or Pole Star refers to the star of the northern hemisphere toward which the axis of the earth points. And in one of Havard Business Review’s articles, Northstar represents the highest personal aspiration in our life direction that comes with a grand purpose.

So to say, your North Star is your personal mission statement. It’s the ultimate destiny you are heading towards in this lifetime.

So what’s your North Star? How Do You Find The Purpose In Life?

    1. Is it being the best parent you can be?
    2. Is it to be creative and dare to take the world as your stage?
    3. Is it to revolutionise the way how the world commute daily?
    4. Is it to empower children with special needs?
    5. Is it to rid the world of poverty, suffering, and attain world peace?
    6. Or is it to practise compassion and selflessness towards others?

Does everyone has a North star?

I believe everyone comes to Earth for a reason and for this reason, only you would have the capacity to fulfil what your mission is. And along the way you will have events and people that come along (good or bad) to guide you to where you need to be. But does that mean that you need to have a lofty North star mission before considering to have a valid North star purpose? Not really..

We are plagued by everyday’s problems and issues that many of us could be stuck in a mud. Some could be spun around in an endless painful loop and have yet to find the way to breakthrough themselves. As such, finding your North star could be the answer to your way out.

What And Where Is Your North Star/North Node

Your astrology chart is unique and it defines the axis points of the planets and stars from the very moment you were born. It sorts of points out the destiny that has already been carved out for you, but that’s not final or fixed! You can either amplify that to your advantage or if you aren’t able to push through the negativities, it can be challenging to attain what the Universe has already in place for you.

Finding where your North star is situated in your chart, reveals a whole new picture about where you’re heading towards and what makes your life journey fulfilled and meaningful. In astrology, North star is known as the North Node in your chart.

There are 2 things to find out:

    1. Which zodiac sign is your North Node in?

    2. Which astrology house is it situated?

Zodiac sign (Aries – Pisces) are in fact energies that influence our actions, behaviours, thoughts and deeds. So by understanding the characteristics of your North Node sign, you can decode a lot about what you need in order to bring out the best in you.

Astrology Houses in an astrology chart refers to the important aspects in your life. Together with the zodiac sign that your North Node is placed, in one of the twelve houses, you will know which aspect of your life needs to display that form of energy in order to make you feel revitalised and fulfilled!

For eg. Your North Node is placed in the 7th house with Taurus as the sign. Let’s decode that and first let’s understand what 7H and Taurus mean.

7th House = 7H is ruled naturally by Libra and is a house for relationships, partnerships, 1-on-1 personal relationship. It talks about marriage, union, love, pleasure, beauty, fairness, objectivity and justice. This is a house of ‘others’ vs the ’self’ house that is represented in the 1st house.

Taurus = a slow moving earth sign and is very dedicated and persevering in whatever he/she does. It is nurturing, peace-loving, gentle and a home-body. Taurus is steadfast and very loyal but can be the most stubborn sign in the zodiac belt which finds it hard come out from the rut when it is time to let go. Heard of the raging bull in chinatown? Ok that’s Taurus. Don’t mess or push a Taurus too far you don’t want to see an angered charging bull. I’ll say just let it graze the field and nudge it a little by little to get your point across. Like Libra (they both are ruled by Venus) they hate war, hate conflicts and love peace.

Creating breakthroughs in relationship and love! Crack his love language and discover the relationship theme between you two!


Depending on the other factors in the chart, there are many ways to interpret how North Node turns out for you. For ease of this article, I’ll provide the general snapshot of what it means –

The destiny of a Taurus 7H North Node is to learn how to be comfortable while being in a committed relationship. Learn to be relaxed and at ease with another person rather than being paranoid or pulling your heart close to your sleeves that forbid anyone to know you. Let go of the need to be controlling and bare your soul to your partner without worrying to be hurt. You are very protective of yourself because you feel love to the deepest core and you love with a burning soul.

When a relationship ends, you feel immense pain and hurt and are therefore scared to commit too much, putting a leg out of the relationship for fear of being scarred. And that’s because of this, you can’t enjoy a fulfilling relationship because you are thinking of ‘escaping’ all the times.. But that’s all about love! You learn along the way and understand the meaning behind each lesson and event that gets unfolded. You can be possessive and wants commitment from a partner fast as you want him/her to be as invested as you.

Do allow relationships to develop at their own pace and take your time to know a person well before deciding to a committed union. You have the ability to stay with a partner for long so decide who you want to spend your life happily with and don’t rush. There’s quite a fair bit of drama in your relationships and subconsciously you might instigate something out of nothing in order to have that as drama and transformative relationships are what makes you alive and happy. Learn to have relationships with stable, dependable, and practical people. Invest in long lasting, steady, reliable significant relationships while exploring the sensual side of it. The goal is to learn how to value your significant other and most importantly, learning to trust and to let go

The interpretation of the North Node will be different if it happens to be in Sagittarius sign and on 4th house. Where the theme could surround long distance travel for the family or you probably could settle abroad with your family. So understanding your North Node position and what it entails could help you to work towards that goal, giving you a sense of purpose and achievement in this journey.

Achieving your north star is not the final destination

Heard of the phrase, “It is not the destination but the journey that matters’? Don’t get too fried up whether or not you’ve achieved your North Node goal. The entire purpose of it is to learn what matters to you along the way. Be it to get the meaning behind the meeting of a new partner, the lesson to learnt behind each failure, and the reason behind why certain things unfold the way they did. The whole point of your north star is to help you make informed decisions and how you can be better in your next endeavour. Be content with your progress, knowing that you’re one step closer towards your destiny!

Your north star can change!

Planets rotate and evolve every second so does your needs and wants and your North Node too! Over time you may find that your direction changes as you evolve. That’s completely normal. You may experience something that pushes you in a different direction which means it’s time to set a new target and aim. This could mean an extension to your current North Node goal or a new one altogether.

So, what’s yours? Where’s your north star pointing you to?



Jassy Clover

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