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Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars - Ralph Waldo Emerson
You don't have to believe in Astrology. You only need to believe in its results.
An In-Depth, Private Discussion About You & Your Potential 
Someone ever asked me, 'Do we even have an instruction manual to life so that we don't have to go through such a tough learning curve?' 

"What a lazy bum who wants a short cut to life!", exclaimed some.

Nope. In fact, he is being resourceful and efficient. What if you only put in 20% of the efforts to generate 80% of the results and dedicating the rest of your energies in creating more good, isn't that great?  Yeah you can sneak in a 10% for a little enjoyment in life.

My reply to him, was a resounding 'YES'! 

In Astrology, a Natal chart is likened to a road map in our life, with the planetary movements serving a guiding GPS, navigating you through every turns and every corners. Your personality, your true essence, innate gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses and psychological traits are all displayed vividly in this divine cosmic chart.  

Imagine you are able to get hold of first hand insights to an upcoming opportunity, probably a theme that surrounds your career, your love relationships, your family planning or even your personal pursuits, how best would you go about in taking advantage of this favourable situation and amplify it for greater results? 

How about gaining awareness and clarity to upcoming unfavourable situations? Would that help you to make better plans and necessary arrangement to ease through the situation on hand? 

Imagine gaining insights into these low negative energies and how the duration of their stay could impact you intensively, would that help you make better strategic moves and preparations to tackle and tide through such periods? 

You would be doubly cautious and more vigilant in negotiating or signing of any agreements or contracts during  Mercury Retrograde periods; or you could double up your perseverance and determination, gritting your teeth and fight through a 'Saturn return' transit before calling quits.
Astrology Sharpens Your Senses
It is not uncommon for many people who are unable to 'see' the silver lining in each problem and give up on their dreams when they are so close to savouring the harvests. While on the other hand, there are also a handful of others who could be deluded by some "potentially good" opportunities and later on got into real trouble, giving rise to self-blame and regrets.

Astrology is deemed to be the Mathematics to our Cosmos. For every configuration it formed, there are significant insights and information to the geometric patterns gathered, with each planet and celestial body presenting it's unique message designated for you.
Ethical, No-Fear Consultations
Each session is conducted in 100% confidentiality, allowing you to understand the true intent and purpose of each event that has unfolded in your life and what you should be focusing on at the present in order to prepare yourself for the coming future (be it to identify and amplify an opportunity or to minimise an upcoming impact).

Unlike other many Astrologers who may plant fears and doom in your readings, my consultations are unbiased and at the end of each session with me, I will conclude with the most appropriate spectrum of possibilities that will allow you to walk away with exceptional clarity to the answers you need for a more fulfilling life, a more empowered career and a more meaningful relationship. 
No Gibberish Jargons
Have you felt more confused than clear after a session with a previous astrologer? 

"Oh my.. You have Uranus going through your 5th house... it will conjunct your Venus..!"

That is a fine example of a gibberish jargon which will only create uncertainty, confusion and probably fear, rather than injecting clarity to the consultation (which should be our main aim).

Your time is precious and we should be focusing on your life matters rather than technical jargons of Astrology techniques. Our session will be held in simple English, no fluff.
You Are Suitable For An Astrology Consultation If
  • You are self-driven, positive and motivated
  • You take full charge of your life and exert efforts and hard-work to reach your goals
  • ​You believe in lifelong learning and give importance to constant self-improvement
  • You value personal growth over material gains
  • You seek meanings and purposes in life
  • ​You are receptive towards constructive feedback
  • ​You are objective and wants to be successful
  • ​You want to create the next breakthrough in life, career and in your relationships
If The Above Sounds Like You
We Are A Good Fit!

Mini Consultation

  • Suitable for those who need a quick analysis to current situation
  • ​Consultation will be emailed across with no less than 150 words
  • ​Recommended to those who are new to Astrology but not ready for an in-depth private consultation
  • A customised one-on-one email consultation to the question you have relating to Life, Career, Relationships
  • ​Entitled to one mini consultation per month (email) 
  • ​Strictly no refund to unused credits or carry forward of unused consultation.
  • ​Subscription at $2.99/week. 
  • ​No lock-in after 8 weeks of service.

Personal Consultation

(Gold) 60-min
  • Natal Consultation: Discovering and highlighting your needs, talents and strengths. Identify innate challenges and solutions. 
  • Career Consultation: What profession best suits your personality? Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur or you make the most hay by tapping into other people's resources?
  • ​Relationship Consultation: What is your love language? The ideal partner in your life? What do you need to feel  fulfilling in a relationship? 
  • ​Predictive Consultation: We can focus on current specific topics or overall themes, and discuss potentials for the next 12 months that most impact you.
  • ​Uncover and Leverage your Innate Gifts to Manifest a 20/80 Efforts-to-Results Strategy
  • ​Manifesting Leading Energies to Attract Positive Vibes and Win Acknowledgements and Appreciation from People!
  • ​Eliminating Stagnancy and Create Breakthrough 
  • Identify Challenging Periods and Turn Odds into Advantage!
  • ​Navigate challenging times and amplify the good!
  • ​Each session is valued at $159 with a 60 minutes discussion. Choose between audio or video conferencing via Skype/Zoom/FB Messenger.
  • ​A complimentary MP3 recording of your session is available upon request. Optional top up available for a written timeline report.
  • ​Session to be utilised within 12 months of purchase

VIP Consultation Bundle

  • Everything listed in Gold Bundle
  • Choose between (i) 3x Personal Consultation OR (ii) 1x VIP Personal Consultation + 1x Couple Relationship Analysis with insights to your partner's love language
  • ​Includes a complimentary follow-up , MP3 recording + full write-up report (worth $50) after each session
  • ​Priority privilege given
  • ​Bundle valid for 12 months.
  • ​$597 per bundle. Strictly no refund.
Be it for Business Directions, Career Transitions, Personal Growth and Fulfilment or even to address your concerns over personal relationships, there is always something that best suits your needs. Discover what are your inherent gifts and manifest to leverage on their potential to accelerate astounding results to your business, finance, career progressions and strengthening of your relationships. Sometimes all that you need, is that 'one thing' to declutter the blockages in order to disperse the right energies to attract what you need in life.
PS: Current waiting time for a 1-on-1 walk-in consultation is approximately 1-2 weeks, with priority given to Gold & Platinum clients. Please feel free to send in your inquiries and I will respond to you within one business day. Thank you! 
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