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Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars - Ralph Waldo Emerson
You don't have to believe in Astrology. You only need to believe in its results.
An In-Depth, Private Discussion About You & Your Potential 
Someone ever asked me, 'Do we even have an instruction manual to life so that we can at least know how to navigate ourselves around!'

Yes. Indeed, there is!  

In Astrology, a Natal chart is likened to a road map in our life, with the planetary movements serving a guiding GPS. Your personality, your core personality, innate gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses and psychological traits are all displayed vividly in this divine cosmic chart.  

Imagine you are able to get hold of first hand insights to an upcoming opportunity, probably a theme that surrounds your career, your love relationships, your family planning or even your personal pursuits, how best would you go about in taking advantage of this favourable situation and amplify it for greater results? 

How about gaining awareness and clarity to upcoming unfavourable situations? Would that help you to make better plans and necessary arrangement to ease through the situation on hand? 

Imagine gaining insights into these low negative energies and how the duration of their stay could impact you intensively, would that help you make better strategic moves and preparations to tackle and tide through such periods? 

You would be doubly cautious and more vigilant in negotiating or signing of any agreements or contracts during  Mercury Retrograde periods; or you could double up your perseverance and determination, gritting your teeth and fight through a 'Saturn return' transit before calling quits.
Astrology Sharpens Your Senses
It is not uncommon for many people who are unable to 'see' the silver lining in each problem and give up on their dreams when they are so close to savouring the harvests. While on the other hand, there are also a handful of others who could be deluded by some "potentially good" opportunities and later on got into real trouble, giving rise to self-blame and regrets.

Astrology is deemed to be the Mathematics to our Cosmos. For every configuration it formed, there are significant insights and information to the geometric patterns gathered, with each planet and celestial body presenting it's unique message designated for you.
Ethical, No-Fear Consultations
Each session is conducted in 100% confidentiality, allowing you to understand the true intent and purpose of each event that has unfolded in your life and what you should be focusing on at the present in order to prepare yourself for the coming future (be it to identify and amplify an opportunity or to minimise an upcoming impact).

Unlike other many Astrologers who may plant fears and doom in your readings, my consultations are unbiased and at the end of each session with me, I will conclude with the most appropriate spectrum of possibilities that will allow you to walk away with exceptional clarity to the answers you need for a more fulfilling life, a more empowered career and a more meaningful relationship. 
No Gibberish Jargons
Have you felt more confused than clear after a session with a previous astrologer? 

"Oh my.. You have Uranus going through your 5th house... it will conjunct your Venus..!"

That is a fine example of a gibberish jargon which will only create uncertainty, confusion and probably fear, rather than injecting clarity to the consultation (which should be our main aim).

Your time is precious and we should be focusing on your life matters rather than technical jargons of Astrology techniques. Our session will be held in simple English, no fluff.
You Are Suitable For An Astrology Consultation If
  • You are self-driven, positive and motivated
  • You take full charge of your life and exert efforts and hard-work to reach your goals
  • ​You believe in lifelong learning and give importance to constant self-improvement
  • You value personal growth over material gains
  • You seek meanings and purposes in life
  • ​You are receptive towards constructive feedback
  • ​You are objective and wants to be successful
  • ​You want to create the next breakthrough in life, career and in your relationships
If The Above Sounds Like You
We Are A Good Fit!
personal consultation with insideclover astrology
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relationship consultation with insideclover astrology; relationship astrology; forecasting astrology; personal forecasting astrology consultation
  • Suitable for anyone who wants a snapshot analysis of his/her Chart's Theme
  • Over here, we will not be going over the full chart interpretation. You can ask questions you're having difficulties in one area of your life and want to know why / what you can do.
  • ​Consultation will be emailed across with a MP3 recording (minimum 20-min recording)
  • ​Recommended to people who are new to Astrology yet, not ready for an in-depth private consultation
  • Showcasing Life Path, Emotional State, Personality, Relationship, Finance and Motivational Strengths
  • Analysis of major aspects and prominent themes in the chart
  • ​​Complimentary of natal chart
  • ​Strictly no refund
  • ​Session to be utilised within 12 months of purchase 
  • ​Optional: Written report $30
  • Natal Consultation: Discovering and highlighting your needs, talents and strengths. Identify innate challenges and solutions. 
  • Career Consultation: What profession best suits your personality? Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur or you make the most hay by tapping into other people's resources?
  • ​Relationship Consultation: Looking for clarity in your relationship? What is the type of ideal partner for you? What do you need to feel fulfilled in a relationship? 
  • ​Predictive Consultation: We can focus on current specific topics or overall themes, and discuss potentials for the next 12 months that most impact you.
  • ​Uncover and Leverage your Innate Gifts to Manifest a 20/80 Efforts-to-Results Strategy
  • ​Manifesting Leading Energies to Attract Positive Vibes and Win Acknowledgements and Appreciation from People!
  • ​Eliminating Stagnancy and Create Breakthrough 
  • Identify Challenging Periods and Turn Odds into Advantage!
  • ​Navigate challenging times and amplify the good!
  • ​Pre-consultation 30-min
  • ​Personal Consultation: min. 60-min
  • ​Optional: Written report $50 
  • ​Choose between audio or video conferencing via Skype/Zoom/FB Messenger.
  • ​Complimentary MP3 recording. 
  • ​Session to be utilised within 12 months of purchase

VIP Bundle

  • This is an upgraded version from Gold
  • (i) Select any 3 personal consultations in GOLD OR
  • ​(ii) Select 1x personal consultation AND **1x couple's synastry & compatibility session
  • ​**Each session is entitled to 1 chart analysis. In a couple's synastry & compatibility consultation, 2 charts will be constructed.
  • ​​Choose between audio or video conferencing via Skype/Zoom/FB Messenger.
  • ​Pre-consultation 30-min
  • ​Personal Consultation: min. 75-min
  • ​Priority given to consultation scheduling
  • Each session includes a MP3 recording and a fully written report (worth $50). 
  • ​All materials will be sent over within 3 business days after our consultation
  • ​Bundle valid for 12 months.
  • ​$597 per bundle. 
  • ​Strictly no refund.

How Relationship Astrology Can Guide You To A More Fulfilling & Committed Relationship

Even When He Is Acting Distant And Emotionally Unavailable...

professional executive chester gained clarity and and life answers through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Chester X. W.

I would definitely recommend anyone who is wanting to seek more clarity about themselves and for future planning. Jass is highly professional and accurate in her readings for me. Many goosebump moments!
entrepreneur eileen seah gained clarity and believes in astrology through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Eileen S.

Jass is a super knowledgeable lady and passionate about her work. Will recommend to anyone who want to know themselves better as Jass will definitely be able to advise on what's true calling and directions in life!
entrepreneur aaron tan gained breakthrough and clarity in his career and relationships through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Aaron T.

I've gotten very good relationship and career advice here. I got a better understanding of myself and my personality. Highly recommended!
professional lady Pattey Stacey gained clarity and answers to life through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Pattey S.

I walked out of my first session with her, having an understanding about who I really am and some answers that I’ve craved for years and so many tools for how to access everything I ever wanted on astrology. I’m so glad that you have started some classes and I look forward to those intermediate classes Jass!
business man jet patel gain breakthrough and clarity using Astrology with InsideClover Jass Ye

Jet P.

If you are looking for a breakthrough in your business, or to understand deeper about yourself and why things are happening in your life the way they are, I highly recommend working with Jass. Her insights and sharing have truly motivated me ever since I engaged with her in Mar 2018. Looking forward to our next session!
entrepreneur clifford gained breakthrough and clarity through Astrology reading with InsideClover Jass Ye

Clifford J.

I used to be a fanatic in having my daily life read before pursuing any ventures or activities and have bought many gems and ornaments, to sort of improve my life, but eventually found them to have no effect only just to appease my own fears. I have toned down in these obsessive readings and buying. After working with Jass I have come to understand a lot more of myself and taking full control of my life now rather than relying on others.
1st breakthrough: fixing my relationship with my gf thanks for shedding insights on the theme of our relationship (ain't easy but I tried to overcome my negativities and pride!) 2nd breakthrough: achieved more sales after knowing how to activate my Rising Star to win over my clients. 3rd breakthrough: Working on myself over and over again reminding me on all the positivities in my Water element and trine aspects. I'm very sure my Pluto-Jupiter-Mercury will mean something BIG in my writing career! Thanks Jass - Kumata W.
I was going through tough times at work and a failing relationship sent me seeking for answers. Thanks for the compatibility chart you've done up for me.. my ego had played such a big role that if I'd not seek an answer soon.. I am pretty sure that a break-up is inevitable.. I learnt how best to compromise in the relationship without jeopardizing my own needs... Also to control my impulsive 'FIRE' and channel them to greater causes and get things done rather than just flaring up all the time.. The only regret I have with you?? Why did I take so long to come to you??? - Kelly D.
3 days into the working world, I was close to being shown to the door.. I was feeling lost, confused and demoralized.. This was when I met Jass.. Thanks to her guidance, I understand myself better and obtained some clues as to how I can sail through the rogue waves of life. Her readings were amazingly accurate and with her consultations, I have now a better understanding of Astrology. Once again, I would like to give my greatest appreciation to Jass - Don. K
Gotten the cosmic reports and special consultation offer. At first I'm really sceptical and thought since there's 7 days return on the reports why not?? But then in the end, the in-depth analysis.. is definitely money well-spent! Come to think of it.. TBH, it's been years that I can't come to terms with the way I'm handling things around.. and I'm so glad that I've found acceptance and able to embrace myself fully. Inner peace and clarity achieved! - Pamela G.
2 words to describe - Wow & Mind-blown! Knowing the reasons to my continuous negativities are the best take-away in my entire session with Jass. Gotta farm on my Fire element and nurture my Airy stars! "What could be even better if you can take charge of your destiny by strategising around the dark moments and making them work for you in a positive light?" I never will forget these words. Thanks again Jass! - Kenneth Y.
Jass has been spot on deciphering of my personality  and how it affects and influences the way how I make decisions at work. I got to know so much about my Midheaven and after learning about how transits forecasts work, I am now in a better position to plan my schedule and work around, I'd say hiccups still happen but I can cushion them and when its good time, it is in a much better position for me!  - Ben K.
Only upon exploring Astrology myself then do I realised that these have nothing to do with superstitions or hocus pocus theories.. I'm surprised there are still some people out there who don't even dare to try for fear of self-prophecy or whatsoever.. C'mon! I'd say this is a gem and why live in denial where you can gain light and clarity to how to live a better and fulfilled life! Well I did and I'm happily living it! The reports are good if you aren't ready for a full-fledge consultations but I'd say just spend that money. It's so worthwhile. - Minnie A.
I was contemplating whether or not to relocate for a new job opportunity in US, it was a great offer from an MNC but I can't let go of what I've back here. She'd warmly encouraged me to pursue my dreams but alerted me of the upcoming challenges if I were to relocate to US. I decided to let go of the offer after weighing the opportunity costs. 3 months later, guess what? That MNC has announced on an unexpected round of layoffs in US! Freaky! - Julius O
I've already been seeing positive results with the way how my co-workers respond to me and I'm now getting invites to gatherings, parties, networking sessions and given more responsibilities to undertake more projects. Feeling happy about it 'cos it allows me to prove my worth which eventually leads to career progressions in the company. Didn't know about what's a rising star but now I'm going to pay more attention to my other zodiacs and stars than just on my DOB. :) - Aaron Q
Was retrenched back in Apr 2019 and unsure which directions in life should I be taking. After speaking with Jass, it did really help so much in sorting out my thoughts and gaining more clarity on which direction should I be embarking on for greater achievements. I'm glad I'm living my dream now and I wouldn't imagine if I didn't make the first move to see her. Thanks again and I'm so touched by your kind words and support Jass - Sid J
Be it for Business Directions, Career Transitions, Personal Growth and Fulfilment or even to address your concerns over personal relationships, there is always something that best suits your needs. Discover what are your inherent gifts and manifest to leverage on their potential to accelerate astounding results to your business, finance, career progressions and strengthening of your relationships. Sometimes all that you need, is that 'one thing' to declutter the blockages in order to disperse the right energies to attract what you need in life.
PS: Current waiting time for a 1-on-1 walk-in consultation is approximately 2-3 weeks, with priority given to Gold & Platinum clients. Please feel free to send in your inquiries and I will respond to you within one business day. Thank you! 


What is Astrology?

Astrology is the most comprehensive and soulful way to uncover who you really are and who you're meant to be. Astrology is a natural companion to psychology. If psychology is defined as the study of the soul, then Astrology is the study of the soul through the language of the stars.

Is Astrology superstitious?

Definitely not. At Insideclover, each reading is carefully curated and presented. It encourages the native to apply 100% free-will and strictly discourage anyone to resign to fate. Astrology doesn't change who you are but capable of providing powerful insights to help you make informed decisions critical in shaping your life to one that is way better than it was before.

Is this secure and private?

Our conversations are private & confidential, as well as the data you provided. Should you be concerned about your privacy, I do not need your real name to perform the reading, I only need your date, time and location of birth. For more information please visit our privacy and disclaimer link below.

What happens after I purchase?

After a successful purchase, you will receive an email prompting you with the next steps to activate your order. After receiving your reply, I will be in touch with you in less than 3 business days to follow up.

For the pre-consultation session in GOLD and PLATINUM orders, I might ask you some questions to deepen my understanding to your concerns. It is fundamental for my research to your case so as to provide you with the most appropriate advice to your concerns.

The readings are audio recorded and sent to you through email transfer, where you can download the file. Optional purchase available for written reports for Silver & Gold.

What's the difference between professional reading vs an online astrology report?

Ooh I get this a lot! Hence opening up a column on my FAQs :). An online astrology report is a generalised reading that takes each of your chart's aspect and interpret it on its own. It is likened to setting aside each different ingredient used to make a cheesecake. While each condiment is crucial, but tasting it individually vs blending them altogether makes a huge difference. A professional reading takes into considerations of all the chart's aspects and derive a profound yet soulful understanding to your natal chart's potential.

Why InsideClover?

To date, InsideClover has consulted over 300 private clients and created life-changing guidances to their life, career and relationship matters. It's program 'Make Committed Love Happens' guided thousands of commitment-seeking women to find meaning and empowerment in their relationships. InsideClover is created by Chief Astrologer, Jassy, who is certified professionally by the world's renowned Mayo School of Astrology (UK). Her readings have proven to be accurate and transformative.

What are the payment modes available?

During the checkouts, you can choose between PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD payment. For payment via PAYPAL, you will be directed over to Paypal's platform to complete the purchase order.

Prices aren't the same when I check-out, why?

Prices are displayed in USD and currency will be converted to your exchange rate from the payment merchant's platform. A 7% VAT & processing fee will be chargeable.

Can I get a refund after I purchase?

Sorry, we don't do refund. But if you have a special case kindly write in to our admin dept at [email protected]
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