Dangerous Mistakes Even Smart Women Make That Could Potentially Kill A Relationship

Mistakes Women Make In Relationship

Relationship Astrology Explained! What Mistakes A Woman Could Make During Early Stages In Love That Could Potentially Kill A Relationship?

Man and woman’s brains are wired differently so what you think could trigger a man’s desire could potentially and potently draw him further away from you. So as much as we are smart and clever women, there are also some areas that we are totally clueless about. And that’s where I am being called in to save my species from further heartbreaks!

After consulting with countless of men and women in their relationship matters, it just boils down to these dangerous mistakes even smart women may make that could potentially kill a relationship!

  1. Making him suffocated being with you – I have seen women either consciously or sub-consciously ‘demanded’ their men to be hers and restricting him on so many things that it literally took away all the freedom he has before he met her.. This is the most undesired thing a man wants in a woman and if you don’t want to lose him, pay attention to what I’m going to share below. I ever have a male client who came ‘crying’ to me.. although he loves the woman so much (he even has plans to want to marry her) he has no choice but to seek advice from me as he has doubts to whether he should continue seeing the love of his life.. I told him I can’t influence his decision because ultimately the choice is his. So I guided him along and asked him some questions and not to my surprise, these were what he’s shared:
    • Making a big fuss when he goes out with his buddies which he has been doing religiously before he  even met her
    • Constantly giving many missed calls and messages when he didn’t manage to reply on the spot and it is during his working hours
    • Make plans without checking with him – there are times he might already have appointments made in advance
    • So through guiding him in his synastry compatibility with his gf, we realised that they have very different communication and needs when it comes to expressing emotions and affections. Eventually things got better after he has clearer picture of what she needs and both decided to respect and compromise with each other in the relationship in order to make things work. Now that’s what I call a healthy 2-way relationship!
  2. Being Too Available – I’m not encouraging any mind-games to be played here but what I’m telling you is that you go do what you have been doing before you get to know your Mr new guy and continue to find and carry on your passions and resist abandoning your social circle every time he asks you out! Take Jeffrey, 39, from Sydney, for example: “When I was single, there were women I initially liked but seemed to be overly available for me.. they are always waiting by the phone for me to call/msg, like as if they didn’t have a life of their own and their happiness basically depended on whether I reached out to them for that day.. which sort of giving me the idea that if I didn’t meet someone I fancy, I would always have a fall back plan. I don’t have to work hard to get her, and that put me off quite a bit,” he says. I thank Jeff for his honesty. So ladies, the more you enjoy your life to the fullest, the more the right man will work hard enough to be a part of it.
  3. You Neglected Yourself – Never stop investing in yourself. When I talk about this, it doesn’t mean only to take care of your looks, grooming and outer appearance, but also to cultivate a hobby and new interests that makes you a more interesting person that anyone wants to be with! Take a zumba class at a local studio, hitting up the exhibit you have been wanting to see and trying out the new wine bar at the corner will not only offer you more fun in life but will also leave you more likely to meet someone who shares your interests too! It will be way much better than sitting at your couch waiting for someone to “wink” at your online profile picture.. Another bonus? You’ll have more interesting things to talk about over dinner with your dates than how bad your day went with the piles of work your boss gave you today. No one likes to be with a negative, low energy or whiny woman. Have a life of your own! Do something interesting. Perk up your positivity vibes and you’ll have him stick around longer!
  4. Overly demanding – The most common demands include:
    • To have dinner/drinks/expenses paid by your guy all the time – chivalry at its best!
    • Demanding him to be punctual while you are always late…
    • That he has to agree with you to wherever you like to go or do
    • He has to see or be with you during his off days
    • To help you with all your stuff and since he’s your bf he should oblige
    • To do what you say and if he loves you he shouldn’t disagree
    • Whatever that has been projected in the TV, romance novels about how a man should loves a woman is sort of a fantasy and please don’t ever use that as a benchmark because it either will leave you utterly disappointed or make you feel what could be wrong with you since you could never find such a man in your life… Honestly, there is no such perfect man as portrayed in the TVs, so my dear ladies, remember:
      • Men appreciate women who say genuine “thank-yous” and are sincere and understanding
      • Men appreciate women who offer to split – even if he ends up paying in the end – this shows that you do spare a thought for him
  5. Taking things too”naturally” and not making the 1st move: I agree we should let nature takes its course but there are times you shouldn’t just sit back and do nothing if you are really keen with a guy. He may feel dejected or fear to be rejected by you because of your disinterest! Give him subtle signs so that he can progress. Let your femininity flows! Smile gently and shyly, with your hands brushing against his, try to stand closer to him to give him signs that you are interested (not to a point to jump straight to bed! Men like it slow at times and they love the chase!) With so many dating apps available, it is common to see men lose interest pretty fast because there are so many other women who are available and could be interested with what he has to offer! So if you keep having the thoughts that ‘Oh the right one will stay’ and not making that efforts to make this great guy stay, and put up a ‘play hard to get’ face.. then chances are.. your chances with him will be low.. So drop that waiting attitude and bring out that positive vibes to attract your man!
  6. Effortless Date: ‘Come and chill over netflix at my place’ and then what follows next is 99% of the time – to make out
    In today’s new age dating scene it has too much of a convenience to offer anyone who is just too busy to date or simply just too lazy to put in the efforts to impress the other party. And don’t ever think of putting yourself on par with a netflix, you are way more precious than that. Man are hunters by nature and the easier it is for him, the lesser for him to want to do anything more for you and for the relationship. Because why ‘reinvent the wheel’ and fixing things up where they are already in their right places? In this case it refers to you.  Since you are comfortable with the bare minimum that he’s offering you, he can spend his energies else where that demand more of his efforts. So don’t complain about why he isn’t putting in more efforts because partly you are the cause that encourage his actions.
  7. Getting intimate too fast: According to Cristina Pineda of Celebrity Matchmaker at Matchmakers in the City one of the biggest red flags that kills a relationship quickly during its early stage is to get into intimacy way too fast. “We recommend waiting until an exclusive relationship at the minimum for intimacy,” Pineda says. “Relationships are complicated enough without adding the intense bonding hormones that are released during intimacy.” I couldn’t agree with her more.Sex and intimacy are not the only ways to tie down a man’s heart and neither will he get committed to you because of you satisfying him on a physical level. If you are really looking at making this relationship a long-term one and having your man to be committed to you wholeheartedly, then make sure that both of you are align with where the relationship is heading. It won’t work if one is into monogamy and the other is into polygamy, likewise casual dating vs someone who is ready to settle down.So get your directions right without burning yourself up. Remember, we tend to treasure and value that ‘something’ that we have worked so hard for. Let him know that you are worth his efforts. Otherwise, feel free to drop any players or lazy bums who wouldn’t know how to treat you in the right way.Relationship astrology helps reveals the cosmic patterns to a person’s psychological behaviour that can largely influence his/her deeds, thoughts and actions. Not only you can gain clarity and insights into a person’s likes and dislikes, his belief systems and values, and what makes him emotionally connected to a person, relationship astrology provides illuminating info about the dynamics of the relationship and what you both need in order to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship together.Check out his Mars to find out what gets him motivated and that includes pursuing you! Find out his Venus sign that tells so much about the kind of woman that he is most attracted to. You’ll be astonish and amazed with what you’ll be discovering! Check it out now!

Every man is uniquely created! The key to his heart and mind, is to be able to know exactly what he needs to feel emotionally connected and comfortable when he’s around you…

The proven technique of Relationship Astrology has worked wonders for me and thousands of women out there. It is practical and so natural that he wouldn’t even sense anything about you trying hard to know about him.  It is possible to have a relationship to flow naturally and lovingly!

I’m always around to hear from you and feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to reply you. Alternatively, check out this amazing program to learn how to ‘Make Committed Love Happens’ !

I will be available for an exclusive one-on-one email session to answer any dating questions and challenges you may have.  Keep well and I see you soon!


Lots of Love xoxo

Jassy Clover


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