Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Millionaire?

This is the #1 Zodiac sign in the list of the TOP Forbes billionaires charts!!! 😱

“How to make more money?”

“How to be successful in life?”


This are the questions everyone is most concerned about. However, with the current crisis we are all in right now, money and status are no longer the most powerful motivators when it comes to the category of Abundance.
The category of Abundance is also denoted as Health, Knowledge, Love, Happiness and Friendship.
I guess the question should be rephrased as:

“How can I attract more Abundance?”

You see, have you ever wonder, why there are some people who are more successful, more resourceful and more powerful than others? Well, some are born under a silver spoon but may not be able to ride the tide of riches and success throughout their lives, and there are some who are late bloomers and able to make it BIG at a later stage in their lives!
So is it POSSIBLE to attract loads of wealth and abundance into your life?
The answer is a resounding YES!
But first, (yes there’s a BUT) you’ll need to discover your inherent strengths and qualities that you possess which can aid you tremendously in pulling these resources closer to you. Then, the next thing, is to learn to activate these key aspects to work for you in your favour! Sounds simple I know right!
With restrictive orders to stay home, apart from doing my online consultations, I also took time to study and researched on some powerful and successful people in the world.
I went through 200 billionaires (there’s an updated list of real time billionaires according to FORBES) charts. Unfortunately, the exact time of birth of the majority of these billionaires is unknown; therefore, I had to make do with whatever available information I have. Nevertheless, I still managed to find some important regularities that MOST OF THESE BILLIONAIRES POSSESS in their astrological charts!
Check out the findings below and see if you have also these aspects in your natal chart. These are the inherent qualities of yours and when a favourable transition happens at the right time in your life, these points get activated, and that’s where abundance will start flowing in.
millionaire sun and moon signs
If you can identify them, you can easily amplify them to your advantage! This won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it certainly increases your chances to become richer and capable of attracting more abundance if you make considerable efforts to your causes.
Unfortunately, there is no fixed template of how to enable one to become a millionaire or Billionaire in his life. It also boils down if you have these inherent qualities and if you can activate them to your advantage..
Millionaires mercury venus and mars sign

  • SUN = Typically refers to your vitality and your life directions. What do you believe in and what are you fighting for? A strong placement of the Sun illuminates your life and brings you ample energy to lead your closer to your goals.
  • MOON = An emotional balance person who is able to work both emotions and rationality in harmony, will get far in business and in interpersonal relationships. Being overly emotions weighs you down on making decisive choices and probably hinder your progressions. Emotions when used in the right way can empower and nurture the people who are aids to your causes.
  • MERCURY = Being able to be equipped with a sharp mind and the ability to think and process your thoughts into actions (SUN, MARS) are critical in creating successful scenarios in whatever you do. An acute sense of intuition, know when’s the right time to strike based on information obtained, are equally important to get you closer to your goals.
  • VENUS = joy and financial matters. Your Venus placement tells about your financial strength, how magnetising you are in attracting abundance and how others are happy to be around you. You need a certain degree of charms, tact and diplomacy to get your ways around and Venus is the one.
  • MARS = actions and motivations. With all grand ideas and luck but if no actions being put to the right cause, everything will be in vain. Mars pushes you forward. It initiates, spearhead, fights for what you want and bestow you with the drive to get to your destination.
  • JUPITER = biggest benevolent star for abundance. It is the largest planet on our solar system and wherever Jupiter touches, it expands. Even Jupiter is not in the ideal place, it also helps to mitigate obstacles to minimal and amplify opportunities.

Millionaires chart aspects

  • SUN / PLUTO: When Sun is aspecting Pluto in your natal chart, it makes you passionate, resilient and determined. You want to have more than just an average life. It makes you quite ambitious and even powerful, because Pluto represents power. Some people with this aspect demand much from themselves, perfectionists, they are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They make sure what they set out to do, they get it somehow.


  • SUN / JUPITER: This aspect brings LUCK & ABUNDANCE into your life. It gives optimism, faith, and enthusiasm.  People with such an aspect in their natal charts believe in themselves, in their projects. They need recognition, attention. They spread their light broadly, because Sun is light, and Jupiter is the principle of expansion.


  • SUN / SATURN: This aspects signifies perseverance and discipline. The person will be committed to his/her goal and isn’t afraid to put in hard work to get to what he/she wants. Saturn refers to authoritarian and it rules also wealth and power. For people with Sun/Saturn, their life means business and they are absolutely ambitious.


  • SUN / MARS: To initiate and to kick start. Regardless what the world has become, you still can be independent enough to steer and propel your mission ahead. This is a motivated aspect that gives rise to power, strength and courage to complete what life has ask you to set out to do.


  • PLUTO / JUPITER: Pluto gives immense wealth and the word ‘plutocrat’ is not just for a show.  People with this aspect has a powerful need to seek out expansions and growth and it gives rise to power and wealth simultaneously. Power has to be used in correct manner. Jupiter-Pluto is associated with huge-power and it can have us questioning our deeper morals.


  • JUPITER / VENUS: When you have the most beneficial and luckiest stars combined, what would you get? Venus and Jupiter bring financial opportunity, space to do the things you love and an optimistic and amiable approach to encounters with others. You are well received by people and also enjoy cooperating with others to achieve your goals.

The above aspects need to be in trines, sextiles or conjunctions for smoother manifestations of positive vibes.

In this age of technological advancements and great opportunities, we are still limited with the way how we obtain our resources.. Most people are still trying to find their perfect vocation, choose their ideal profession, discover their talents, finding life purposes and their true calling and even trying to find the ideal life partner to love..
In the end, we end up changing one job after another, wasting time shooting in the dark, unhappy with the choices made in life, falling in and out of love and getting unstuck and stuck again and the whole cycle repeats..
Your natal chart has the most revealing answers to the biggest questions you have in life. Once you get it, the rest will be history and a revolutionary change will begin.
If someone was to ask me, “why hasn’t my life change?”
The answer is simple. The change needs to come from within. Astrology has the power to prepare you of what’s to come and what to expect, you still need the life force, courage and strong determination to make that dream come true.
You can’t expect the bowl of rice to be ready simply by wishing for it. You need to wash, prepare and switch on the rice cooker to begin the cooking process. The actions still come from you.
Here’s wishing you prosperity, abundance and the pinkest health. Stay strong and stay indoors!



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