Finding Your Career Calling – Your Resources House

When it comes to finding a fulfilling and satisfying job, one would have so many factors to consider before finally deciding on what their career calling is.

In my previous article of ‘The Ideal Dream Jobs For Twelve Zodiacs‘,

I listed the types of careers that are best suited for each zodiac, based on their archetypes and energies that surround in them.

You also can read more from ‘Astrological Guide To Choosing A Satisfying Career

where I discussed about the different ways to get closer to a career that is most suitable for you, and one which can bring out the best of your talents and personal development.

The most recommended and fastest way to discover the messages your career houses have for you, is to engage in the help of a professional astrologer, and get a feel of what he or she has to say after reading your chart.

Another excellent way is to learn about Astrology and discover your career houses. As Dane Rudhyar said, “Astrology is a language. Once you understand the language, the sky speaks to you.” And the above 2 articles will be a good start!

When it comes to Astrology, we are very familiar with zodiac signs and the planets they carry. There is also another element at play, which is to understand the significance of a particular house, so that we have clues to how best to function in them.

Finding Your Career Calling – Your Resources House (THE SECOND HOUSE)

Houses represent the significant aspects of our lives. There are altogether twelve houses (read more) and each one represents a part of us – our relationship, our wealth, our career, resources, intellectual, partners we are prone to attract, our academic intelligence, our creativity etc.


The Resources House‘.

The 2nd house (known as the ‘wealth house/resources vault) governs areas that made up of our self-esteem, values, our personal belongings and possessions. This is a house of sustenance and describing our survival instincts and needs.

It is also our first wealth and resources house. The 2nd house speaks about our level of personal fulfillment and self-worth through our materialistic gains, and the way how we accept them and how they satisfy our inner desires when we go about acquiring them. This house talks about how we materialised our energies and turning them into something tangible that we hold dear and possess.

Check out the zodiac sign of your second house’s cusp

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The Zodiac That Represents Your Second House Cusp

ARIES ♈  Driven by instincts to survive and eager to start new projects to sustain livelihood. Creating something in the material world to increase self esteem and self-worth. Doesn’t mind taking risks in acquiring fortune and resources. Aries will be actively making his living and can be selfish in sharing of his personal possessions.  Resources may come from means of being in combative and competitive professions such as military, sports, spearheading of new businesses, entrepreneurships and being your own boss.

TAURUS ♉  : Practicality and pragmatism rule the house of survival. The need to lead a life of comfort and luxury drive Taurus 2H people to work hard for their wealth and possessions. Love to collect items of value and mostly tangible assets. The important lesson for Taurus is to know when to let things go and not be adamant in holding on to materialistic possessions and allowing his vanity and complacency take over the needs of building up his sense of values which are critical for his resources house. Resources may come from means such as beauty and fashion, collector of antiques/valuables, architecture, finance, music, F&B and in luxurious settings. 

GEMINI ♊  : The need to survive involved large amount of mind stimulation to get to where they need to be. Gemini 2H people values communication and usually have more than 1 source of income to sustain their livelihood. They are restless and need to move around and share ideas. Boredom is the biggest killer for Gemini’s sustainability in a job. Therefore it is advisable for Gemini to pick a vocation that is mentally stimulating and also allowing him to socialise and commute as much as possible. Resources may come from journalism, teaching, speaking, skills-related professions that help Gemini 2H people to stay fulfilled while they survive.

CANCER ♋  : Their basic instincts push them to want to provide and to acquire financial security for themselves and their families. Investments are usually prudent and mostly into real estates. They are big on nurturing and protecting what they have. This is a position that states an inheritance is already present when this person is born. When a person has Cancer sign on his 2nd house cusp, very likely this person may see his home as his place for work and spend most of this time working from home. Resources may come from means of working with things related to family roots, F&B, all things nurturing and care-giving. 

LEO ♌  : Confidence is set off in acquiring assets and wealth. Leo in 2H people are often put in the limelight e.g modelling, theatrical sets, speaking in public for their basic survival needs. 2H Leo needs materialistic gains in order to feel good about themselves, sometimes it may come in the form of praises, depending on what values the Leo holds dear to. This can be a tricky position as it not only affects the self-worth but also the self-respect from self and others. Keep your ego in checks Leo 2H. Resources means may come from being able to develop his creativity through media and entertainment, all things fun and lively, risks investments, children, and theatrical exposures.

VIRGO ♍  : In the house of Venus, this many not be an ideal position for Virgo 2H, as Virgo is detrimental to Venus. This is especially so when Virgos are always finding faults to the way how they earn in order to survive. They doubt their self-worth and isn’t much satisfied with what they own probably largely coming from their lower self-esteem. They gain much through their hard work, being attentive and dedicated. Resources may come from means of being of service to others, debts related business, healthcare, diets, and may also involved small animals.

LIBRA ♎  : Your self-worth and value of basic survival come through being in the relationships with others. It can be worrying if Libra 2H people feel worthy only through the material blessings in a partnership or if they become a possession to others. Their basic survival needs stem from accumulating wealth and resources through partnering with others or through legal means. When finances balance is off the scale, you feel lost. Your resources can come from various means such as business partnerships, legal, beauty and fashion, weddings or even the arts.

SCORPIO ♏  : This position speaks about the finances left behind by the ancestors. The person needs to let go of something in order to gain. Gains are usually through joint ventures and accounts with others. It could also mean a debt to be repaid which sometimes can be hard to swallow and difficult to comprehend or enjoy. Resources may come from means from joint partnerships, handling of other people’s money, industries that deal with life/death (eg insurances, funeral parlour, crimes investigations), psychology, esoteric studies, mining business, archeologists, banking and finance etc.

SAGITTARIUS ♐  : Material gains will derived from higher learning, teaching, travelling and even publishing. These people are forever optimistic and they have faith with what they have and will make. Problem may arise when they spend faster than they can save. They either eat too much or spend too fast. But they do have the luck to make money fast too, it is a matter of sustainability for these people. Do save for rainy days. Resources may come from means of being of in professions of higher teachings, motivational speaking, publishing/journalism/editorial, adventurer, travel, foreign affairs etc.

CAPRICORN ♑  : Can be a good or a tricky position. Good because the person will pursue relentlessly to achieve what they need to survive. They are responsible and disciplined and usually can accumulate huge amount of wealth over time. Things get tricky when they are pessimistic and never feel contented with whatever they have, leading to feelings inadequacy in life. Resources may come from means of being in professions related to politics, management, horology, entrepreneurship, etc. Anything that a Capricorn 2H do, he can easily establish himself as the authority of his field.

AQUARIUS ♒  : They act spontaneously and at times there aren’t any plans to go about acquiring their needs. Their financial approach is erratic and they place value of their self-worth based on how he is seen and gauged in his friendship and associations. People with this position are usually very grounded and disciplined in their personality but when it comes to money and materialistic matters, they are the most liberalised bunch with unexpected gains in their wealth accumulation. Resources may come from means of being in fields of astronomy, astrology, futuristics and progressive endeavours, science, innovation and all things revolutionary.

PISCES ♓  : The instinct to survive is usually through connecting to the unknown and using the power of faith to get to where they want. Pisces 2H people don’t place huge importance on materialistic gains but instead on their spirituality and personal beliefs. Their biggest strength lies in their ability to follow through their true calling and turning it into a mission to fulfil in this lifetime. That’s where they create true satisfaction and meanings in their wealth and value creations. Resources may come from means of being in the fields that allow Pisces 2H people to display their creativity and imaginations in media/entertainment, drugs/pharmaceuticals, therapist, healer aspects.


More References to Understand Your Career Houses

If you are keen to know more about Career Astrology, here are more references you can look into. I’ll be sharing more of these in my next write up. Join my mailing list so that you won’t miss any of my articles.

    1. From the diagram above, the 2nd house of wealth is in the sign of Cancer and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The position of where his Moon is located, will trigger his survival instincts. How does he go about acquiring or deploying his resources/wealth/values, will largely be influenced by the position of his 2nd house ruling planet.  In the example above, 2nd house ruler is Moon and it is found in his 8th House of joint resources. This signifies that the person’s income is most likely related to the involvement of other people’s resources, joint investments, banking, brokerage, insurance, or life/death matters. There is a possibility of receiving an inheritance. In order to gain something, most of the time, this person has to first let go of something. This position also offer gains through marriage.
    2. Understand the strengths of your career houses. 6th house is the house of employment, routine, health and service to others while 10th represents your social status and your prime point in life and overall image to the world. Employ the above point to find the relationship between the rulership and the sign it rules.
      • Sun rules Leo
      • Moon rules Cancer
      • Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo
      • Venus rules Taurus & Libra
      • Mars rules Aries & co-rule Scorpio
      • Jupiter rules Sagittarius
      • Saturn rules Capricorn and co-rule Aquarius
      • Uranus rules Aquarius
      • Neptune rules Pisces
      • Pluto rules Scorpio
    3. We all have free-will in pursuing the type of careers we want but it is also important for us to consider the best way to utilise our talents with the 20-80% efforts-to-results strategy to get to where we want. It brings joy, ease, satisfaction, good people relations, fulfilment and many other positive perks if we can channel our strengths in the most appropriate way for our career. By studying and integrating the strengths of your second, sixth and tenth houses will help tremendously in achieving the above.

Not only that. Astrology also provides insights to planetary cycles that can help you to take advantage of upcoming positive transitions that are happening in your chart. Having the good fortune to attract good influential friends, getting recognition and promotion and receiving financial rewards can be now realised and not something far-fetched.

Receiving these great benefits is not the end journey. There is a reason why you are chosen by the Universe to receive these abundances in life.

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