Gemini in Love – Cracking the Gemini’s Code

gemini in love

Signs Your Gemini Man Likes You

They are always asking you out for coffee or just to hang out – You must have hold a special place in his heart and his mind of course, for him to keep coming back to you for more. It does take a while for a Gemini to set in and be comfy with his new partner, but hey, with him spending more time with you is a very good sign that this relationship is trying to solidify itself and higher chance of a survival! You must have captured his interests so much that he feels like being with you is way more worthy and interesting than his researches and other stimuli he has on hands.

They will bring you to new places – He will want to surprise you. He will want to bring you to places he likes and wants you to be his companion in these trips. He knows what is needed to spice things up and there are lots of varieties in him which you love and won’t get bored of. You will get to know him more through ways like these.

He will communicate with you no matter what and in every possible way – Your Gemini man will use every method of transmission to show you he likes you. He will use text, e-mail, social media, video chat, and even a phone call here and there to be able to make extra contact with you. A Gemini man will love sharing his ideas and will want to make sure he is in constant contact with you regarding his thoughts and opinions. He will want to share funny memes and other interesting information he has picked up throughout the day so make sure your phone is charged and ready for ample amounts of chit-chat with your Gemini man. He will really enjoy getting messages from you as well! Another one of the signs a Gemini man likes you is if he makes this extra effort to communicate with you at every chance possible.

He is a big flirt towards you and loves to joke – He will play pranks on you and expect you to be light-hearted in return about this! This zodiac sign is able to laugh and find humour in most aspects of life and will take a light-hearted approach to his affection for you. He will poke fun at you as a sign that he likes you. A Gemini man has the innate ability to draw you in with his boyish charm and get you in on playing his flirtatious game.

Two peas in a pod – Gemini is after all, a twin sign. He views the relationship with you as a team work and he wants a team player who thinks and acts similarly to his views. Your Gemini man is looking for his “partner in crime” and wants someone he can share every aspect of life with. He is looking for someone to be free with him and discover the wide range of human existence and experience. He will think of you as a good friend and a romantic partner. One of the signs a Gemini man secretly in love with you is he will want to partner up and share every aspect of life with you!

How To Deal With Your Gemini Man

He is intelligent and always spins out fresh new ideas, always on the move.. so.. you can guess what the downside side of the Gemini man? He can get bored really easily.

Now, this can be a problem as men like this have been known for their inability to sustain their interest long enough for their relationships or jobs.

Another negative trait could be that he may come across as too flirtatious and superficial. This is because his mind is working all the time, looking for new ideas. He will use his talents with all women, and he will get bored each time he is around one for too long, especially if his mind is not being stimulated.

He can seem superficial and a real Casanova. The fact is he is quite scattered in his thoughts and his goals and he lacks the holding power like his earthy cousins. This only happens to immature Gemini men.

Once a Gemini man is evolved, he is looking for his other twin to complement him. So you need to be aware that if a Gemini is to behave in such negative way, it is recommended you leave him and find someone more deserving of your love. Never resort to change a person unless they feel a desire to do so. Until then, it is great that you should seek out something you deserve.

What To Avoid If You Want A Gemini Man?

Asking Him To Commit Right From The Start

Geminis want to take a carefree approach especially so in the beginning of the relationship. This is a time where you both will spend large amount of time learning and understanding each other and have fun! To point out the word ‘Commitment’ to him in early dating stages will just scare him off. Best way is to know him more and enjoy his company before deciding to plunge in deeper. This is a way to also protect your heart and also for you to gain more perspective about who he truly is as your partner.

Being Possessive!

These will be the last on the list for Gemini man to want in a woman because if he feels that you are restricting him all to yourself and refusing him interaction with other people, he won’t hesitate to walk out of the door.  Regardless its a new relationship or you’ve been together for quite sometimes, our Gemini man is not open to being restricted or get possessed by anyone else in love. Love to them should be carefree, easy and happy.

Being Predictable And Setting Into Routines

Geminis are known to be big disappointments to many women out there. It isn’t that he is flirtatious or he doesn’t care much but because his nature is such that he get bored too easily and he can’t stand boredom or routines. It can’t be said with certainty if he’s reliable or dependable but do note that his intentions are not to disappoint the partner, but he wants change and variety so badly that he may disappoint oftentimes. Unless this is inborn in you that you too needs variety and are equally, if not, more spontaneous than him, this relationship could easily wear you out..It can’t be said exactly how long a relationship with a Gemini man will last. This guy craves change and he is very responsive to external stimuli.

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What Happens If Your Gemini Man Is Ignoring You?

  1. He is unsure about his feelings towards you – It is easy to spot him from going hot to cold because of his uncertainties of the relationship. It is possible he’s spent some good time with you but is now assessing how he really feels on a deeper level. This is the time (when he turns cold) he needs to truly assess and ask himself (usually the head) is this something he wants to proceed with in terms of a new relationship. So let him has his man-time and do not push him to respond, he’ll come around once he’s ready.
  2. Not ready to commit to you – They may still engage with sexual activities or intimacy moments with you and spend time with you but if they say they don’t want a relationship; they absolutely mean it. You will only get yourself hurt if you believe otherwise and stay on in the relationship in hopes he would change.
  3. He Sees You As A Friend For Now – Sometimes it can be confusing to mistake Gemini for being interested with someone. Yes they are inquisitive and curious and they may hang onto you to talk for hours but you need to know that Gemini loves so much about learning so he could be hooked by your charisma and the way how you make him learn new things! So him hanging around with you for last few weeks may not necessary equate to him falling in love with you (yet). Although there is high chance of him liking you – cos you can sustain his interest without him getting bored, you can talk about commitment next. Gemini take much longer time to be invested and when he agrees with it you know he’s in for real but make sure you both are compatible in certain ways to ensure a lively and interesting compatibility is present.
  4. He Is Overwhelmed With Work – Needless to say when a Gemini is engaged on something that requires his full on focus and mental capacity, he won’t have the energy to be around you for long. Gemini gets tired by using too much of their mental brain cells. I have come across my Gemini man getting tired even without going for any physical exercises. Mental concentration can sometimes be more draining that physical works and you need to keep that in mind if you feel that your Gemini man is drifting away. Find something simple and fun and new to do together when you meet up with him the next round, this will lightened them up and relax them.

Still Need More Help On Cracking The Gemini’s Code?

But if you didn’t feel that you’ve did anything wrong and your Gemini is pulling away from you…? Then chances are he could be under stress or if you have encountered one of these that could have pulled him away from you. Not all Gemini man is created equal and it is important to decode his personality and understand his inner world before it is too late.

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Make committed love happens with your Gemini man, you can certainly do and deserve it.



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