Mercury Square Neptune 20 Dec 2019 – Over Imaginative And Confused State of Mind

Mercury Square Neptune 2019

(20 December 2019: Mercury ☿️ Square 🔲 Neptune ♆)


Having struggles between your over imaginative mind that interferes with your rational and logical thoughts? You may find it challenging to decipher between the blurred line of truth and reality. Maybe you feel like avoiding or escaping from direct confrontations to life – areas that you find unpleasant, such as personal truths and societal problems. (Relationship) Astrology can help you to explain that in a more psychological manner. Let me help.


Mercury ☿️ rules the intellect and mind, as well as being the ruler to Gemini ♊ and Virgo ♍. Anything that has to do with communication 🗣️, input and output of intelligence🤯, analytics, thought processes, skills, and being detailed oriented, you can count upon Mercury. This airy planet Mercury is exalted (able to bring out its best) when he is in the sign of Aquarius ♒

Neptune ♆, the higher octave of Venus ♀️and the ruler of Pisces ♓ (sub-rule Sagittarius), rules over our higher realms, dreams, psychic abilities, and illusions. It is our deepest walls of subconscious that is unseen, spiritual and mysterious. It associates itself with forces that tear down egoism and pride and brings about highest good, selflessness and compassion as a whole.
When these 2 planets come together (transition period 16-26 Dec) it signifies sensitivity and receptivity of the thoughts, bringing about powerful imaginations, deep appreciations of the arts, beauty, music, or a time to develop transcendental experiences of the mind, spiritual and occult experience and communicative needs. This time it is a square 🔲 and this may mean that one could experience a period of confusions, delusions and probably also encountering a loss of directions in manifesting the thought processes in the way that serve our highest good.
This is the time to slow things down and get introspective from deep within. If you feel unrest, you feel misalign, unfulfilled, or just feel uneasy, it could be the influence of the square 🔲. Especially so if you have a heavy 3rd, 6th, 12th house, heavy Mercurian or heavy Neptunian traits in you. So what can you do during this period?
  1. Connect with the Universe by being introspective deep within and ask questions to each decision you’re about to make.
  2. Hold your horses and make each decision counts and being objective is the key. This transition may serves as a delusional period for your acute mind to think rationally. However it could bring about an ethereal and transcendental sense of how beautiful thoughts and ideas can be constructed and be realised, but usually, most of the times.. leading to disappointment and loss.
  3. It is best to write down how you feel, the ideas you’ve envision in your mind and start acting on it when you feel it’s the right time for it. You are your own best time-keeper and taskmaster.
  4. This is a time where your spirituality, beliefs and higher consciousness will be tested in the name of faith. On a more mundane level, dreams and long distance travel plans could take a back seat before thinking about what’s the next move is to be.
Everyone is unique and so different people will feel differently and have various thoughts and influences over this Mercury/Neptune transition. Type a ❤️ to affirm that you will be able to pull off this period in the highest good.
Jassy Clover

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