The Sagittarius Man In Love

What Is A Sagittarius Man Like When In Love?

sagittarius man in love

What is a Sagittarius like when he is in LOVE? Oh my Sagittarius… one of the hardest to pin down signs on earth and that explains why I get almost 30% of my mailbox flooded with questions coming for cracking the Sagittarius man’s code!

If you are on this page, you are either involved with a challenging Sagittarius, and are clueless about his behaviours, and wanting to know how to get to his heart, or you are here to learn how to make a Sagittarius commit more, whichever the case, you are in the right place and I’ve got your back.

If you are serious about having this archer to be your special one, you have to read on and try to apply the tips given. Because I have prepared very useful pointers that could help you crack his code. These are the areas that could get you started.

    • Sagittarius Man’s Behaviour
    • Sagittarius Love Traits & Personalities
    • If you think he’s in love with you?.. You may want to assess further here
    • How to love a Sagittarius man?

Since I am unaware of the situation you are at with your Sagittarius, should you need more materials and help from me (I’m a certified relationship astrologer) there are additional help at the end of the articles that could really deep dive into the concerns and challenges you are facing with.. yes.. your tricky archer.

Sagittarius – The Man You Are In Love With

The Wanderer. The Philosopher. The big-at-heart. The Well-Learned.  The Truth Seeker. Sagittarius man is the 9th in the line and one who is the most free-spirited, independent, and seeks meaning to his life. It is rumoured that Sagittarius is the hardest to pin down and most of them are known to love their bachelor life!

Want to know how is this freedom-loving man is like when he is in love? Does he claim to be the flirtatious playboy who breaks a lady heart big time? Or does he value integrity and values and tend to stay loyal in a relationship?

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet that signifies expansions, luck, optimism, freedom, abundance and long distance travel and learnings. He wants to be completely unrestricted and uncaged so he can honor his ruling planet’s themes of growth and broaden his horizons. He does this by traveling and/or engaging with a ton of different people. He is educated, a bit of a troublemaker, and totally irresistible, he is yours for keep if you’re down for the ride.

Sagittarius Man’s Behaviour

To deeply understand a Sagi’s man behaviour, it means you need to dive deep into his psyche and his mind. Relationship astrology is able to pinpoint to some of these prominent characteristics of your archer which you’ll find here. To have a more accurate reveal of his true personality, an assessment of his astrological chart is highly recommended.

Sagittarius is the most freedom-loving sign (together with GeminiAquariusAries) and you can seldom see him down with sorrows or being pessimistic for long. For the archer is the most optimistic person around and has lofty and ambitious goals. It is not easy to keep him still for long because he is restless and is forever moving and learning. He learns not for the sake of satisfying his curiosity like a Gemini, but insert meanings and purpose to the whats and whys and he is idealistic of his pursuits.

Sometimes a Sagittarius man can come across as blunt because he is brutally honest and doesn’t filter his words before they come out of his mouth. But no one will stay angry with a Sagi for long because he is super humorous and gregarious! When we say having ‘a-foot-in-the-mouth’, that’s describing our archer!

Sagittarius man has a spontaneous nature and although he is freedom loving and hates to be tied down, he is a man with honour and he lives by integrity and upholds solid values. Sagittarius comes across as wise, philosophical and crave deep meanings into life. That say, when it comes to love, Sagi man can be loyal and committed, provided, he has met his equal. He doesn’t want anything shallow, he wants full on experience to life and in love.

So that’s why he loves his bachelor life so much because it has so much to offer and he is loving the travels, the experiences they brought to him and he meeting up with people to learn about cultural exchanges.

Sagittarius Man Love Traits And Personalities

A Sagittarius man has a carefree attitude and he also appears quite spontaneous and daring. He’s looking for a partner in crime, travel, love and if possible, the universe at large. It is nothing new to see a Sagi man falling in love quick or to find a new partner fast. He is after all ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansions and opportunities. This makes him prone to act like a conqueror that has to win the hearts of many.

In general, it is a good idea to observe your archer man and keep him at bay for a while, until his intentions become clear and his emotions stable. Even though he will enjoy spontaneity and his romances can start on a whim, he will have the chance to deepen his feelings only when he has something to fight for.  He belongs to the Fire element after all, and it is always important for him to be active and challenged in his passion, on his way to win someone’s heart.

And mind you, he can get bored easily, especially with a partner that is closed minded or stuck in their ways or if the relationship gets monotonous and settled. He will have no patience for that whatsoever and will live his own rules and own life without even waiting for you.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, and the element of Fire gives this man enough speed in his changes that he seems hard to contain. Still, when he finds himself in a relationship with a partner who can follow his pace, there is a great chance he will become committed, faithful and unusually stable. The most important thing he needs to find in his relationship is purpose and a sense of a meaningful future.

Don’t Be Fool By Sagittarius Man

You may think he has fallen in love with you or perhaps he has some interests in you and then, you start going about giving him more entry pockets to gain easier access to you. Some women I’ve spoken to even went ahead to chase after the archer!

From personal experience, I have found that a Sagittarius man does not enjoy being chased. He is the perennial hunter. He is carrying a bow, arrow and is half centaur. That is who he is. Now think about a hunter being chased?

So don’t go on chasing after him.

He won’t know what you’re up to and will run away from you instead of turning to face you. It can become quite the frustrating experience.

Be mysterious, be hard to find, be difficult to reach but when he does get a hold of you, make it worth his while. Tease him, share, talk about everything that he wants to talk about. Even if it bores you to death. And there will be some of those things, his passions that will definitely not appeal to you all the time. But you’d be wise to listen and engage him.


If he’s been acting distant or cold, it may not be his loss of love for you. Find out more through his love language.

How To Love A Sagittarius Man?

The archer is not satisfied with just looks alone. Don’t forget, he is the most idealistic sign (other than Aquarius) and as such he wants a partner whom he can share his worldly views and ideas with.

The MIND is what captivates the archer hands down! He has high standards in his partner. They are almost ideals. You will have to have great features physically, mentally and emotionally. He likes to be challenged and hates boredom. You can never rest on your laurels or get in a comfort zone with him.

Be ready to pack your bags anytime and fly to some far away land for an adventure. Be ready to set up and go for an impromptu outing. Your Sagittarius man is so spontaneous and full of interesting things to do that your life will never gets bored. So if you love him, you need to be able to fit into his lifestyle of being spontaneous is the key to keeping his interest. Couch potatoes needn’t apply.

Be open minded and be bold. This fire element craves stimulation from gaining experiences in life and if you are just like him, who hates to be sticking in the mud then you will be in for a treat with the traveller!

Sagittarius man wants you to be yourself, he doesn’t even mind if you are messy, loud, (he likes it even better if you’re funny!) but most importantly you need to be true to yourself. This will be your best way to love him.

Still Need More Help On Cracking The Sagittarius Code?

But if you didn’t feel that you’ve did anything wrong and your Sagittarius man is pulling away from you…? Then chances are he could be under stress or if you have encountered one of these that could have pulled him away from you. Not all Sagittarius man is created equal and it is important to decode his personality and understand his inner world before it is too late.

If this Sagittarius is the one for you and you feel that you want to do all you can to realise this relationship and to have him commit to you, check out this program ‘Make Committed Love Happens’ and turn your wishes into a reality! It is non-manipulative, and you will have him love you in the most unconditional and natural way. It is not just all about him, this program also allows you to reveal your love language and what you truly deserve in love. You matter too!

Make committed love happens with your Sagittarius man, you can certainly do and deserve it.



Jassy C

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