The Most Ideal Dream Job For Each Of The Twelve Zodiacs

Everybody wants to be happy in life and so, having a satisfying and happy career, is of no exception.

So what it takes that constitutes an ideal dream job? 

Some people may want a career that allows them to travel and explore various experiences in life while some prefer to be working behind the scenes while they pursue their passion.

Some would look forward to work in the banking industries and there are those who seek for inspiration and to care and nurture others.

As mentioned by Buddhist philosopher and Thinker, Josei Toda, he said that the criteria of selecting a job can be found in the Theory of Value’ which leads to a happy and fulfilling career:

    1. Beauty – You pursue your passion and finding a job that you like
    2. Benefit – The job allows you to support and sustain your daily life
    3. Good – Being in the job allows you to help others and contribute back to the society

I have always kept this in mind. On top of that, through understanding my inherent energies and strengths, I can direct them to the most appropriate channels to amplify the theory of value in my career path.

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Aries People

Aries is a fire sign and a cardinal one. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to initiate and to lead. Aries is full on power, restless, competitive and always ready for an action. People who have strong Aries energies, should aim for a career that matches up with their dynamism and courageous nature.

Examples of career choices for Aries (who’ll eventually climb to the top):

    • Military officer
    • Defense attorney
    • Athlete/Sportsman
    • Police/Firefighter
    • Commissioned Sales Person

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Taurus People

Taurus is an earth sign and a fixated one. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to sustain and follow through. Taurus are reliable and dependable and can be left alone to complete any tasks given on hand. With their down to earth and practical nature, people with heavy Taurus energies usually gravitate towards careers that will satisfy their materialistic needs, which can provide them long-term security, comfort, and the ability to utilise their senses for aesthetic choices in being creative.

Examples of career choices for Taurus (who’ll eventually get what they want):

    • Beauty Consultants
    • Vocalists/Artiste
    • Insurance/Finance Consultants
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Pastry Chef
    • Traders
    • Architect/Builders

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Gemini People

Gemini is an air sign and a mutable one. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to communicate and share information. Gemini is a dual sign and is capable of learning a skill fast and are versatile. They are excellent in generating information and use them to their greatest advantage. They settle for jobs that can mentally stimulate them, allowing them to travel or commute frequently as they can be hard to contain as the nature of Geminis is flighty.

Examples of career choices for Gemini (and they perform to their best):

    • Social Media Marketers
    • Magician/Trickery skills
    • Journalist/Broadcaster
    • Sales & Marketing Personnel
    • Influencer/Blogger/Editor
    • Writer/Teacher

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The Most Ideal Dream Job For Cancer People

Cancer is a water sign and a cardinal one. The crab’s greatest strength lies in its ability to feel its way through others and it nurtures. Cancers rule the realm of emotions and they have the uncanny ability to detect a person’s feelings and needs in an unspoken way. They are sensitive and are good caregivers and will excel in careers that allows them to display their strengths in these areas.

Examples of career choices for Cancers (and it is tremendously fulfilling for them):

    • Chef/Gastronomer
    • Real Estate Agent
    • Caregivers/Childcare Worker
    • Hospitality/Hotel Managers
    • Doctors/Nurses/Dietician
    • Lecturer/Teacher

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Leo People

Leo is a fire sign and a fixated one. Leo’s greatest strength lies in its confidence and exuberance to lead. Leo is capable of giving great presentations and will do extremely well in careers that are fun and vibrant, one that allows them to showcase their creativity and enable them to lead.

Examples of career choices for Leo (they need the limelight and applause):

    • CEO
    • Best industries: Toy manufacturing/Theme Parks/Element of Fun
    • Financial Traders
    • Event or party planners
    • Theatrical director
    • An avant garde in Fashion

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Virgo People

Virgo is an earth sign and a mutable one. Virgo’s greatest strength lies in its ability to execute, analyze and dissect the information for purposeful use. Virgo thrives in the realm of being of service to others. They are meticulous and analytical and are fine working behind the scenes. Virgos centric people can make very practical decisions and will fit in careers that allow them to display their organizational skills where precision is needed.

Examples of career choices for Virgo (they are dedicated and skilled):

    • Secretary/Assistant
    • Statistician
    • Analysts
    • Researcher
    • Accountant
    • An Executive/Right hand man

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Libra People

Libra is an air sign and a cardinal one. Libra’s greatest strength lies in its ability to cooperate, integrate and harmonise. They are the social charmers and are great in diffusing tensed situations to create win-win for all parties. Careers that allow Libras to display their sense of justice, fairness, objectivity, communicative and social skills will be very welcoming for these people.

Examples of careers choices for Libra (they won’t screw up the things they love):

    • Marriage counsellor or mediator
    • Wedding consultant
    • Relationship manager
    • Beauty Consultant
    • Host or hostess in restaurant, lounge, or coffee shop
    • Lawyer/Judge

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Scorpio People

Scorpio is a water sign and a fixated one. Scorpio’s greatest strength lies in its investigative ability to penetrate deep into a given situation. They have great endurance, resiliency, protective and super intuitive about their surroundings. They work best in careers that allow them to work in seclusion, discovery of secrets, taboos, and investigate.

Examples of careers choices for Scorpio (they go to areas that no one will would go):

    • Coroner/Funeral Director
    • Archaeologist
    • Funeral Director
    • Medical Researcher
    • Detective
    • Psychologist
    • Forensic crime investigator

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Sagittarius People

Sagittarius is a fire sign and a mutable one. Sagittarius’ greatest strength lies in its ever optimistic outlook to life and the ability to keep faith and upholding of integrity and justice. Everything that a Sagittarius do, they want meaningful encounters and it doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t serve a purpose to it. They do best in careers that allow them to connect with the world at large and to learn from people, cultures and the environment they are in touch with. As such Sagittarius require a career that is lively, stimulating and one that allows them to be on constant move. They aren’t meant to be caged.

Examples of careers choices for Sagittarius (there’s fun wherever they go!)

    • Publishing and media broadcaster
    • Professor/Lecturer
    • Guru/Learned Spiritual Leader
    • Lawyer
    • Travellor/Adventurer
    • Advertising Sales Personnel

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Capricorn People

Capricorn is an earth sign and a cardinal one. A Capricorn’s greatest strength lies in its ability to be highly disciplined and goal oriented to his ambitions. Capricorns gravitate towards career that promises them status, success, authority and position in the world. They are meant to scale to the highest!

Examples of careers choices for Capricorn (you won’t believe how Capricorns go about navigating themselves till they reach their goals!)

    • CEO
    • Entrepreneur/Business owner
    • Horologist
    • Banking manager
    • A leading professional in big corporations

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Aquarius People

Aquarius is an air sign and a fixated one. An Aquarius’ greatest strength lies in its ever progressive outlook to life and fight for causes that scream inequality and humanistic issues in today’s world at large. Aquarius will work well in career that allows them full autonomy, technology and futuristic projects and the room for them to progress, think and innovate. To an Aquarius, impossible is not in their dictionary. Their favourite liners? “Why not’ and “I know”.

Examples of careers choices for Aquarius (you’ll be shocked with their ingeniousity and brilliance!)

    • Scientist/Inventor
    • Engineer/Programmer
    • Human rights activist
    • Astrologer/Astronomer
    • Astronaut/Adventurer
    • Technology trailblazer

The Most Ideal Dream Job For Pisces People

Pisces is a water sign and a mutable one. It is the last of the zodiac signs which signifies completion and ending. A Pisces’ greatest strength lies in its sensitivity, empathy and its selfless care for another person. Pisces gravitates towards careers that allow them to heal others and display their utmost creativity and talents to satisfy their imaginative thoughts.

Examples of careers choices for Pisces (they are in another dimension..)

    • Nurse/Doctors
    • Caregivers/Pharmacists
    • Holistic practitioner
    • Musician/Artistes
    • Therapist

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Advices For Job Seekers

At a start, you may love your job and find it fulfilling or you could be clueless and confused as to where to go. We all have good and bad days, so it is okay to feel this way. Everyone’s clock is different, and we all have the need to want to have a change every now and then. It is all about the art of balancing our needs and wants, self growth and development vs sustainability and comfort.

While your Sun Sign is an important element in your natal chart, there are also other significant planets that play a key role in defining the most appropriate career journey for you based on your overall personality, strengths and emotional comfort towards your job and it’s environment.

Your Ascendant, Moon sign, and other astrological aspects are worth taking a deeper look into. If you’re serious about finding an insightful answer to your career and life questions, your best bet is to visit a professional astrologer who can weave in all the factors involved, and give you a holistic assessment and overview.

What works and what doesn’t and provide clarity to why you feel this way and why certain events occur in your life. After all, we are trying to make sense of the situation and how to get closer to achieving our overall success in life. Of course, answering any questions you have along the way.


Jassy C.

An Astrological Guide To Choosing A Satisfying Career

Most people spent more time at work than they sleep or interact with their families and friends. *me raising hands*

To have put in so much time and energies at work, it better be something satisfying and rewarding. It’s not only about getting a steady flow of income but also being able to feel inspired and being able to give back to society.

Staying fulfilled, satisfied and happy in our career, will certainly have lots of positive impact to our overall well-being which can significantly improve our lives.

“What is the best career path for me?”

“What’s my dream job?”

“What should I be working as when I grow up?”

These are all commonly asked questions from people regardless of their age and the life stage they are in.

If you have just started out, or feeling less motivated, and unfulfilled with your current vocation, or perhaps you are struggling each day to get yourself up to work, perhaps Astrology can offer answers to what you are facing.

Choosing A Vocation Based On Your Strengths

It is not surprising to hear that some people are not even aware of their inherent strengths. There are 3 types of people I’ve come across during my consultations with them:

    1. Those who thought that their strengths are their flaws, gave up pursuing them and wasted big on opportunities.
    2. Those who believed that their flaws are their strengths, while it is great to have such confidence, they keep making the same mistakes without understanding what has went wrong.
    3. Those who are unaware of what their strengths and inherent gifts are and like people in point 1, they too, missed out on opportunities here and there.

There are few indicators from Astrology that could help provide directions to what will work best for our vocational paths.

We are familiar with the zodiac signs. But on top of these 12 zodiacs, we have also the modalities and elements that give insightful clues to what are the types of careers that will be most suitable to our inherent gifts.


    • Cardinal: People born with their Sun sign in the zodiac of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, belongs to the cardinal modality signs. Or if you have more than 3 planets that falls into these 4 zodiac signs, you belong to the Cardinal family too! Cardinal initiates and they are the starters and the movers.
    • Fixed: If you’re born with your Sun sign in the zodiac of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, then you belong to the fixed modality signs. Or if you have more than 3 planets that falls into these 4 zodiac signs, you have strong fixed signs in you! Their strength lies in seeing things through and their roles here is to nurture, support, hold and persevere.
    • Mutable: People born with their Sun sign in the zodiac of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, they belong to the mutable modality signs. If you have more than 3 planets that falls into these 4 zodiac signs, you naturally have strong mutable energies in you too! Mutable signs are versatile and they adapt quickly with their environments. They regroup, learn and recollect themselves fast in any given situations.

The Elements

    • FIRE signs: The nature of fire is spontaneous, passionate, and directive. They don’t sit and wait but will spring into action real fast. Fire is energetic, dynamic, independent, self-directed, straight-forward, extroverted, and courageous. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius belong to this category.
    • EARTH signs: The nature of earth is endearing, hardworking, grounded, persistent, determined, pragmatic, dependable, patient and materialistic. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn fit the bill entirely.
    • AIR signs: The nature of air is formless and it represents spontaneity, freedom, cerebral, detached, communicative, socially adept, being objective and cooperative. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius belong to this family.
    • WATER signs: The nature of water is penetrative and intensive as water run deeps. It is emotional, nurturing, endearing, empathetic, sensitive, calm, intuitive and imaginative. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces rule them all.

Some job requires the employee to be desk-bound while others require constant client facing and moving around. There are jobs that require lots of analytical thinking and while there are some that require you to work remotely and be fully independent. By understanding your Sun sign and the dominant traits of your chart, you’d be able to fully understand what are the fields that would work best with your persona and energies!

Click here for a free assessment to your natal chart ==> Free natal chart

Imagine asking an introvert to work as a sales person with constant client facing daily? Not that he isn’t up to the job, but at the end of the day, how draining would he become? I bet all he does after work is to come back home, crash onto his couch with hardly any energies left to mingle and bond with people who matter to him.

It is not just about the money but also about the importance of balancing out our physic, health, mental, and emotional well-being.

Once you understand your inherent strengths, you will naturally be able to pick a career that matches your gifts. Be it working in large corporations, technical, medical, education, or service industries, it definitely has room for a job title that plays to your strengths.

The Workology “Workplace Zodiac” has done up an interesting article that divides work personalities into 8 different types to learn about each of these personalities strengths and potential blind spots.

Similar to this, Astrology can also be applied in many cases of career assessments, and to find out how each archetype fits into their most appropriate career field just like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Astrology, when used in the right way, can be a very powerful and effective tool.

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How Astrology Guided Me To A Better And Meaningful Life


Best regards,

Jassy C.

How To Find Your Destiny And Be Successful In Life And Love

how to find your destiny and be successful in life, north star

It all boils down to revealing of your Northern Star!

We have heard people saying, “This is my north star.” And Pierce Brosnan has also famously quoted his wife Keely, of being his “North Star”, after she guided him through a series of personal tragedies.

So what exactly is North Star in astrology?

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, North Star or Pole Star refers to the star of the northern hemisphere toward which the axis of the earth points. And in one of Havard Business Review’s articles, Northstar represents the highest personal aspiration in our life direction that comes with a grand purpose.

So to say, your North Star is your personal mission statement. It’s the ultimate destiny you are heading towards in this lifetime.

So what’s your North Star? How Do You Find The Purpose In Life?

    1. Is it being the best parent you can be?
    2. Is it to be creative and dare to take the world as your stage?
    3. Is it to revolutionise the way how the world commute daily?
    4. Is it to empower children with special needs?
    5. Is it to rid the world of poverty, suffering, and attain world peace?
    6. Or is it to practise compassion and selflessness towards others?

Does everyone has a North star?

I believe everyone comes to Earth for a reason and for this reason, only you would have the capacity to fulfil what your mission is. And along the way you will have events and people that come along (good or bad) to guide you to where you need to be. But does that mean that you need to have a lofty North star mission before considering to have a valid North star purpose? Not really..

We are plagued by everyday’s problems and issues that many of us could be stuck in a mud. Some could be spun around in an endless painful loop and have yet to find the way to breakthrough themselves. As such, finding your North star could be the answer to your way out.

What And Where Is Your North Star/North Node

Your astrology chart is unique and it defines the axis points of the planets and stars from the very moment you were born. It sorts of points out the destiny that has already been carved out for you, but that’s not final or fixed! You can either amplify that to your advantage or if you aren’t able to push through the negativities, it can be challenging to attain what the Universe has already in place for you.

Finding where your North star is situated in your chart, reveals a whole new picture about where you’re heading towards and what makes your life journey fulfilled and meaningful. In astrology, North star is known as the North Node in your chart.

There are 2 things to find out:

    1. Which zodiac sign is your North Node in?

    2. Which astrology house is it situated?

Zodiac sign (Aries – Pisces) are in fact energies that influence our actions, behaviours, thoughts and deeds. So by understanding the characteristics of your North Node sign, you can decode a lot about what you need in order to bring out the best in you.

Astrology Houses in an astrology chart refers to the important aspects in your life. Together with the zodiac sign that your North Node is placed, in one of the twelve houses, you will know which aspect of your life needs to display that form of energy in order to make you feel revitalised and fulfilled!

For eg. Your North Node is placed in the 7th house with Taurus as the sign. Let’s decode that and first let’s understand what 7H and Taurus mean.

7th House = 7H is ruled naturally by Libra and is a house for relationships, partnerships, 1-on-1 personal relationship. It talks about marriage, union, love, pleasure, beauty, fairness, objectivity and justice. This is a house of ‘others’ vs the ’self’ house that is represented in the 1st house.

Taurus = a slow moving earth sign and is very dedicated and persevering in whatever he/she does. It is nurturing, peace-loving, gentle and a home-body. Taurus is steadfast and very loyal but can be the most stubborn sign in the zodiac belt which finds it hard come out from the rut when it is time to let go. Heard of the raging bull in chinatown? Ok that’s Taurus. Don’t mess or push a Taurus too far you don’t want to see an angered charging bull. I’ll say just let it graze the field and nudge it a little by little to get your point across. Like Libra (they both are ruled by Venus) they hate war, hate conflicts and love peace.

Creating breakthroughs in relationship and love! Crack his love language and discover the relationship theme between you two!


Depending on the other factors in the chart, there are many ways to interpret how North Node turns out for you. For ease of this article, I’ll provide the general snapshot of what it means –

The destiny of a Taurus 7H North Node is to learn how to be comfortable while being in a committed relationship. Learn to be relaxed and at ease with another person rather than being paranoid or pulling your heart close to your sleeves that forbid anyone to know you. Let go of the need to be controlling and bare your soul to your partner without worrying to be hurt. You are very protective of yourself because you feel love to the deepest core and you love with a burning soul.

When a relationship ends, you feel immense pain and hurt and are therefore scared to commit too much, putting a leg out of the relationship for fear of being scarred. And that’s because of this, you can’t enjoy a fulfilling relationship because you are thinking of ‘escaping’ all the times.. But that’s all about love! You learn along the way and understand the meaning behind each lesson and event that gets unfolded. You can be possessive and wants commitment from a partner fast as you want him/her to be as invested as you.

Do allow relationships to develop at their own pace and take your time to know a person well before deciding to a committed union. You have the ability to stay with a partner for long so decide who you want to spend your life happily with and don’t rush. There’s quite a fair bit of drama in your relationships and subconsciously you might instigate something out of nothing in order to have that as drama and transformative relationships are what makes you alive and happy. Learn to have relationships with stable, dependable, and practical people. Invest in long lasting, steady, reliable significant relationships while exploring the sensual side of it. The goal is to learn how to value your significant other and most importantly, learning to trust and to let go

The interpretation of the North Node will be different if it happens to be in Sagittarius sign and on 4th house. Where the theme could surround long distance travel for the family or you probably could settle abroad with your family. So understanding your North Node position and what it entails could help you to work towards that goal, giving you a sense of purpose and achievement in this journey.

Achieving your north star is not the final destination

Heard of the phrase, “It is not the destination but the journey that matters’? Don’t get too fried up whether or not you’ve achieved your North Node goal. The entire purpose of it is to learn what matters to you along the way. Be it to get the meaning behind the meeting of a new partner, the lesson to learnt behind each failure, and the reason behind why certain things unfold the way they did. The whole point of your north star is to help you make informed decisions and how you can be better in your next endeavour. Be content with your progress, knowing that you’re one step closer towards your destiny!

Your north star can change!

Planets rotate and evolve every second so does your needs and wants and your North Node too! Over time you may find that your direction changes as you evolve. That’s completely normal. You may experience something that pushes you in a different direction which means it’s time to set a new target and aim. This could mean an extension to your current North Node goal or a new one altogether.

So, what’s yours? Where’s your north star pointing you to?



Jassy Clover

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