Aquarius Man In Love – Is He In Love With You?

What Is A Aquarius Man Like When In Love?

aquarius man in love

Who is next in line after Capricorns for their well-known cold, aloof and detached style when it comes to love and relationships? Yeah.. you guessed it right. That’s our dear friend Aquarius. That cool-headed, air sign capable of mass love and care but finds it so difficult to express love for one single individual.

But Aquarius is capable of being in love and in fact one of the most loyal signs around. How can you decode that and what are the signs you can watch out for if he is fully committed and in love with you?

Aquarius Man’s Behaviour

To deeply understand an Aquarius’s man behaviour, it means you need to dive  deep into the psyche of the Aquarius’s mind. Relationship astrology is able to pinpoint to some of these prominent characteristics of your Aqua man which you’ll find here. To have a more accurate reveal of his true personality, an assessment of his astrological chart is highly recommended.

Aquarius is the most freedom-loving sign (together with Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries) and one that is most difficult to pin down, because the water-bearers find no point of just giving their love to one person where they can actually be giving their attention and love to the masses! They operate on a humanistic level, giving and loving in a macro and broader perspective and in constant thoughts of how to make the world a better place for EVERYONE. What a lofty idea of his!

An Aquarius man is highly intelligent, unique, eccentric at times and sociable. The friendly man is easy to be with and easy to befriend and he doesn’t judge. In fact, he fights for the underdog and never bows to the pressure of authoritarian forces. Aquas are forever curious to know how people and things function and they take everything as a mental challenge. He has a great sense of humour and empathy for his fellow beings. He has no need to stand out and prefers not to, but his unique and care-less style makes him highly intriguing and the more he can attract people to him without him over-trying.

Aquarius Man’s Love Traits And Personalities

An Aquarius man has a carefree attitude and he also appears quite spontaneous and daring. An Aquarius man takes life as an adventure and you may find that he is gone too soon once he starts to feel caved in. He seeks novelty and thrills and is impossible to stay in a boring and stagnant relationship. To get him going, you need to be spontaneous, be unique and also progressive. Aquas are one of the most progressive beings in the zodiac belt.

Aquarius is ruled by planet Uranus. Uranus represents unpredictability, sudden changes, progressions, upheavals, shocking realisation and it is all about the old giving way to the new. Just like what the ruling planet denotes in its qualities, he also gets bored quite easily and is forever on the lookout for something new and stimulating.

This could be confusing and problematic when he displays similar attitude in his personal relationships and which could deeply hurt his partner if he/she is unclear about the identities and traits of an Aquarius. His friend list is forever growing but if he had to name a few of his very close and long lasting friends, he might not have any. The same goes true for his love interests.

Don’t Be Fool By Aquarius Man

Behind that cool, aloof and detached Aquarius man, although he may seem emotionless, unexpressive or unloving as what he is well-known for, those who know an Aquarius deep enough, is able to know the truest side of him and will never find a love like an Aquarius anywhere else.

When Aquarius man loves, he loves deeply but in a way that is emotionally intellectualised. He processes love in his mind and rationalises love in the most objective and analytical way. He won’t go head over heels like a Leo or pursue passionately like an Aries, Aquarius man’s love is airy, light as breeze and is electrifying and refreshing.

When Aquas are hurt, they pull away and goes radio silent. You thought he wouldn’t care but for all you know, their minds are swirling non stop thinking about what went wrong and blame themselves hard for that. He just doesn’t know how to verbalise that hurt and usually won’t be in such a painful situation for long because Aquarius has a mission, he is constantly thinking of how to create better good for the larger mass and in no time, he will be working on his lofty goals to probably numb the pain he has suffered in love.

Aquarius is a ‘fixed’ sign, so to fall out of love, it does take him a while to get over it. I have ever known an Aquarius man who continues loving his ex girlfriend even after they have broken off for years. Even though they aren’t together, he still loves her in a way that a best friend would – love without possession or terms applied..

How To Love A Aquarius Man?

Be his best friend. This is the first and most important point to take note of. Aquarius can’t stand possessive and dramatic people, even though they tend do attract such people into their lives – Leo is the direct opposite sign to Aquarius that most explain why. Also, Aquarius has one or maybe several causes that he will fight for. Although he doesn’t need you to totally agree with him on what he does (he doesn’t care what you think about him anyway), but if you can join him and be liked-minded as him, he will appreciate you more than ever. He might even want to hang out with you even more!

He doesn’t know how to express or display emotions in a passionate way and he may not even be accustomed to the ‘normal’ way of courtship. He will love you in his own way and if you see him trying to show you signs of affections, know that he is definitely doing his very best because this is something that he is not at all good at but trying to give you clues that he’s trying.

Be unique be original. Trust me, an Aquarius is good at sniffing out fake people who aren’t being themselves and trying to fit into their shoes just to make them like you. They know it and they detest it. Just be yourself. It is what it is and never change your personality for someone else – that’s the motto for your Aqua man and you better know it. If they love you they want to love the real you, not a put-up act just to get his attention. He is one of the most intelligent signs don’t forget.

2 Things To Avoid If You Want An Aquarius Man 

First thing of all, never discuss the big ‘C’ with him and that is – Commitment.  Aquarius are commitment-phobic. Yes you can subtly bring up the topic to ensure that you both are into an exclusive relationship or a monogamy one but never resort to pinning him down and get all possessive over him. For all you know, he can promise you everything just to avoid the drama and the next minute, he is off dashing away and you will never hear back from him again.

Aquarius men are definitely capable of commitments and remember, they are a ‘fixed’ sign after all – which means they have the traits of being loyal and stick to one person for long. But they hate to be restricted in their freedom. Bear in mind that ‘Commitment’ does NOT EQUATE to  being restricted and he still wants to spread his wings to do good for the humankind and to continue to forge new friendships  – even with the opposite sex. He finds nothing wrong with that and you need to have full trust in him while he explores his horizons.

The second thing you need to bear in mind when dating an Aquarius man, is to get a life of your own. BE INDEPENDENT. Aquarius is distant and is always thinking about the bigger things in life and may not have the time to nurture and take care of you just like his Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn brothers do, neither does he has the passion and amorous touches for you like his Aries, Leo and Sagittarius cousins. He loves in his own unique way and never expect an Aquarius to date in the conventional way. He has his own language and you need be flexible and adjust with him if you want to keep him.

Have a life of your own, learn new things, meet up with your friends. Aquarius men are best in giving 100% freedom and trust to their women and those who are most compatible with Aquas will be Libra, Geminis and not forgetting Fire women as well – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. When an Aquarius man is engaged and he finds you stimulating and able to learn more from your refreshing perspectives, you will see him coming to you more frequently and that’s a very good indicator that he is very interested in you!

Signs Your Aquarius Man Likes You

If you are more than just a friend for an Aquarius guy, you’re likely to know. Aquarius men are pretty straight-forward and if he knows that you’re getting the wrong idea he’ll walk away as he doesn’t want to hurt the friendship. He will come back only when things have settled and knows that you’re no longer that ‘hot-over-heels’ over him. And if he doesn’t react this way, high chance he is into you and here are some things to look for even if he doesn’t say it out.

  • He’ll want to do more than just go to bed with you.
  • You will be invited to his outings and events – he wants you to be his plus 1 most of the times!
  • He’ll have deep intellectual conversations with you.
  • He’ll gain your attention and makes you feel like his special friend
  • He’ll share his most private thoughts, hopes, and dreams
  • He’ll share with you his vision of the future

The most prominent way to tell? When you know he is spending more time with you than he is with his causes and his buddies. You know, you got him!

What Happens If Your Aquarius Man Is Ignoring You?

It can be rather tricky when it comes to Aquarius man ignoring his partner. Firstly, Aquarius is already very detached and aloof they can be all over their heads for certain projects and causes which explain the neglect they give to their partners. So how do you know his ignoring signs pose red flags to watch out for?

First, check you have not infringed the above NO-NOs. If you did then you have to apologise to him face-to-face (if you can still get him) or over a text message but invite him to talk it out face-to-face. Never bombard an Aquarius with more than  2 messages – 1 for apology and another 1 for follow up if he doesn’t respond. Stop messaging him and let him come to you when he’s sorted out his thoughts. You will only make it worse if you continue pressing him for an answer.

But if you didn’t feel that you’ve did anything wrong and your Aquarius man is pulling away from you…? Then chances are he could be under stress or if you have encountered one of these that could have pulled him away from you. Not all Aquarius man is created equal and it is important to decode his personality and understand his inner world before it is too late.

If he is the one for you and you feel that you want to do all that you can to get your Aquarius man to love and to commit to you, you need to get the 5-Simple-Steps-To-Positive-Love to make your dreams a reality. It is non-manipulative, and you will have him love you in the most unconditional and natural way and he wouldn’t even sense that you are trying to get him closer to you! It is that simple, safe and practical.

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Make committed love happens with your Aquarius man, you can certainly do it and deserve it.



Jassy Clover


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