Aries Man In Love – Is He In Love With You?

What Is An Aries Man Like When In Love?

aries man in love

The first of the zodiac belt, Aries man is the man within the men. Welcome to Aries man in love!

Aries is all about the raw masculinity, the aggression, power, drive, independence, warrior-like style, the initiator and the leader of the pack. Aries is ruled by planet Mars, the God of War, a Fire element (like Leo and Sagittarius), and one who has a thirst for actions and waging war. An immature Aries man may constantly incite fights with other males in an effort to assuage his warrior drive which can be a negative trait or weakness in Aries.

Both the fiery and cardinal forces of Aries make them highly aggressive and acting like a bully. For this reason, Aries males are hard to tame and often suffer a lack of self-restraint and is always up for a challenge to prove his abilities and strengthen his manhood.

With a hot temperament and an aggressive nature, how does Aries behave when he is in love? What are the signs you can watch out for if he is fully committed and in love with you or he is just in it for the thrill?

Aries Man’s Behaviour

To deeply understand an Aries’ man behaviour, it means you need to dive  deep into the psyche of the Arian’s mind. Relationship astrology helps pinpoint to some of these prominent characteristics of your Aries man which you’ll find here. To have a more accurate reveal of his true personality, an assessment of his astrological chart is highly recommended.

To understand him in love, let us first find out what his behaviour is like that will influence his decisions making, love language and how he acts when he is with you:

First thing first, you have to know he is DEMANDING. As the first of the zodiac sign, he is like a young child, spoilt, throwing tantrums and just want his way around. It is a ‘me-first’ attitude. His sweet innocence and child-like laughters will melt away anyone despite him being brash and untamed at times. It takes a woman of a strong demeanour to handle an Aries. Not an aggressive and argumentative woman, but someone who can hold down his ‘fire’ and subdue him.

So you could be very interested to know how to tame this man of yours? It is challenging but not impossible. First, find out his love traits and what he wants in love, and reveal his personality through his natal chart, you will be more than close to 100% in getting to the core of this man.

Aries Man’s Love Traits And Personalities

  • It’s possible for an Aries to want too much togetherness when they are in love. Even then, an Aries needs space to breathe and be themselves if the love is to last so as much as you want to be with him, break out the togetherness in staggered periods so that there’s sufficient gap for him to miss you and for both of you to do what you need to do in life.
  • He can get possessive and demands attention at most times. He will call you everyday, tells you that he misses you, sends you random messages in a day all these small little gestures are what an Aries man will do when he starts to fall in love with this woman.
  • He will pour and empty everything in the basket about him onto the table. He will be very honest with you and tells you all you need to know of him. He is honest, direct and when he is with you, you can be sure that he will never set his eyes onto another woman, no matter how charming or beautiful she is. He is eyeing on his prize and hunt right now, the rest can wait.
  • They will be so protective towards you. In the eyes of the Aries, whether or not you both are already an item, he has already made up his mind to want to protect you because to him, you already ‘belonged’ to him! Each man is different depending on the Aries man’s entire birth chart’s configuration. If he has some Earth and Water elements to balance out his Arian fiery traits, he can be more ‘tamed’ and reasonable.
  • He can be so generous and spend on something that he thinks you deserve it. I ever had an Aries boyfriend, we dated for just past one month and I remembered watching a movie and mentioned casually that I wanted this new mobile phone. The next week, he gave me a pleasant surprise and bought me the exact model I wanted – it was without contract and the phone cost over a grand. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to last it out because we just couldn’t come to terms in so many things and his constant fights are just too draining for me.
  • He is willing to do the hard work – Anything for you my lady! He is most enthusiastic when he is doing something for you because he knows, he will win you over and get praises from you. Nothing makes an Aries man happier by seeing his efforts paid off.
  • He will become softer and more tender than his usual self – This is without a doubt. He can be bossy, cocky and itching for a fight most of the times when at work or with his buddies, but when he is with you, he is willing to take a step back and hold you tenderly to whisper sweet nothings. Enjoy while you can! Dating an Aries man can be real fun and you get all the love and attention from him in the most unconditional way!

Don’t Be Fool By Aries Man

An Aries man in love is likened to a kid with a new found toy. He will be all so excited about it and will be all over it, but as soon as the next better one comes along, this new toy will be chucked aside until he comes around and pay attention to it (if he happens to!). So when an Aries is super interested and give you all his attention at the early stage, don’t be mistaken this as true lasting love (yet). Yes, Aries man is capable of lasting relationships and staying loyal and faithful to the woman who deserves him, but before that happens you need to do some work on your part to ensure this will become a reality.

It is very natural for an Aries man to fall in love quick and want to have you all to him all-the-time! He can even get jealous with your mother if she is spending more than with you than he is with you and demands that you give him priority and attention. He wants to come first! It seems flattering to have someone fighting for your attention but boundaries need to be drawn to prevent unhealthy relationship and feelings. While your Aries man needs full attention, you too need to have your own space and time to do what you need to do and your Arian needs to respect that.

How To Love An Aries Man?

Let him chase you! – The last thing you want to do as a woman is, to go after him. The nature of love to an Aries man is that he needs to do the traditional chase. You need to let him come to you! Of course you could leave him breadcrumbs so that he knows how he can come closer and that will certainly intrigue him and you should also play a little hard to get and not throwing your whole self at him that soon. One step at a time but get him intrigue and excited. Just like eating small meals 6 times a day than just 3 full meals – you get my point? Enjoy the attention and don’t give in too soon or the excitement will be over once he catches up with you. The harder he must try to win your attention, the greater he’ll consider his win. After all, he’s the best in the world and believes he deserves only the best.

He wants praises and someone to stoke his ego – Everyone needs to hear those loving words at times, but Aries has a deeper need than other signs. Don’t be stingy with the praise. Just make sure you’re sincere with your words because Aries has a built-in detector for insincerity. If he suspects you’re playing him, all you’ll see is the dust as he takes off from his motorbike or in his sports car. Aries needs no assurance that he’s the best but time to time, they love to hear those flattery and praises that he’s wonderful and great and that spurs him more motivated to do more for you. Don’t forget to add in your physical touches too, Aries is after all, a fire sign – it is passionate!

A Romantic Warrior – Once the thrill of the chase is over, Aries is tempted to stray unless you can rekindle his imagination. Aries wants true love, and he is ruled by his passionate heart, he’s also a romantic who enjoys wining and dining his lover, the man who is taking care and protecting his beau, so look out for these as early signs the Aries man is falling in love with you. He seeks a romantic partner who can shift in and out of the role of a lover and friend and you be sure to capture his heart forever.

Be His Lady – The opposite of Aries is the Goddess of Love and Pleasure – Libra, ruled by planet Venus. This is where you come across as beautiful, dainty, soft and gentle but at times, be ready to put up a fight with your Aries if he’s gotten too far and you need to stand up for yourself reasonably. Aries respect his woman and you need to ensure that you are no doormat for him to walkover while you continue to be his lady in the most gentle and sweetest way.

Be his playmate – He wants a playmate (like his cousin Gemini), a best friend more than a soulmate. If you are someone who can meet and match up with his energy and enthusiasm, and who won’t hesitate to yell at him to stop when he gets too carried away, you are more than halfway there to be with him for long. Excitement is in his DNA. If an Aries commits to marriage, it will take something drastic to make him stray – sexless or no passion remaining..

Be Passionate – The fire sign is all about love and passion. To keep his fire burning, you need to do things that flame him up. When it comes to romancing your Arian man, the head and face are his most sensitive erogenous zones.

  • Massage their heads
  • Caress their face and neck
  • Nibble on their ears
  • Play with their hair

Things To Avoid If You Want An Aries Man 

Disrespect him

He is the one wearing the pants. He leads and is the leader of the pack. If you show any signs of disrespect to him and worse still, it is done when you guys are out with his friends, you could get a lashing out from him and he doesn’t mind to show you the way out of the door. Adios lady you will never hear from him again unless you apologise sincerely and make him feel that he is all so important and you truly realise your mistake!

Crude, rough and bossy

The worst thing you can do is to show your Aries man that you don’t know how to behave like a lady. He is fine with an adventurous woman and is fine with you being playful at times, but after all, he is the men’s man and he can’t be seen with another ‘man’ around him. He wants a lady, someone of an opposite to him who is gentle, kind, sexy, sensual, beautiful and knows how to carry herself well when she is with him. He needs respect and he is respectable in his place. If you are a woman of your own mind, and wants things your way this could pose a challenge between the both of you.

Stuck-in-the-mud and boring

Aries is constantly on the move, and is always seeking for the next challenge, the next new thing and the next biggest fun in town. If you are not into what he wants, and not living life to the fullest he is quick to go around to find someone who can easily share his passions and likes. You can be sure, he is able to find one almost immediately. Surprisingly, Aries are like magnets and they can draw people to them naturally and easily.

Signs Your Aries Man Likes You

  • He makes the first moves to date you, ask you out, calls you, text you. You can literally sit there and he can do all the moves for you when it comes to dating.
  • He’s not afraid to take risks or to appear foolish in front of you because he is so all heads over you that he has already lost all the rationality in who he becomes. He is most child-like and innocent when he falls in love.
  • He is not afraid to show his heart in the public and display signs of affections, and flirt with you BIG TIME!
  • He is very protective and will ask you if you are okay time to time. I ever knew a Aries man who is so thoughtful and protective over me even in a cinema. He will ask if I would need anything and has even brought along a jacket for me in case I feel cold halfway in the show!
  • He naughtily pressed your buttons to fluster you, so that you can pay attention to him and start joking and laughing along with him on his silliness.
  • He can popped up your house at reasonable timings without prior appointment with you and randomly surprise you with a wine or some chocolates which you both can enjoy together.
  • He is very straight forward and dating with an Aries man needs no guessing work at all. He is who he is and there is no mind games with him. You will know it when he likes you.
  • When you see much of his romantic sides, you know he has fallen hard for you.

What Happens If Your Aries Man Is Ignoring You?

Aries is the most direct, straight-forward sign in the zodiac belt. He is never shy to express his stand and to tell you how he feels and it is what it is. Aries man is the fastest to jump into actions and be excited in anything and all things and he is also quick to let his fire dies down and become disinterested and less spontaneous from where he started. Depending on his astrology chart, if he has less ‘Earth’ elements to ground him down, chances are he can be quick to start a project but no sustaining powers to persevere further in his quest.

So what happens when Aries is ignoring you? Most of the times it happened because he has better and more interesting things to focus on. It is most obvious to find out why Aries is ignoring you as he would have already told you what is it about before he turned off the switch on you. He wouldn’t leave you hanging like this.

Aries plays by his own rules. He doesn’t care how the rules say he should behave, and that definitely includes his love life. He will put all his energies with full on focus to whatever he is most interested in at the moment. What he wants, he pursues with a single mind, but he can give up and move on with surprising swiftness if he doesn’t get the response he wants within a certain span of time (and it is his so-call span of time). Depending on his chart’s configurations on his personal planets (and also his ascendant, planets and houses positioning and astrological aspects), he may give up quickly or persevere for a while, but patience and persistency are not his strong points.

If it is just a bicker rest assure that Aries tend to forgive and forget fast and he will be back in no time. But if you didn’t feel that you’ve did anything wrong and your Aries man is pulling away from you…? Then chances are he could be under stress or if you have encountered one of these that could have pulled him away. Not all Aries man is created equal and it is important to decode his personality and understand his inner world before it is too late.

If he is the one for you and you feel that you want to do all that you can to get your Aries man to love and to commit to you, you need to get the 5-Simple-Steps-To-Positive-Love to make your dreams a reality. It is non-manipulative, and you will have him love you in the most unconditional and natural way and he wouldn’t even sense that you are trying to get him closer to you! It is that simple, safe and practical.

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Make committed love happens with your Aries man, you can certainly do it and deserve it.



Jassy Clover


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