How To Generate Your Free Astrology Natal Chart – Step-by-step Guide!

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This is where you get soulful answers to who you truly are as a person and what role do you play in this collective world of ours.


Your natal chart, is an astrological profiling of who you are. It provides so much awakening facts about you and the innate gifts you possess which you may not even know you ever have. Because they are all hidden beneath your subconscious level, waiting for the right time to be manifested and activated by you. And your astrology natal chart provides the answers to them.


Your natal chart is also a snapshot of how the sky and universe looked like from the moment you took your very first breath. Each planet, each star, each position of them tells a unique story about you and the journey who, only you, can fulfil in this life time. This is like a life manual and an important roadmap to your spiritual growth, and the journey to attracting love and abundances in life.


This Is How You Generate Your Free Astrology Profiling Chart:


There are 2 ways to generate your free astrology chart.

  1.  ASTRO.COM – this is a free and my go-to site for quick chart generation. You’ll first need to get familiar with the signs and symbols of what these planets and stars represent.
    • Go to or CLICK here to skip step 2-4
    • On the tab above, hover mouse to FREE HOROSCOPE
    • Slide towards your right and go to EXTENDED CHART SELECTION
    • Select Guest User for quick access and go to data entry (you need to have your DOB, time of birth and location of birth ready – If you don’t know the time, you can put 1200hrs, that will get you some info but not total details about the houses positions and actual aspects of the planets)
    • Input your details in the fields and click CONTINUE
    • Look out for this sign ♀️and if you’ve the birth time and location, you’ll be able to know where Venus star is located in the house of the chart.
    • The house is indicated in the inner circle of the chart
    • Next look at the sign your Venus is in and the house, you’ll know the traits of this person’s love language!
    • If…There’s too much hassles and you just want a quick interpretation to everything here it is 👇👇
  2. This will provide you free access to the chart and generate a report to interpret what your astro chart is all about. Not just for one planet, but for all other significant planets in a person’s chart to decode the mysteries!
  3. Generating SYNASTRY (compatibility) chart
    • Go to
    • On the tab above, hover mouse to FREE HOROSCOPE
    • Slide towards your right and go to EXTENDED CHART SELECTION
    • Input you and your partner’s birth data as shown in the table:
    • Click ‘add new person’ to input birth details for each person
    • From the dropdown menu in the next section, select ‘Synastry chart’
    • Click on the BLUE BUTTON to show chart – you will see the combination of you and your partner’s chart in one
    • Click PDF additional table to save the aspects in alpha-numeric format
    • To learn more about relationship synastry join in our FB Group – BeMineTruly Dating Group 2020!

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Wishing you all the best in your soulful journey in finding your true love and true self!



Jassy Clover


~ Astrology is a language. Once you understand it, the Sky speaks to you. ~

This is why relationships FAIL – Top 7 breakup warning signs

top 7 break up warning signs


  • He’s telling everyone you’re crazy where clearly, this is a mistake of his!?

  • You’ve been out on the 12th date and he still refer you as his ‘friend’?

  • Weekends were spent together and yet he ghosted you from then on?

  • Is he’s trying to bring you down when you’re at your best?

  • And more!

Why do relationships FAIL!?

It is human nature to want happy-endings in any cases, but clearly it is always not the case that every story comes with a fairy tale happy ending.

People come and people go.  I believe that in a relationship, it is not just about the compatibility of a couple that is important, but also the sustenance of the relationship through the tenacity and the perseverance of two committed parties weathering through the storms that they come across.

Sometimes we can be too blinded and too engrossed in love that we fail to take note of the red flags that arise in a relationship. We keep giving chances, we keep putting up with the excuses and sometimes to the expense of our happiness.

So here are the red flags to pay attention to and rectify them soonest when you see signs of it. These aren’t bulletproof plans that will prevent breakups but at least there is a chance to rectify things while it is still early.

And also letting go of a person who can’t fit in your life and bring out the best of who you are. So let’s dive into it!

1) He still won’t call you his girlfriend

You’ve been out the what? 12th time? And yet when he meets up with his friends or family, he merely introduced you as his ‘friend’? For first few dates you understand because you guys are still brand new and nothing is concrete. But after spending more than 10 dates of time together, shouldn’t there be some sort of obvious evidence as to why you’re giving him your time, only to exchange for a status as ‘friends’?

Zodiac signs who are commitment-phobic: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius.

*click on each zodiac to read more about them.

Check out these 4 super zodiac signs’ love language and get free tips to how they are when they fall in love! – Access for free


Have a word with him and make him aware of what you want in the relationship. Don’t be afraid to let him know if you want a committed and exclusive relationship, and be sure to share with him early. While there’s no fixed rule on when’s the best time to tell him that, it is highly recommended that the earlier you express your points across, the better it is so that you both can be aligned. If he’s not looking at something committed, then you know you should move on to the next better one to focus on building quality time and bonds with. Never stick around to hope that he will change but take his words at face value. Probably yes he’ll notice you one day but till that day come, wouldn’t you want to be love by someone who values and treasure you as his priority?


2) 5 months into dating and he’s still not open to adding you as friends on his social media


Zodiac signs who are conscious of their privacy: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces

*click on each zodiac to read more about them.

Find out how do these 6 super zodiac signs’ commute and express their love language. Click here to get free relationship tips with astrology!


Alright, he may be less active on social media and he doesn’t see a reason why he should spend time in them. People in today’s world want to get connected, or at least, to find out what’s going on around them. Humanity is curious by nature and even he’s inactive on social media, he could be still checking out what’s happening in his feeds.
By not adding you into his accounts, may have something to say about what exactly is he not willing to reveal to you. Let him know that you’re interested to know more about him, and see if you guys share common interests in certain activities. If he’s been updating you almost daily and spend most of his time with you and you know his inner circle of close friends, then adding each other on social media accounts don’t seem quite a big thing or a red flag yet. But if he’s pretty active in it and yet he doesn’t sees a reason to have you added as ‘friend’, clearly, he doesn’t want you to see what he is up to and that red flag has been raised up high.

3) 5 months into dating and he’s still not open to adding you as friends on his social media


Zodiac signs who hate it when you distrust them: All 12 Zodiacs! Particularly Aries, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn & Aquarius!

*click on each zodiac to read more about them.



Alright, this one hurts. So many beautiful memories created and intimate moments shared only to be treated like a total stranger or someone who doesn’t matter much and for him to ghost you in the relationship. The time spent with him just made you felt that he’s the one for you. He got you completely, do things with you together, and share close moments together. It is completely mind-blowing as to why a person will make that 360 degree change in his character over night.
Yes there could be million reasons why a person ghost but one thing for sure, he isn’t feeling the need to prioritise you and not at all worried to be losing you. You should not waste time guessing why his behaviour is so and what did you do wrong that makes him ghost. It is his behaviour that needs reflection and not yours. You should be levelling out the dating field and find someone who is way more deserving of you than him.

4) They deny something they have done even though you have proof

He makes you start questioning your reality and sanity and if you’re the one really at fault because it is you who’s over-thinking or over-analysing things that resulted in the relationship to strain, this is call ‘Gaslighting’. You realised that the more you question yourself, the more you’ll begin to start accepting what they’ve told you. If you happen to meet a guy who tends to do the above to you, it says a lot about his character as a person. How would you like to be with someone who is constantly trying to push away the blame and not admitting his mistakes, as he want to make himself look spotless while dumping the fault onto you? Most likely such person tends to be a narcissist or one in the making – and he has no room to care for another person but himself.

Why is he still not ready to commit? Crack his love language and make committed love happens! Just by learning his zodiac sign!

5) Their actions don’t match their words

Trust me, you will get so drained and frustrated from this. They don’t practise what they preach and it is tiring to even want to explain yourself, till a point that you gave up entirely and accept that ‘this is who he is’. If he has been cancelling on you, promising you certain things but don’t deliver or he’s been using his words to coax you and make you do certain things but he’s not in it with you, then this certainly creates a red blinking bulb that you shouldn’t be investing much time on such a person and should leave for an instance. Trust you guts. If these are the signs and actions he’s been giving and that affects your well-being and safety, then you should cut your losses short and move on.

6) They pull in others to go against you

This is a form of manipulation and they will tend to find people you both know to standby them no matter what – to revolt against you. They can say, “So-and-so also felt that you’re wrong in this way,”or “See? I told you so, even so-and-so agrees with me that you are useless.” When he starts to use this tactic, it makes you feel vulnerable, makes you feel weak, inferior and lower your self-esteem till a point that you don’t know what’s real and you don’t know who to trust anymore. The best is to leave the scene when such arguments occur and centre your energies and protect your sanity. You do not have to prove to anyone about your sanity. As long as you don’t feel good as long as you don’t feel right at heart, it certainly is. Some people are good manipulators that they will do everything they can to put you down because of the fear that you’ll overpower them. Never allow anyone to take away your power and in such situations, you are the one who matter the most. A person who loves you, will never hurt you in such a way.

6) He runs away and avoid talking things out and then blames you when things happen

A healthy relationship consists of 2 different individuals coming together and be open to an honest evaluation of the relationship and have open communication to try work things out. It is perfectly fine if things aren’t going the way each of you want but there is somewhere you both can compromise. If nothing much can salvage the relationship, the best you can do is to part amicably and not end up in a whirlwind drama. There is no way to keep a relationship going or let alone to solidify it if one party is not willing to open up for discussions. If he isn’t able to work things out with you and find solutions to better the relationship, how can you even count on him in future for way bigger things to deal with? You can’t be alone in a relationship? It is a team work.  

By sharing with you these red flags,

hopefully I have helped you to be more aware of such techniques and tell-tale signs from these men when such scenarios ever happen. The quicker you identify them and avoid falling into their traps, the faster you get outta such situations and regain your sanity.
red flags in relationships; Relationship astrology explained
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The life is yours to shaped so make the wisest decision that will fuel your growth and happiness in days to come.

Comment below your thoughts or drop me a note to have a chat about your concerns in love, relationships, life, or career.

Love and Hugs,



Mercury Square Neptune 20 Dec 2019 – Over Imaginative And Confused State of Mind

Mercury Square Neptune 2019

(20 December 2019: Mercury ☿️ Square 🔲 Neptune ♆)


Having struggles between your over imaginative mind that interferes with your rational and logical thoughts? You may find it challenging to decipher between the blurred line of truth and reality. Maybe you feel like avoiding or escaping from direct confrontations to life – areas that you find unpleasant, such as personal truths and societal problems. (Relationship) Astrology can help you to explain that in a more psychological manner. Let me help.


Mercury ☿️ rules the intellect and mind, as well as being the ruler to Gemini ♊ and Virgo ♍. Anything that has to do with communication 🗣️, input and output of intelligence🤯, analytics, thought processes, skills, and being detailed oriented, you can count upon Mercury. This airy planet Mercury is exalted (able to bring out its best) when he is in the sign of Aquarius ♒

Neptune ♆, the higher octave of Venus ♀️and the ruler of Pisces ♓ (sub-rule Sagittarius), rules over our higher realms, dreams, psychic abilities, and illusions. It is our deepest walls of subconscious that is unseen, spiritual and mysterious. It associates itself with forces that tear down egoism and pride and brings about highest good, selflessness and compassion as a whole.
When these 2 planets come together (transition period 16-26 Dec) it signifies sensitivity and receptivity of the thoughts, bringing about powerful imaginations, deep appreciations of the arts, beauty, music, or a time to develop transcendental experiences of the mind, spiritual and occult experience and communicative needs. This time it is a square 🔲 and this may mean that one could experience a period of confusions, delusions and probably also encountering a loss of directions in manifesting the thought processes in the way that serve our highest good.
This is the time to slow things down and get introspective from deep within. If you feel unrest, you feel misalign, unfulfilled, or just feel uneasy, it could be the influence of the square 🔲. Especially so if you have a heavy 3rd, 6th, 12th house, heavy Mercurian or heavy Neptunian traits in you. So what can you do during this period?
  1. Connect with the Universe by being introspective deep within and ask questions to each decision you’re about to make.
  2. Hold your horses and make each decision counts and being objective is the key. This transition may serves as a delusional period for your acute mind to think rationally. However it could bring about an ethereal and transcendental sense of how beautiful thoughts and ideas can be constructed and be realised, but usually, most of the times.. leading to disappointment and loss.
  3. It is best to write down how you feel, the ideas you’ve envision in your mind and start acting on it when you feel it’s the right time for it. You are your own best time-keeper and taskmaster.
  4. This is a time where your spirituality, beliefs and higher consciousness will be tested in the name of faith. On a more mundane level, dreams and long distance travel plans could take a back seat before thinking about what’s the next move is to be.
Everyone is unique and so different people will feel differently and have various thoughts and influences over this Mercury/Neptune transition. Type a ❤️ to affirm that you will be able to pull off this period in the highest good.
Jassy Clover

5 Biggest Reasons Why Men Pull Away From Women They Love

There are only 2 types of men – the available and the unavailable. Men pulling away from good women has been such a heated common topic raised among women in the 21st century and me, neither was spared from such fate as well.

Make Committed Love Happens: This program, saved not only my relationship but also built myself up to where I need to be

The TOP Reasons Why Men Pull Away From Good Women is going to be shocking for you because the answer you be getting is something that is so commonly seen in our daily lives and yet, no one ever even think about or realised about it!

See, it’s pretty straight-forward. Men are hunters by nature. They want a challenge, a stimulator something that will make them feel that they have won and yet need to guard against his possession. He adores his prize so much that he wouldn’t want to give it up and will defend to the best of his abilities to keep his possession safe so that only him and ONLY HIM has access to it. The ‘possession’ I’m talking about here, is YOU!

So Why Men Pull Away?

Because they no longer recognise a challenge or something has changed from what he has experienced in the beginning…

In the dating world, I often see that one of the biggest reasons men pull away from good women is that the woman they used to date few months ago, is now seem to be less challenging for him.. All of a sudden you sense that he is distancing you.. You felt that his eyes wander and he turned cold to your affections. He paid less attention to you and the messages are lesser than usual, sometimes, taking him hours and days to reply. The intimacy gets lesser and at times it is only to his convenient that he pops up to your place to show his affections.. You felt that you are losing control and fearful of losing the man you met few months ago. But where was the man you met back then? This current one isn’t the one you have signed up for?! He is totally different from where he started!

Why? Simple.. When you fall in love with a guy, you would expect him to stay the same. Calling and messaging you like how he used to be when you guys just started.. Giving you sweet attention just like the first 10 dates.. Him being so thoughtful when you both first met and showering you with gifts and kisses. How blissful and lovely! Awwww and OUCH! But it all started to change in just 2-3 months later.

Let me break it down into 5 BIGGEST REASONS WHY MEN PULL AWAY FROM GOOD WOMEN (like you) and 3 BIGGEST REMEDIES to reverse the situation!


5 Biggest reasons why men leave the women they love


  1. You are not being you: When a woman falls in love, she will go head over heels and try her very best to impress the man she loves. Well, that makes sense. But when it gets to a point that you start to become UNAUTHENTIC that’s where you’ll lose him.. Man can sense that you are no longer yourself. If he knows that you are no longer who you are from the day you started with him, and trying too hard to impress him, he won’t be thrilled. Trust me, I’ve spoken to hundreds and thousands of men when it comes to their relationship matters, I totally can tell you it is very important to be yourself! He wants the girl he saw in the first few dates before he got you, but somewhere along the way, the tables are turned and you could be the one chasing him more than he is chasing you my dear lady… I have seen so many female clients before coming to me, told me that they started learning cooking and trying their best to impress the man they love, buying the sexiest smelling perfume and dolling up for him and always looking fabulous when they are together. What a guy wants is to have an authentic soul to speak with and to be with. If he loves you, he will love your everything. Build up a great character that will impress him, not just on your outer looks. It is at first the outer appearance that appealed to him, but it is the inner beauty that will make him stay!
  2. Trust his words when he says “I’m Not Ready”: There are many times you give in because you like him. You start settling and making excuses for his lazy or inappropriate behaviours. When he cancels on you: ‘Oh he could be tired from work’ or ‘Oh he has things to tend to’ – Hey! Aren’t you important too that he should put you as his priority? There are many times I see a woman dating a man, and he shows all the signs that he is not ready for a relationship with his behaviour and his words. Instead of pushing yourself towards him hoping that he’ll change his mind, the right thing to do in this situation is to introspect on your feelings. If you can control your feelings by maintaining a friendship, then go for it. (And I’m not talking about being “friends with benefits.”) Otherwise stay away as it will save you from future heartbreaks.. When a man said he isn’t ready, take his words for it and do not even try to change him. He has pre-warned you. You are a smart woman, you know how to cut your losses. There are much better available men somewhere than holding the straws for this unavailable one. He is being honest if he tells you he does not want a relationship, and you should honour his truth in telling you this. Not to mention, if he also gives you the popular one-liner by saying, “I’m just seeing where things go, let’s take things one step at a time,” proceed with caution. This is not a committed answer, so why would he want to commit to you? This is just an answer to warm you enough to keep you around and keeps you at arm’s length while he is in search of pleasure and attention elsewhere.
  3. He is overwhelmed and can’t process what he wants from the relationship: He has spent weeks and months of intensive dating on you and to this point that he suddenly realised, he has been neglecting all the things that he has on hand after he met you! He could be genuinely overwhelmed with focusing on just one thing and that’s you! He is doing the natural thing.. pulling back to assess the entire situation. He is evaluating between his freedom, and choosing over you. He could be in a dire dilemma right now. He likes you but at the same time, he could be scared and concern about whether he’d be losing himself after he has you. His friends, his routine, his freedom, he has too many to think about and scared to lose them all if he has you in the picture. He is pulling back to weigh things out! I know it sucks but this is the biggest reason he pulls back because he doesn’t know what to say to you until he is darn SO SURE about what he wants in the relationship before plunging in again..
  4. He is a PLAYER: It is not your fault to come across one as they are too manipulative and suave to have you detect him! If he is interested in having you as his girlfriend, he will show you with his actions. Be careful to never settle for a man that isn’t giving you 100% but is saying everything with his words. This is where a lot of women run into trouble. Pay attention to his actions more than his words. I always tell women to be VERY careful of a man who is too forward in the beginning stages of dating. He wouldn’t bat an eyelid to convince you that he is in love and wants to make you his. Man has that natural hunting instinct so by default, anything new will just pumps up his adrenaline to want to have you. So many women fall for a man like this because we can be really blind and a hopeless romantic when in love! So, when you a see a man showing you so much affection and attention it starts to get you to think, “Wow he can really understand me and he is so different from the previous ones!” Right? In the end, it fizzles out as quickly as it began. The following is how you can identify a player and if more than 1/2 are true then this is it:
    • Does he set or plan dates and then follow through consistenly?
    • Does he take note of the things you tell him? Your likes and dislikes?
    • Does he blow hot and cold and does his actions tally with his words?
    • Does his phone go off often late at night?
    • Do you go to his house often for sleepovers or does he properly date and court you?
    • Does he still keep photos of different women on social media even when he’s already seeing you?
    • Does he paint a picture that makes you want to get attached to him, and when that doesn’t happen you find yourself saying, “But he was so into me when we first started…What went wrong?”
  5. He might not be that into you – After weeks or months of dating, he realises that you both may not be sharing the same goal or heading towards the same directions he wanted. Probably he just want to focus on his career and marriage isn’t the topic and he wants to keep it casual but you prefer to have a monogamy relationship with more commitments from him. Or probably.. the feeling just waned off from his side.. Or maybe you were overly clingy and kept coming close to him without even him trying too hard to get you.. It was infatuation that he had with you and when the curtains are lifted, he finally come to his senses of how he felt.. I know this is a hard pill to swallow because honestly.. it is to no fault of yours..

Is he acting distant and pulling away all of a sudden? Crack his love language – starting from his zodiac sign!


3 BIGGEST REMEDIES to reverse the situation!

Now, if you follow these 3 simple steps, you could highly likely reverse the situation. Either way, the results will be beneficial for you. It is you whom I’m more concern about –  your overall well-being and your heart so pay attention and follow what I’m about to share with you:

  1. The Rubber Band Theory: When he pulls away, you do that too. I know it is hard. Your heart is screaming your lungs can’t generate air and you feel so suffocated. You miss him so much I know! If you want things to change then you have to follow this biggest tip – GIVE HIM SPACE. Why do I call this a rubber band theory? The harder you pull him over despite he is on the opposite end trying to stay away, when the whole saga snappe, who hurts more? You won’t have the answer you need and yet most probably you are pushing him away from you. So I need you to give him the thinking space and while he takes time to sort out his thoughts, I want you to take this time to think about what do you really want and need in your relationship. Many women make the mistake by going to their men even more when he turned silent or cold or respond lesser. The more insecure you are, it will get projected onto him and in return pulling him away from you. Concentrate on your own growth and move forward with your personal goals. Take this time to do the things you didn’t have time to do and focus on building up a stronger self.
  2. Be clear about your expectations and your needs. What do you want in the first place in a relationship? If they aren’t met, then move on and see if he’ll ever come around… Because if he doesn’t, I am sure someone else will! So rather than wasting your time on the wrong man, why not take this time to build up yourself for the next better guy who would fit your description and treat you way better! The time you are taking away from him not only allow the both of you to think things through, for him to sort out whatever he needs to sort out, it also allows you to weigh in what are your priorities in a relationship and to prepare yourself to welcome the next better man in your life. I always think it’s vital to to be clear about each other’s expectations when it comes to dating even when the early stages of it. If you are looking for a relationship, then let the other person know early on! If not, then say so. There have been too many times that I’ve seen my women clients tearing up to me that after dating a man for months on end, only to end up getting hurt because it became a purely physical relationship in which the man never truly committed. The two never set the expectations for a relationship, or the woman sat in silence out of fear of losing him, hoping he would come around.
  3. You first need to become the person you want to attract in the relationship – You will have to establish your identity in the relationship. If you want a person who values trust and freedom in you then you have to honor that in him as well. If you want someone secure and loving in a relationship, you need to set an example as well. And of course if you want him to be honest and be transparent with you, you will also need to play the field levelly so that you can be open and not to display signs of passive-aggressiveness if he didn’t meet your standards. Communications are key and of course you are who you attract. So use this period of time to build up a stronger self and always remember, happiness doesn’t come from external source. You need to first become happy and love yourself before you can welcome and attract any happiness and love back into your life.

and….RELATIONSHIP ASTROLOGY has the answers to help you identify during early stages of dating, whether this is a relationship that’s worth investing of your time and love in. 

Not all men are created equal. So if you have the insights to deepen the understanding of your man and to find out the dynamism between the energies you both play out in the relationship, that will save you tonnes of heartaches and make you realise what are needed to create a more fulfilling relationships between you and your special one.


In Relationship Astrology there is a sure way to find out about the commitment level and staying power between both parties shared so that you have clearer picture about where the love is headed. Check out my mini program and make committed love happens with the right man in your life!


Find out what a man truly needs before he decides to commit in a relationship. If he is truly the one you feel he is meant to be for you, and you want to do all you can to realise this relationship and to have him commit deeper, do check out this program ‘Make Committed Love Happens’ and turn your wishes into a reality!

It is non-manipulative, and you will have him love you in the most unconditional and natural way. It is not just all about him, this program also allows you to reveal your love language and what you truly deserve in love. You matter too!


As always, I am always here to help. Comment below if you have specific questions and need advice. I will try my best to help.

Wishing you all the best in love,

Jassy Clover



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Mistakes Women Make In Relationship

Relationship Astrology Explained! What Mistakes A Woman Could Make During Early Stages In Love That Could Potentially Kill A Relationship?

Man and woman’s brains are wired differently so what you think could trigger a man’s desire could potentially and potently draw him further away from you. So as much as we are smart and clever women, there are also some areas that we are totally clueless about. And that’s where I am being called in to save my species from further heartbreaks!

After consulting with countless of men and women in their relationship matters, it just boils down to these dangerous mistakes even smart women may make that could potentially kill a relationship!

  1. Making him suffocated being with you – I have seen women either consciously or sub-consciously ‘demanded’ their men to be hers and restricting him on so many things that it literally took away all the freedom he has before he met her.. This is the most undesired thing a man wants in a woman and if you don’t want to lose him, pay attention to what I’m going to share below. I ever have a male client who came ‘crying’ to me.. although he loves the woman so much (he even has plans to want to marry her) he has no choice but to seek advice from me as he has doubts to whether he should continue seeing the love of his life.. I told him I can’t influence his decision because ultimately the choice is his. So I guided him along and asked him some questions and not to my surprise, these were what he’s shared:
    • Making a big fuss when he goes out with his buddies which he has been doing religiously before he  even met her
    • Constantly giving many missed calls and messages when he didn’t manage to reply on the spot and it is during his working hours
    • Make plans without checking with him – there are times he might already have appointments made in advance
    • So through guiding him in his synastry compatibility with his gf, we realised that they have very different communication and needs when it comes to expressing emotions and affections. Eventually things got better after he has clearer picture of what she needs and both decided to respect and compromise with each other in the relationship in order to make things work. Now that’s what I call a healthy 2-way relationship!
  2. Being Too Available – I’m not encouraging any mind-games to be played here but what I’m telling you is that you go do what you have been doing before you get to know your Mr new guy and continue to find and carry on your passions and resist abandoning your social circle every time he asks you out! Take Jeffrey, 39, from Sydney, for example: “When I was single, there were women I initially liked but seemed to be overly available for me.. they are always waiting by the phone for me to call/msg, like as if they didn’t have a life of their own and their happiness basically depended on whether I reached out to them for that day.. which sort of giving me the idea that if I didn’t meet someone I fancy, I would always have a fall back plan. I don’t have to work hard to get her, and that put me off quite a bit,” he says. I thank Jeff for his honesty. So ladies, the more you enjoy your life to the fullest, the more the right man will work hard enough to be a part of it.
  3. You Neglected Yourself – Never stop investing in yourself. When I talk about this, it doesn’t mean only to take care of your looks, grooming and outer appearance, but also to cultivate a hobby and new interests that makes you a more interesting person that anyone wants to be with! Take a zumba class at a local studio, hitting up the exhibit you have been wanting to see and trying out the new wine bar at the corner will not only offer you more fun in life but will also leave you more likely to meet someone who shares your interests too! It will be way much better than sitting at your couch waiting for someone to “wink” at your online profile picture.. Another bonus? You’ll have more interesting things to talk about over dinner with your dates than how bad your day went with the piles of work your boss gave you today. No one likes to be with a negative, low energy or whiny woman. Have a life of your own! Do something interesting. Perk up your positivity vibes and you’ll have him stick around longer!
  4. Overly demanding – The most common demands include:
    • To have dinner/drinks/expenses paid by your guy all the time – chivalry at its best!
    • Demanding him to be punctual while you are always late…
    • That he has to agree with you to wherever you like to go or do
    • He has to see or be with you during his off days
    • To help you with all your stuff and since he’s your bf he should oblige
    • To do what you say and if he loves you he shouldn’t disagree
    • Whatever that has been projected in the TV, romance novels about how a man should loves a woman is sort of a fantasy and please don’t ever use that as a benchmark because it either will leave you utterly disappointed or make you feel what could be wrong with you since you could never find such a man in your life… Honestly, there is no such perfect man as portrayed in the TVs, so my dear ladies, remember:
      • Men appreciate women who say genuine “thank-yous” and are sincere and understanding
      • Men appreciate women who offer to split – even if he ends up paying in the end – this shows that you do spare a thought for him
  5. Taking things too”naturally” and not making the 1st move: I agree we should let nature takes its course but there are times you shouldn’t just sit back and do nothing if you are really keen with a guy. He may feel dejected or fear to be rejected by you because of your disinterest! Give him subtle signs so that he can progress. Let your femininity flows! Smile gently and shyly, with your hands brushing against his, try to stand closer to him to give him signs that you are interested (not to a point to jump straight to bed! Men like it slow at times and they love the chase!) With so many dating apps available, it is common to see men lose interest pretty fast because there are so many other women who are available and could be interested with what he has to offer! So if you keep having the thoughts that ‘Oh the right one will stay’ and not making that efforts to make this great guy stay, and put up a ‘play hard to get’ face.. then chances are.. your chances with him will be low.. So drop that waiting attitude and bring out that positive vibes to attract your man!
  6. Effortless Date: ‘Come and chill over netflix at my place’ and then what follows next is 99% of the time – to make out
    In today’s new age dating scene it has too much of a convenience to offer anyone who is just too busy to date or simply just too lazy to put in the efforts to impress the other party. And don’t ever think of putting yourself on par with a netflix, you are way more precious than that. Man are hunters by nature and the easier it is for him, the lesser for him to want to do anything more for you and for the relationship. Because why ‘reinvent the wheel’ and fixing things up where they are already in their right places? In this case it refers to you.  Since you are comfortable with the bare minimum that he’s offering you, he can spend his energies else where that demand more of his efforts. So don’t complain about why he isn’t putting in more efforts because partly you are the cause that encourage his actions.
  7. Getting intimate too fast: According to Cristina Pineda of Celebrity Matchmaker at Matchmakers in the City one of the biggest red flags that kills a relationship quickly during its early stage is to get into intimacy way too fast. “We recommend waiting until an exclusive relationship at the minimum for intimacy,” Pineda says. “Relationships are complicated enough without adding the intense bonding hormones that are released during intimacy.” I couldn’t agree with her more.Sex and intimacy are not the only ways to tie down a man’s heart and neither will he get committed to you because of you satisfying him on a physical level. If you are really looking at making this relationship a long-term one and having your man to be committed to you wholeheartedly, then make sure that both of you are align with where the relationship is heading. It won’t work if one is into monogamy and the other is into polygamy, likewise casual dating vs someone who is ready to settle down.So get your directions right without burning yourself up. Remember, we tend to treasure and value that ‘something’ that we have worked so hard for. Let him know that you are worth his efforts. Otherwise, feel free to drop any players or lazy bums who wouldn’t know how to treat you in the right way.Relationship astrology helps reveals the cosmic patterns to a person’s psychological behaviour that can largely influence his/her deeds, thoughts and actions. Not only you can gain clarity and insights into a person’s likes and dislikes, his belief systems and values, and what makes him emotionally connected to a person, relationship astrology provides illuminating info about the dynamics of the relationship and what you both need in order to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship together.Check out his Mars to find out what gets him motivated and that includes pursuing you! Find out his Venus sign that tells so much about the kind of woman that he is most attracted to. You’ll be astonish and amazed with what you’ll be discovering! Check it out now!

Every man is uniquely created! The key to his heart and mind, is to be able to know exactly what he needs to feel emotionally connected and comfortable when he’s around you…

The proven technique of Relationship Astrology has worked wonders for me and thousands of women out there. It is practical and so natural that he wouldn’t even sense anything about you trying hard to know about him.  It is possible to have a relationship to flow naturally and lovingly!

I’m always around to hear from you and feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to reply you. Alternatively, check out this amazing program to learn how to ‘Make Committed Love Happens’ !

I will be available for an exclusive one-on-one email session to answer any dating questions and challenges you may have.  Keep well and I see you soon!


Lots of Love xoxo

Jassy Clover


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