Scorpio Man In Love – Cracking The Stinger’s Code

The Scorpio Man In Love

Signs Your Scorpio Man Likes You

  • Needless to say he will pursue you relentlessly! This sign is resilient and persevering in all his pursuits so if a Scorpio man sets eyes on you, very soon, he will make you his in no time. He is charismatic and his moves will melt your very heart.
  • But… he won’t make it obvious and he won’t even show it up on his sleeves. Remember? Scorpio is a water sign and he is elusive and secretive. Because of his protective nature, he will want to make sure that he knows you are in it with him before he strikes you with his potent love sting!
  • But there are definitely tell-tale signs that you can catch him secretly pouring his emotions towards you!
  • When a Scorpio man likes you he will want to understand all of your emotional layers and one way to do this is to have knowledge about what you want. It won’t be surprising that he can spend all his weekend analysing you, strategizing his moves on how to win you over, scouring through all your social media profiles and even ask you lots of questions, just for the sake of knowing you in-depth.
  • When a Scorpio man ask you plenty of questions, he is very interested in you! Otherwise he will be minding his own business and analysing other subjects and conserving his energies for his other quests.
  • He’ll be extremely protective and will do everything in his power to stand up for you and protect you when he likes you! He is known for his fierce loyalty and protection of the people in his life that he is closest to. This zodiac sign wants to make sure you are well taken care of and part of that includes making sure he has your back!
  • His intense stare at you sometimes sends chills down your spine but in an electrifying and loving way. Expect your Scorpio man to admire you and watch the little things you do. If the Scorpio man is falling for you he will become very observant as his focus is solely on you.
  • He wants to touch you and be close to you constantly. I have ever a Scorpio guy friend who confessed to me that he before he invest into a long-term relationship with a partner, he will tend to size things up to gauge the level of sexuality between them. If it is cold and not passionate (during dating stage) and the lady isn’t reciprocating well to his advances (kisses, touches), he will drop the ball and move on without even looking back.

Things To Avoid If You Want A Scorpio Man 

Never lie! Scorpios are the best lies detectors among all the zodiac signs. His intuition is penetrating and it is effortless for him to see through you in seconds. Many people are hence intimidated by Scorpios because they are either intimidated of his over-empowering personality or they will love Scorpios because of their honesty and charms.

He doesn’t like people who are secretive, but he keeps his secrets very well hidden. If he’s in love with you, he will want to know all of your memories and how you felt about other relationships. He has this curiosity and he wants to know people better than he knows himself.

Before he decides if he should be friends with someone, he studies that person carefully to see if he or she is worth it. If he doesn’t have respect, he will never make friends with a person. While it is good to leave a little mystery about yourself, but when it comes to Scorpio man, you have to lay your cards on the table and be ready to bare your soul. It is not a relationship or love for the faint-hearted.

What Happens If Your Scorpio Man Is Ignoring You?

Coming from my Scorpio male clients, here are the top 4 reasons why he will ignore you and how he will phrase his answer too:

  • “I don’t see any point acknowledging the person because the person is a horrible person. It will be a waste of time for me to get in contact with him.” – well obviously in this case, if you didn’t get into the good books of Scorpio, he won’t be even near your radar. You are just not worth his time. PERIOD.
  • “I’m not doing it intentionally, I have a lot of things on my mind and I’m not paying attention.” – Ok this is legit, he can be intensely focus onto something that sucks up his energy and attention that he decides to ignore you for the time being. For few days it is fine but if it gets beyond 3-5 days, do the needful and get in touch with him. He wants to know that he matters to you too!
  • “I really like the person so much that I try to avoid them which might seem like I’m ignoring them. This only happened a handful of times and it occurs when I feel like a woman is too good for me and I ignore them or avoid them to help me get over the crush. I need to feel sure she is worth my time investing before I approach further.” – He feels insecure and unsure if he will be met by your rejection. Probably things didn’t advance to his expectations and he may tend to pull a step back to assess before he strikes again!
  • So much time has passed since we last spoke that it would be very awkward to reinitiate contact.  Meaning, I would have to explain myself or hear someone else’s explanation and I don’t care to explain or hear someone else’s explanation. – Scorpio hates small talks and won’t get in touch with a person just for the sake of getting in touch.

Still Need More Help On Cracking The Scorpio’s Code?

But if you didn’t feel that you’ve did anything wrong and your Scorpio man is pulling away from you…? Then chances are he could be under stress or if you have encountered one of these that could have pulled him away from you. Not all Scorpio man is created equal and it is important to decode his personality and understand his inner world before it is too late.

If this Scorpio is the one for you and you feel that you want to do all you can to realise this relationship and to have him commit to you, check out ‘Make Committed Love Happens’ and turn your wishes into a reality! It is non-manipulative, and you will have him love you in the most unconditional and natural way. It is not just all about him, this program also allows you to reveal your love language and what you truly deserve in love. You matter too!



Jassy C

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Astrology explained – Riding with Obstacles (Know Your Outer Planets)

Are you still living in denial?


Despite the fact that there are plenty of motivational books, seminars and online courses available for anyone who seeks self-improvement and to be progressive in life, not all are able to gain sustainable motivations and enlightenment they need and many times, falling back to the same spot they came from.

Despite you know that you have already a problem in life, you are still adamant in sticking to original grounds and refuse to bulge, finding all sorts of excuses to back you up for the unwillingness to change. Why is that so?


Addiction vs Sobriety – Delusions vs Reality (Finding The Balance With Neptune)


Not saying that you are addicted to drugs, but more like saying you are ‘addicted’ to what you are comfortable of and doesn’t want to break free of the comfort zone for the importance of self-growth. You know that you need to move on but another part of you gets so fearful of the word ‘What if’?


Comfort is the obstacle to Advancements.


In Freud’s case of ‘Pleasure Principle’, it highlighted on the point that addicts choose to avoid pain and seek only pleasure. And the word ‘ignorance is bliss’ probably came right out of these Ostrich’s mouths more than anyone else.

Psychologically speaking, addiction is all about escapism. Just like Ostriches, these addicts choose to live in avoidance, denial and could even be running away from reality for their entire lives.

Reality often forces us to consciously acknowledge not just physically, but emotionally and intellectually what kind of hurt that was inflicted to us in the past or what kind of hurt did we inflict on others? By running away from reality, we are choosing the route to denial in order to avoid confronting the truth. But truth is, paper will never contain fire and sooner or later, he/she will just have to face the demons, which are always there to haunt them, until they finally dare to face the truth.


In the case of denial and escapism, they would be best represented by the misty planet, Neptune. Wherever Neptune lands in the birth chart, it could cause tricky situations for the chart holder and these are the areas that he/she needs to confront especially on the denial and escapism parts. For eg if Neptune happens to fall onto your 7th house of partnerships in your natal chart, it could most likely say that you have been faced with numerous complications in your partnerships. It could also mean that you tend to wear rose-tinted glasses in viewing your relationships and see only the things you wish to see and not viewing it in its face value. As such disappointments will tend to set in or there could also be situations of savior and martyr, with either party will fall into. There could also be other variations that illuminate the message from Neptune. We can derive information from either the 12th house (house of Neptune) or where Pisces (Neptune rules this sign) is placed in. Either way, by knowing the outlets and placement of Neptune we can then better understand what exactly has been causing us such delusions and then seek to overcome them.


On the other hand, sobriety forces the Ostrich to face reality and motivating him to stand up and take action for what is needed to change his life around. Such action requires discipline as well as structure for continuous improvement to achieve his goals. Sobriety here refers to Saturn, the planet that rules structure, discipline, conformity, hard lessons, and being ambitious in persevering on the efforts to achieve his ultimate goals. Saturn delivers the cold hard truth and making sure that you truly understand and do what is necessary for you to change life for the better. By knowing where your Saturn is placed, you can easily activate it to keep you grounded and balancing out your delusions vs on what’s of practicality.


Uranus talks about change. It is the planet of chaos and change that brings about uncertainty and fear in people. I mean seriously, who would want change when things have been doing well? But just as the saying goes, ‘Change is the only constant’ resonates perfectly for the planet of Uranus. If you can uncover where Uranus is located in your birth chart, you will be able to look into which aspect in your life you tend to attract change and most likely this is the area that seek to purge you out from your comfort zone and steer you towards your personal growth. Uranus provides stimulation and will not hesitate to jerk you off balance suddenly. The lesson with Uranus is, expect the unexpected and ride with it.


Problems exist not to give us suffering but to nurture and grow us. Normally, we are the ones who tend to blow things up and created those sufferings in our lives. Unless you step up to take charge of your problems they will exist and never will go away. Motivational talks, and books can change your perspective but only you yourself can take charge to change your life.


Learning Astrology could unfold what have been deeply rooted in your life that is causing all these tremors and unwanted stress, and allowing you to identify each of these causes and then seek to change your life around.


Have you already gotten your birth chart? Do you know which areas in your life that you should pay more attention to? Astrology is never for the weak nor the superstitious, it is only for those who seek to want to understand their core selves and to find meanings to lives. Once you unlock the hidden messages of what the Universe has for you, you are definitely on your way to success, abundance and joy. Also, just a disclaimer, Astrology is never here to replace any therapies, counselling, nor religions. In fact it seeks to complement, never to disrupt.


“Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” ~ JP Morgan


~Jass Clover~
Consulting Astrologer



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A Time For Reflection & Growth – Jupiter Retrograde

2019: Dedicated to charts that have strong Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo & Pisces Traits. You people take note!
Few weeks ago, we have just experienced Mercury Retrograde which sent a little bit of chaos to jerk up our lives especially in areas Mercury rules. I guess some of us could be affected by miscommunications, missed flights/schedules/trips, transportation issues, slowness of learning or issues with contracts and agreements etc. Anything to do with ‘mis’ (misspell, miscommunicate, mishap, mistake) could be largely due to Mercury Retrograde from March 5 – 28 before coming back again on July 7.
On Apr 10, we have just started our retrograde on Jupiter – the planet of luck, wealth, optimism, abundance etc and will stay for the next 4 months. The theme of Jupiter is ‘expansions’. So what about is this Jupiter retrograde and what can it influence us??
It is a slower moving planet compared to Mercury and thus the impact won’t be that chaotic and fluctuating. There is a potential of getting influenced by this transition and will be largely felt by people who have strong traits in Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. Don’t think that your birth-date falls onto other zodiac signs it means you are not impacted, you might just have these 4 mutable related signs somehow, go get a free life profiling report from me if you have not done so 
This is especially true for people who are currently experiencing a phase of wanting to:
  • gain mind and soul expansions and immersing themselves through various studies and voyages.
  • the urge to want to travel abroad, learn new things and to expand your horizons.
  • feel that you have outgrown your current state and want to do more and in a more philosophical way.
  • you may even think of relocating or to seek for a change in your profession for career growth.
  • if this is in your relationship, think about where are the areas you both can grow and learn together rather than jumping into conclusions of calling it quits


During this period of time, it is best that you take a step back to take stock of what you’ve learnt and gained and from them, how are you able to grow within your inner self. This is an introspective area on your personal growth and an enriching period for your spiritual soul and mind.

For all we know, you could be on your way to book a trip to somewhere, hop over to a library, jumping from places to places in search for new adventures and knowledge. The message here is, go within yourself to look for the answers and not anywhere else. Use this time to really ponder on all the experiences and good that are gained in the past and how can you further amplify and bring them to greater heights.
Ask yourself:
  • What have I learnt?
  • What have I gained?
  • Where can I grow?
  • How do I nourish my spiritual self?
  • What have I been missing out?


A full introspection to your life chart could provide all the answers you are looking for. Afterall this is your life, your personal growth to success and achievements, don’t you think it is important enough to know more about yourself? Let’s talk today!


Keep well and check back soon!



    • Cosmic Secrets: Get a free personalised astrological report and your next 12-months’ and beyond forecasts
    • Private One-on-one Consultation: Deep dive into the areas of your concerns and gain clarity + breakthroughs in Love, Life, Career + Directions.
    • Make Committed Love Happens: Whether he is acting distant, unavailable or perhaps you wish to know if he is the one and want to gain deeper clarity into your relationship theme? This self-help online program is the game changer!