Cancer Man In Love – Is He In Love With You?

What Is A Cancer Man Like When In Love?

cancer man in love

The first Water element of the zodiac belt, the most sensitive, endearing, intuitive, nurturing signs are the trademarks of our crabby man – welcome to Cancer man in love!

Cancer is a cardinal water sign that thrives on feelings and emotions just like his cousins Pisces and Scorpio. They find it hard to process things rational or logical because the instinctive way of how Cancers experience life is by feeling their way through. Their emotions fluctuate just like the ebb and flow of the moon cycle and it is noted in many researches and astrological studies that Cancers are more prone to emotional upheavals than any other signs out there – simply because it is ruled by the Moon! Overall, it is their hearts that matter and how they feel about the entire situation.

Water signs have that uncanny psychic powers to understand what are going through in your mind and feelings way before you even tell them. Their intuitive powers are so strong that they can guess the answers even before thy get revealed. And because of this heightened ‘psychic’ abilities, Cancers tend to absorb others’ emotions and feelings and if unchecked, they will feel overburdened by it and retreat into their own shell for solace. Most Cancers are introspective and introverted because Moon signifies the deepest core to our innermost emotions and this is the most in-depth private side of us that we don’t normally share to people who aren’t closest to us.

Please keep in mind what’s written here is based on a general view of Cancer sun sign behaviours. The other planets and placements in a Cancer individual’s entire horoscope can enhance, suppress, and even nullify some of these mentioned behaviours. Nevertheless, it will still show similar traits of how a Cancer man behave when he is in love. What are the signs you can watch out for if he is fully committed and in love with you?

Cancer Man’s Behaviour

To deeply understand a Cancer man’s behaviour, it means you need to dive  deep into the psyche of the crab’s mind. Relationship astrology helps pinpoint to some of these prominent characteristics of your Cancer man which you’ll find here. To have a more accurate reveal of his true personality, an assessment of his astrological chart is highly recommended.

To understand him in love, let us first find out what his behaviour is like that will influence his decisions making, love language and how he acts when he is with you:

Firstly you need to understand that the Cancer speaks and breathe emotions and feelings. He doesn’t has that lustful nature of Taurus or that aggressions from his Aries brother, neither is he cerebral and mental like his Gemini cousin. Soon, you’ll know that the Cancer man will hold a very special place in your heart. Although not all Cancer men are the same, here are the traits that Cancers will possess:

  • Know that your Cancer man is very protective of his private life – this is his domain so don’t mess with it.
  • Doesn’t like to stand out, or be singled out – Mr Crabby is very shy and reclusive. He doesn’t want to be in the limelight as he could easily be overwhelmed by the emotions of others but at the same time he doesn’t want to feel left out. He will feel hurt if he has been outcast by the group. He is ok to get involved but just not comfortable to stand in the limelight unlike a Leo
  • Has a natural affinity for women, and is especially close to his mother – He is the only sign which can truly understand the heart and there’s where women thrives. All other signs display more of ego fights, materialistic pursuits, worldly affairs but our dear Cancers go after the heart and everything emotions. That’s why they are a magnet to women as they can be so tender.
  • Is most comfortable in his own home – what’s most private and comfortable to a Cancer man other than his very own abode? This is where his most naked self gets revealed, and the truest self be seen.
  • Comes across as vulnerable, which brings out a protective instinct in others – yeah, cancers tend to display emotional vulnerability from time to time, making others want to care and protect them. But for all you know, Cancers can command and control emotions way better than any other signs out there, should they choose to.
  • Gets lost in his moods – sometimes he may delve too deeply into his feelings that he gets lost in his own emotional world. That’s made worse when Cancer is reclusive and he doesn’t say a word when he’s hurt so it is rare to really understand how a Cancer feels. It can be frustrating especially when he starts being passive aggressive or getting moody. It is just part of his traits and he wants to be understood and cared for just like anyone else.
  • Is easily wounded – no matter at what age the cancer man is or how evolved he can be, know that his heart is super tender and can easily be hurt by the words and actions you made, without you knowing. This can be very challenging when Cancers are met with Fire signs partners. Fire signs tend to be very straight-forward and blunt at times, they may think it is perfectly ok and mean no harm but that poor crab has already been stabbed hundred times with those words and acts.
  • Looks for emotional sure-things and financial stability – they want security and they want assurances. Just like how a mother will cradle a child to make him/her feels safe. A Cancer man needs these. It won’t feel right in the relationship and he wouldn’t venture into any situation that he feels unsafe and uncomfortable with. When Cancers say it is unsafe, not good, trust their instincts first – they are pretty darn good at it.

15 Cancer Man’s Love Traits And Personalities

  • A cozy setting with his favourite foods, warm lighting, private feel – I cannot stress this enough. Cancers love to eat! And they want to eat comfort food or things that remind him of home, mom or a pleasant situation he’s in.
  • To have emotional intimacy – He wants to feels safe and intimate with you even without on a physical level.
  • His fear of being hurt grows – As he grows fonder of his mate, he naturally will be very afraid to feel hurt by the person he loves. When a Cancer falls in love, he gives his all that made him so painful if he is to be betrayed, hurt, abandoned on. As such Cancers make very careful steps before giving their hearts away.
  • He forms a deep attachment – Water runs deep, so are emotions. He will either be emotionally dependent on you or latch on you for security. It can be suffocating and overburdening at times but the right mate will know how to handle the situation.
  • He responds to steady affection and honesty – nothing gives him more assurance by a steady flow of positive emotions from his mate.
  • He reveals himself in safe places – You will get to see the truest side of him when he is relaxed and safe. When in the right settings, the Cancer man is most tender, happy and loving. You won’t want to see a crabby crazy crab!
  • He remembers every moment – Water signs have very good memories and will remember every beautiful (or hurtful) moments he has with you. Also it is important to be honest with him because he has good memories of what you said and did.
  • He’s sentimental and loving – Yes Cancers are the most nostalgic creature
  • Faithfulness – with the right partner, Cancer will be very faithful and loyal. He won’t waste time over someone who can’t invest in giving him the best of herself and he must know his heart is safe with you.
  • To create a homey atmosphere together, away from the harsh world – Cancers are big homebody and after a hard day at work all he wants is to snuggle up with the perfect someone safely tucked away.
  • A genuine interest in his background, childhood, family – He will want to share about his roots and family when he is in love. He hopes to share similar values with the woman he loves.
  • Comforting assurances of your affection – Cancer man loves squeezes and big hugs in a quiet way. He prefers it in privacy where you both can feel at ease to display your emotions and affections.
  • An emotionally safe situation, where his vulnerability won’t be taken advantage of – the soft side of him will be him giving away his heart. Tend to it well and never take his love for granted.
  • Respect for his strength and sensitivity – although Cancers can be sensitive and moody, he has great strength in the realm of emotions and capable of building you up and inspiring you in a way you wouldn’t imagine.
  • Cancer man in love is a man who not only understands how you think and feel. Even better, he thinks and feels in a lot of the same ways that you do. There is a feminine aspect to him that is ingrained in how he processes emotions and helps define some of his thinking. He understands why you might get stuck on that one thing that happened to you 3 years ago. He won’t hold it against you and tell you to get over it like a lot of other men might.

How To Deal With Your Cancer Man

The Cancer man is loving, tender and makes a good spouse. But there is something of the darker side of him that you need to know before you get shock about it.

He can be emotionally manipulative – A non-evolved Cancer will not be able to direct his emotions in the most healthy way. When Cancer man feels hurt, he is at the same time, afraid of being rejected or abandoned, in order to gain your attention, he will pull back and refuse to say what happened. You have to figure it out yourself. They tend to be emotionally insecure and unsure of what it will bring. Afraid to lose you and afraid to be rejected, he is at a loss and pull back constantly. He is drowning in his own emotions and didn’t realise his actions like can be hurtful to a relationship. You need to be persuasive and be patient. This is the only way to make him open up to you. He needs to be sure that you won’t leave him at a drop of a pin.

Since he can be so emotional and moody, he can also come across as childish, defensive, rejecting, passively aggressive, brooding and gaining self-pitying.

How To Love A Cancer Man?

If you are involved in a romantic affair with a Cancer man look at these possible ways to increase your relationship compatibility! The more you can understand how he really thinks and feels, you will have a sentimental partner who shares emotional depths with you for the rest of your life.

#1: Know his expectations from you – This guy seeks a lover who is able to provide him security and comfort as well as to help him understand his inner fears and best of all, to work with him and grow out of it. He wants to be showered with affection and passion; thus, more than anything, he needs a partner who can give him a lot of love and assurances.

#2: Spot his signs of loving you – The Cancer male tends to show his love by looking after you. Taking care of someone he truly loves makes him very happy. Let him pamper you no matter how independent you are. He knows what’s best for you, so just enjoy his love.

#3: Gain trust to open his heart – He is a tender creature and tends to hide his true self underneath a hard exterior. In fact, he is extremely shy and tentative. The male Cancer needs to know that you are reliable and worth his dependence before entering a relationship. Once he feels more secure and comfortable around you, he will take down his defence a layer at a time.

#4: Be patient with him – Making him trust you is really a process – all it takes is your patience, commitment and true love. When it comes to a love romance, this guy depends too much on emotional security. It takes a little while to get him used to you, who initially was a total stranger to him. But rest assure the patience will pay off.

#5: Never threaten him – If you do anything threatening to his security and trust, be aware that he will never invest his trust on you again. In general, you should provide your Cancer man emotional consistency for deeper relationship with him.

#6: Cook for him or explore culinary experiences with him: He will be delighted to share gastronomical experiences with you and loves that you can cook just like his mom. Anything that is close to his heart and bring out that homely, safe, pleasant feeling will be a bonus point for you.

What To Avoid If You Want A Cancer Man?

Coming too forcefully, coming too strong

When you have a constant stream of gentle flowing water, it is peaceful and pleasant but when you come too strong, it is stirring the water’s calmness and turning it into tsunami! For a Cancer man, he values quietness and less of a drama so as to protect his inner tranquility and peace and he prefers his woman to be soft, gentle and kind, not coming to him forcefully or brash. Since the guy here is quite shy, it’s not a good idea to ask him straight out. You can choose either to be upfront about how you truly feel about him or patiently wait for him to make his move while giving him hints. In case he still behaves like nothing happens, you should move on though it might be hurtful.

Overly Independent

In today’s world no doubt women are gaining strong independence and have fair share of views and thoughts about many things. For Cancer man, his natural instinct is to be a protector and to nurture. So allow him to do his job to want to care for you. Enjoy your perks of being love by him and don’t criticise or push him away for his efforts. This is the way how he shows love and it is his basic line of love language. If he doesn’t seem to be reciprocated for his efforts he would won’t hesitate to display it to another deserving woman.

Having Negative Mindsets

Don’t forget that Cancers are a sponge to emotions and if he feels that you are a bag of mixed feelings and someone who does not possess positive vibes, he won’t want to be near you for long term. He could be with you to help you and nurture you but he prefers to have a stable and secure mate who has emotional stability and positive strengths to be around him. Don’t forget, he needs you to help him grow out of his own emotional insecurities at times too.

Signs Your Cancer Man Likes You

His actions tell everything – You can be sure that he is very tenacious in his efforts when it comes to planning for occasions and special moments with you. He will walk up to you and grab you hand and won’t want to let go of you. He will be very thoughtful of everything when it involves you

He tells you deep secrets or ugly pasts about him – This, is the real deal. It means he trusts you, he feels safe with you and he sees you as one of his closest ones. To be able to share his innermost thoughts, is the highest trust level a Cancer can give away to the woman he loves.

He is getting protective of you – He wants to pick you up or send you off for work. He wants to hear from you when you reached your destination so that he knows you are safe. He will signal you to walk in the inner lane where there are passing cars at your direction. Even if he doesn’t tells you he loves you if these actions are constantly displayed on you, you can be sure that he is interested in you by being protective.

He keeps his promise – He will ensure close follow through and live up to his promises. If he said he will call, he will ensure to call you and if he can’t he will let you know in advance so that you don’t have to wait for him or get worried about his whereabouts. He will do his very best to meet you and turn up for the appointment despite his tiredness as he didn’t want to disappoint you and also by meeting you, will certainly cheer him up and make him better!

He keeps asking about you – He wants to get to know you. He will have lots of things to talk about and want to find out your likes, your interests, your childhood, whats your family like, how many siblings you have and even to want to understand how many love lives you have so that he can better understand you. But one thing about Cancer, he can get pretty jealous if you were to bring up your past with your Ex’s to him. He can shut off and feels inferior. When you are with him, he is the only one he expects you to focus on.

What Happens If Your Cancer Man Is Ignoring You?

  1. He is unsure about his feelings towards you – It is easy to spot him from going hot to cold because of his uncertainties of the relationship. It is possible he’s spent some good time with you but is now assessing how he really feels on a deeper level. This is the time (when he turns cold) he needs to truly assess and ask himself (usually the head) is this something he wants to proceed with in terms of a new relationship. So let him has his man-time and do not push him to respond, he’ll come around once he’s ready.
  2. Not ready to commit to you – They may still engage with sexual activities or intimacy moments with you and spend time with you but if they say they don’t want a relationship; they absolutely mean it. You will only get yourself hurt if you believe otherwise and stay on in the relationship in hopes he would change. The Cancer man will be in full on throttle, all out to pursue you if he feels right about you.
  3. He Sees You As A Friend For Now – First of all, Cancers are nurturing and protective by nature and they attract women to them because he is emotional and tend to understand a woman’s needs well. Misunderstandings will arise when the opposite sex mistook his kind gestures as love for her. When that happens, he will pull back to prevent any unnecessary drama and until the saga is over, he will come back to you to befriend you again.
  4. Values mismatch – Cancers are intuitive and they can sense real quick if something is off and you don’t come across as someone who can hold the same value or capable of being long term with him. He will start distancing himself in hopes to dilute the relationship and wish that you could take the hint and leave him without him needed to do the ugly job of breaking off with you.

But if you didn’t feel that you’ve did anything wrong and your Cancer man is pulling away from you…? Then chances are he could be under stress or if you have encountered one of these that could have pulled him away. Not all Cancer man is created equal and it is important to decode his personality and understand his inner world before it is too late. And even if he is distant or cold, there is still a chance to open up his inner world and get a chance to gain his interest. Even if things don’t work out well, you both can still remain good friends without hard feelings.

If he is the one for you and you feel that you want to do all that you can to get your Cancer man to love and to commit to you, you need to get the 5-Simple-Steps-To-Positive-Love to make your dreams a reality. It is non-manipulative, and you will have him love you in the most unconditional and natural way and he wouldn’t even sense that you are trying to get him closer to you! It is that simple, safe and practical.

You can get more tips and insights from my daily newsletter on dating and relationships’ that teach you on how relationship astrology can help you in your love matters (comes with free-eBook). Sometimes, all it takes, is just a flick of a switch and a shift of the perspective to change what no longer works, into a possible reality.

Make committed love happens with your Cancer man, you can certainly do it and deserve it.



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