Scorpio Man In Love – Cracking The Stinger’s Code

The Scorpio Man In Love

Signs Your Scorpio Man Likes You

  • Needless to say he will pursue you relentlessly! This sign is resilient and persevering in all his pursuits so if a Scorpio man sets eyes on you, very soon, he will make you his in no time. He is charismatic and his moves will melt your very heart.
  • But… he won’t make it obvious and he won’t even show it up on his sleeves. Remember? Scorpio is a water sign and he is elusive and secretive. Because of his protective nature, he will want to make sure that he knows you are in it with him before he strikes you with his potent love sting!
  • But there are definitely tell-tale signs that you can catch him secretly pouring his emotions towards you!
  • When a Scorpio man likes you he will want to understand all of your emotional layers and one way to do this is to have knowledge about what you want. It won’t be surprising that he can spend all his weekend analysing you, strategizing his moves on how to win you over, scouring through all your social media profiles and even ask you lots of questions, just for the sake of knowing you in-depth.
  • When a Scorpio man ask you plenty of questions, he is very interested in you! Otherwise he will be minding his own business and analysing other subjects and conserving his energies for his other quests.
  • He’ll be extremely protective and will do everything in his power to stand up for you and protect you when he likes you! He is known for his fierce loyalty and protection of the people in his life that he is closest to. This zodiac sign wants to make sure you are well taken care of and part of that includes making sure he has your back!
  • His intense stare at you sometimes sends chills down your spine but in an electrifying and loving way. Expect your Scorpio man to admire you and watch the little things you do. If the Scorpio man is falling for you he will become very observant as his focus is solely on you.
  • He wants to touch you and be close to you constantly. I have ever a Scorpio guy friend who confessed to me that he before he invest into a long-term relationship with a partner, he will tend to size things up to gauge the level of sexuality between them. If it is cold and not passionate (during dating stage) and the lady isn’t reciprocating well to his advances (kisses, touches), he will drop the ball and move on without even looking back.

Things To Avoid If You Want A Scorpio Man 

Never lie! Scorpios are the best lies detectors among all the zodiac signs. His intuition is penetrating and it is effortless for him to see through you in seconds. Many people are hence intimidated by Scorpios because they are either intimidated of his over-empowering personality or they will love Scorpios because of their honesty and charms.

He doesn’t like people who are secretive, but he keeps his secrets very well hidden. If he’s in love with you, he will want to know all of your memories and how you felt about other relationships. He has this curiosity and he wants to know people better than he knows himself.

Before he decides if he should be friends with someone, he studies that person carefully to see if he or she is worth it. If he doesn’t have respect, he will never make friends with a person. While it is good to leave a little mystery about yourself, but when it comes to Scorpio man, you have to lay your cards on the table and be ready to bare your soul. It is not a relationship or love for the faint-hearted.

What Happens If Your Scorpio Man Is Ignoring You?

Coming from my Scorpio male clients, here are the top 4 reasons why he will ignore you and how he will phrase his answer too:

  • “I don’t see any point acknowledging the person because the person is a horrible person. It will be a waste of time for me to get in contact with him.” – well obviously in this case, if you didn’t get into the good books of Scorpio, he won’t be even near your radar. You are just not worth his time. PERIOD.
  • “I’m not doing it intentionally, I have a lot of things on my mind and I’m not paying attention.” – Ok this is legit, he can be intensely focus onto something that sucks up his energy and attention that he decides to ignore you for the time being. For few days it is fine but if it gets beyond 3-5 days, do the needful and get in touch with him. He wants to know that he matters to you too!
  • “I really like the person so much that I try to avoid them which might seem like I’m ignoring them. This only happened a handful of times and it occurs when I feel like a woman is too good for me and I ignore them or avoid them to help me get over the crush. I need to feel sure she is worth my time investing before I approach further.” – He feels insecure and unsure if he will be met by your rejection. Probably things didn’t advance to his expectations and he may tend to pull a step back to assess before he strikes again!
  • So much time has passed since we last spoke that it would be very awkward to reinitiate contact.  Meaning, I would have to explain myself or hear someone else’s explanation and I don’t care to explain or hear someone else’s explanation. – Scorpio hates small talks and won’t get in touch with a person just for the sake of getting in touch.

Still Need More Help On Cracking The Scorpio’s Code?

But if you didn’t feel that you’ve did anything wrong and your Scorpio man is pulling away from you…? Then chances are he could be under stress or if you have encountered one of these that could have pulled him away from you. Not all Scorpio man is created equal and it is important to decode his personality and understand his inner world before it is too late.

If this Scorpio is the one for you and you feel that you want to do all you can to realise this relationship and to have him commit to you, check out ‘Make Committed Love Happens’ and turn your wishes into a reality! It is non-manipulative, and you will have him love you in the most unconditional and natural way. It is not just all about him, this program also allows you to reveal your love language and what you truly deserve in love. You matter too!



Jassy C

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Emotional Strength Through Time – Moon Saturn Aspects


moon saturn aspects

Moon Conjunct/Square/Opposite Saturn energies


When it comes to understanding heartbreak aspects in relationships, one of the most prominent and significant aspects to pay attention to is the Moon / Saturn aspect. If it is a positive aspect, the couple will have mutual respect and be responsible towards each other’s love. If it is a challenging aspect, that’s where problems may occur and inhibition of emotions can arise.

First, let us understand the qualities of Moon and that of Saturn to gain better clarity of the energies they each possess. (Get a free copy of your free natal chart to find out if you have this inherent energy of Moon/Saturn in you)
Moon represents our core emotional needs and it brings about the deepest depth of how we connect emotionally to others. This is where our basic security needs are met, this is where we feel nurtured, this is where we feel at home with situations, events and with people.
Saturn represents time, structure, authority, tough love, discipline, rigidity, and a sense of pessimism and fear. It is condescending and wants control. If Moon is the embodiment of a Motherly figure, then, Saturn will be the responsible and strict Father.

In relationship astrology there are energies in play that bring about harmonious or challenging interactions between two parties. Sometimes without any apparent reasons you may feel that someone has rub your shoulders in the wrong way and you may even find him/her irritating and annoying (to no fault of his or yours!)?   On the other hand, you may feel so connected and happy with another person and wants to just spend more time with him/her as you are so comfortable around their presence.

Each planet has its own characteristics and qualities and when they form an aspect (interaction) with each other, a combustion of energy is released, bringing about comfortable or challenging interaction between you and your partner. By knowing the positive energies you will know what are needed to further amplify those loving effects. And if the energy is challenging, you will know what to do to minimise and harmonise them.
Knowing them will reveal the deepest answers to the biggest questions that might have been plaguing a person in life and in love.
Now coming back to Moon/Saturn aspects. (Or watch video here)
When Moon/Saturn has positive energies, emotions are usually well managed and the person is able to take control and be responsible for their display of emotions. Even at times of emotional upheaval, the person is able to keep their cool and deploy objectiveness and rationality to solve the problem while others are frantic and worrying about it. As such people with Moon/Saturn positive energies are very well respected for their strength in tough times like this.
Positive Energies:
  • MoonsextileSaturn Moon Sextile Saturn
  • MoontrineSaturn Moon Trine Saturn

What happens when a person has challenging Moon/Saturn aspects in his/her natal chart? 

Challenging Energies:
  • MoonsquareSaturn Moon Square Saturn
  • MoonoppositionSaturn Moon Opposite Saturn
  • they will feel no one could ever understand them deep enough
  • their needs in love are seldom met even though they don’t really have too high of an expectation in a relationship
  • they felt slighted and there’s an emptiness in them that nothing much can easily replace of
  • they may find it difficult to express love or for others to express their love for them
  • they tend to be emotionally shut off and are usually defensive, reserve, cautious and inhibited
What it means when I have challenging Moon Conjunct/Square/Opposite Saturn aspects?
  1. Emotional blockage is the main theme in Moon/Saturn aspect. Love is not felt easily and there are many conditions to the love received, especially in their childhood days, which could spill over to their adulthood and relationships.
  2. You could have suppressed emotional needs that may resulted from a lack of maternal nourishment and neglect when you were young. Most people who have this hard aspect, grew up in a home that lacked of affectionate displays between the family members and felt that emotional display is a form of neediness or unnecessary to be displayed in the open.
  3. Maybe you have a tensed relationship with your father or a fatherly figure in the family who could unconsciously crushed your growing up needs through his words or actions, making you feel unloved, uncared or unwanted. This could resulted in some people seeking for this lack of emotions in their partner which could prove to be disappointing if such needs are not met.
  4. Or another way to put it will be due to certain circumstances, you were forced to grow up quicker than the peers of your age, learning to act like an adult before you even get your emotional needs met. Maybe you need to take up responsibilities of caring of a family member, or you need to work at a young age to pay off bills at home.
Your Moon zodiac sign will give clues of how you manage your emotions.
People with Water and Fire signs Moon will tend to feel heavier emotions attachments with challenging aspects than those with Air and Earth which they are more detached and pragmatic. Your Moon’s zodiac sign will alter the experience of how you feel towards this energy and guide you in navigating tough times.
See that I use the word ‘challenging’ rather than doomed or negative? Relationship astrology provides very soulful answers to how we understand our inherent gifts and to use them to bring out the very best in us.
Even if you have challenging aspect in your Moon and Saturn, there is a soulful reason why you have such an aspect and what is needed in order to overcome and learn from it.
How To Work Around Challenging Moon/Saturn Aspects?
Challenges signify opportunities. When you surpassed them that’s where you can grow bountifully.
  1. Emotional Growth – Saturn talks about time and discipline. It is through the polishing process of experiencing Saturnian effects to your emotions that allow you to grow and gain clarity to your needs so that you can fulfil them through life and in love.
  2. Embrace each setback – Embrace the fact that you have hard aspects of Moon/Saturn that resulted in all the hardships you have encountered in order for you to grow. Once you understand the tough love Saturn has given you, you will come to terms with the events it has presented to you. You will grow stronger, hardy and more mature emotionally to handle the next few decades of life events to come – at ease.
  3. Love yourself – In order to break free from this hard aspect, you need to first learn how to let go of old emotional patterns that no longer serve its purposes and start accepting and loving yourself. It is only through self acceptance and self-love that you can gain emotional strength in yourself and in return, get projected into your relationships.

Learn more about the 5-Simple Steps to POSITIVE LOVE 

If you would want to break away from the old patterns of love and relationships, those that weren’t working anymore for you, make the first step for a change and learn these 5 simple steps to transform the way you experience love moving forward. This is how you start loving yourself and gain emotional connections with the ones you love.

  1. Identify your/his love languages – why sometimes the person we used to date appear to to be so different as months go by? You fell in love with that bubbly personality but 6months later, he suddenly became so stern, rigid and serious, or display a totally different personality than what you know in the first place.
  2. Revealing your inherent gifts to attract love and abundance!
  3. Declutter – what no longer works and how can you break free and transform
  4. Compatibility strength between you and your partner. Find out the theme of your relationship and how to amplify the positive loving effects of it
  5. Your love destiny and healing powers – sometimes inevitable does happen and how do you heal within yourself and create peace within the inner self.

Hugs & Love – Jassy Clover

How To Generate Your Free Astrology Natal Chart – Step-by-step Guide!

how to generate astrology chart, generate free astrology chart, steps to generate astrology chart, natal chart, steps to generate natal chart, generating natal chart, generate your free astrology natal chart

This is where you get soulful answers to who you truly are as a person and what role do you play in this collective world of ours.


Your natal chart, is an astrological profiling of who you are. It provides so much awakening facts about you and the innate gifts you possess which you may not even know you ever have. Because they are all hidden beneath your subconscious level, waiting for the right time to be manifested and activated by you. And your astrology natal chart provides the answers to them.


Your natal chart is also a snapshot of how the sky and universe looked like from the moment you took your very first breath. Each planet, each star, each position of them tells a unique story about you and the journey who, only you, can fulfil in this life time. This is like a life manual and an important roadmap to your spiritual growth, and the journey to attracting love and abundances in life.


This Is How You Generate Your Free Astrology Profiling Chart:


There are 2 ways to generate your free astrology chart.

  1.  ASTRO.COM – this is a free and my go-to site for quick chart generation. You’ll first need to get familiar with the signs and symbols of what these planets and stars represent.
    • Go to or CLICK here to skip step 2-4
    • On the tab above, hover mouse to FREE HOROSCOPE
    • Slide towards your right and go to EXTENDED CHART SELECTION
    • Select Guest User for quick access and go to data entry (you need to have your DOB, time of birth and location of birth ready – If you don’t know the time, you can put 1200hrs, that will get you some info but not total details about the houses positions and actual aspects of the planets)
    • Input your details in the fields and click CONTINUE
    • Look out for this sign ♀️and if you’ve the birth time and location, you’ll be able to know where Venus star is located in the house of the chart.
    • The house is indicated in the inner circle of the chart
    • Next look at the sign your Venus is in and the house, you’ll know the traits of this person’s love language!
    • If…There’s too much hassles and you just want a quick interpretation to everything here it is 👇👇
  2. This will provide you free access to the chart and generate a report to interpret what your astro chart is all about. Not just for one planet, but for all other significant planets in a person’s chart to decode the mysteries!
  3. Generating SYNASTRY (compatibility) chart
    • Go to
    • On the tab above, hover mouse to FREE HOROSCOPE
    • Slide towards your right and go to EXTENDED CHART SELECTION
    • Input you and your partner’s birth data as shown in the table:
    • Click ‘add new person’ to input birth details for each person
    • From the dropdown menu in the next section, select ‘Synastry chart’
    • Click on the BLUE BUTTON to show chart – you will see the combination of you and your partner’s chart in one
    • Click PDF additional table to save the aspects in alpha-numeric format
    • To learn more about relationship synastry join in our FB Group – BeMineTruly Dating Group 2020!

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Wishing you all the best in your soulful journey in finding your true love and true self!



Jassy Clover


~ Astrology is a language. Once you understand it, the Sky speaks to you. ~