Scorpio Man In Love – Is He In Love With You?

What Is A Scorpio Man Like When In Love?

scorpio man in love

He is if not, the most intense, deep, mysterious and exudes an unexplainable sense of danger in him, he is our 8th in line – the magnetic Scorpio. Welcome to Scorpio man in love.

Known as the ‘psychologist’ in the zodiac belt, for a scorpio, there is no middle line and no grey. It is either left or right, yes or no, want or refuse, hate or love. A Scorpio man in love, he only wants the best and only the best deserves him. This man takes nothing lightly. Scorpio man in love can be a powerful and invested partner. However, when ignited by conflicting passions, the relationship with him can erupt into an unpleasant melodrama. He is after all, a scorpion, and he stings and you wouldn’t want that.

As a water sign, Scorpios functions on emotions. Water seeks its own level and can span across and cover large areas and hide a secret world below the surface. Water is a powerful element; it washes away land, puts out fires, and dissolves air. This is the most formidable sign in our zodiac belt and an opponent that shouldn’t be taken lightly with. When a Scorpio has his eyes fixed onto something, you know that sooner or later he will certain get it. Scorpio belongs to the ‘fixed’ sign category. Fixed signs are the least movable of the quadruplicities. Fixed energy runs deep, hangs on, and does not give up.

Scorpio Man’s Behaviour

To deeply understand a Scorpio man’s behaviour, it means you need to dive  deep into the psyche of his mind. Relationship astrology is able to pinpoint to some of these prominent characteristics of your Scorpio man which you’ll find here. To have a more accurate reveal of his true personality, an assessment of his astrological chart is highly recommended.

When it comes to love, Scorpio is all or nothing. At the positive light of him, he is loyal, endearing and protective. His love is deep and is passionate. On the flip side, you don’t really want to incur the wrath of a Scorpio man because he can be very vindictive, violent and manipulative. He doesn’t forget and he can be vengeful.

Scorpios tend to be extremely deep, introspective, and stubborn, and because it is in the water element, when water is deep and does not flow, it can lead to stagnation, obsession, and deeply hidden emotions. Hence, when Scorpio man falls in love, that fixed nature means:

  • He feels love right down to his very core.
  • He wants to control and become one with his beloved.
  • He wants to feel all the pleasures and all the pain of love.
  • He wants to immerse and lose himself in that love, drown in it, and be transformed by it.
  • It is really hard for a Scorpio to let go of something and it is as if a part of him has died off…

As you can imagine, the influences of the water element and the fixed quadruplicity combine to make most Scorpios very intense, passionate, and possessive, but also ferociously loyal and protective lovers.

Scorpio Man’s Love Traits And Personalities

Any love relationship with a Scorpio man is bound to be complicated and an exercise in extremes. He can be moody for no apparent reason and are known for his possessiveness and jealousy, but if he’s seriously committed to a relationship, he’ll be responsible and will always remain stable and true through any relationship highs and lows. Scorpios are extremely dependable, protective, loyal, and faithful, and even more so if they receive the same from their partner. A Scorpio is either all in or all out, and it’s more likely than not they’ll simply burn the relationship bridge if they’re unsatisfied rather than cheat on their partner.

A sign that experiences love so deeply also feels betrayal every bit as deeply. Scorpios are jealous, sometimes horribly so. After all, every emotion they feel is enhanced by their fixed and water-driven nature. Jealousy is no different. The jealousy of a Scorpio can lead to acts of vengeance and a completely unforgiving nature. Once spurned, a Scorpio feels emptied and ruined. They lack the solidity of the earth signs, the rationality of the air signs, and the optimism of the fire signs. Chart-dominant Scorpios are ruled by their emotions and will react from depths of their emotional extremes.

Governed by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars, the Scorpio man is sexual and passionate as these two are the planets of sexuality and being carnal. Aries is more of actions for sex that drives the needs and impulse, Scorpio associates sex with emotion and love.

This guy can be a passionate lover or a complete pervert that will scare any partner away. It’s hard to say with him. It all depends on how restricted and inhibited he is. It can be difficult to understand his sexual fantasies, and he sometimes wants things few people would be willing to try.

Don’t Be Fool By Scorpio Man

This guy will never show his sensitivity. He will always wear a tough, rugged mask that will hide all of his true feelings. To know how his previous relationships ended, see the way how he is treating you in current relationship. If he has restrictions and unable to open up, it can mean that he has been hurt badly or things didn’t really turned out well in his previous romances, you’ll have to be patient and understanding before he can open himself fully to you.

He can come across as too controlling. He gets jealous and he wants his lady to be his one and only. When he is in a relationship, it is as if two people merged in their souls to become one.

It’s not that he wants to be controlling, in fact it can be draining too.. but that’s his nature. Also, Scorpio man finds it to be insecure when people, especially the opposite sex gets to close or friendly with her. Until he has full trust and confidence that no matter what, her love for him is undying, he will always has this constant insecurity and fear that will propel him to display a controlling attitude.

While some women enjoy this treatment, others simply can’t stand it. He can change the way he feels from one day to the other. For example, today he can be passionate and interested, tomorrow he can change to cold and indifferent. Well, let’s just say this is the nature of water, it is formless and can be unpredictable at times.

Inside romantic and caring, he only acts this way because he is trying to hide who he actually is. However, if you manage to put up with his mood swings, you’ll discover he’s someone next to whom you could spend a lot of time and not get bored. You won’t find his type of love in other signs.

How To Love A Scorpio Man?

To get a Scorpio man to commit to you in love and to love him in the right way, the best thing you can do, is to gain his trust. This man is extremely sensitive, he is able to feel much more and deeper than his Cancerean brother. The love and passion a Scorpio man has, can sometimes revitalised and transform him or it can crushed him and traumatised him. But whichever the case, positive or negative, the Scorpio man will definitely want to seek for a transformative experience in anything he does, including his love relationships.

Scorpio man is also very thorough and nothing superficial works for this guy. So make sure you are a woman of substance, and an independent woman who can stand up for herself and values integrity, honesty, faithfulness and loyalty which he needs badly in relationships. He can be your one-woman’s man but you have to show him that you can fit into his one-man’s woman criteria too.

Be emotionally stable and mature. Your Scorpio man wants a woman who is able to handle herself well and not to give herself away in a melodramatic way. If you are a woman who is composed and dignified in times of crisis or one who is able to stand firm no matter what happens, your Scorpio man will give his utmost respect to you.

Be embracing towards his flaws and also enjoy his passionate approaches and be ready to immerse into his world when it comes to sex. Sex is very important to a Scorpio man. No he isn’t one who will go around to flirt and have ONS and he isn’t one who will settle for casual sex. He can refrain from having sex for months or years if he knows that all he gets are just half-hearted sexual desires. Its not about kinky sex or just sex in action, but one that sears through your soul and skin, that you can feel your body trembles with lots of intense emotions, love and soul-binding moments. Having sex with a Scorpio man is like an experience of no other so you need to love, enjoy and want to explore this part of the adventure with him. It is definitely, transformative.

Things To Avoid If You Want A Scorpio Man 

Never lie! Scorpios are the best lies detectors among all the zodiac signs. His intuition is penetrating and it is effortless for him to see through you in seconds. Many people are hence intimidated by Scorpios because they are either intimidated of his over-empowering personality or they will love Scorpios because of their honesty and charms.

He doesn’t like people who are secretive, but he keeps his secrets very well hidden. If he’s in love with you, he will want to know all of your memories and how you felt about other relationships. He has this curiosity and he wants to know people better than he knows himself.

Before he decides if he should be friends with someone, he studies that person carefully to see if he or she is worth it. If he doesn’t have respect, he will never make friends with a person. While it is good to leave a little mystery about yourself, but when it comes to Scorpio man, you have to lay your cards on the table and be ready to bare your soul. It is not a relationship or love for the faint-hearted.

Signs Your Scorpio Man Likes You

  • Needless to say he will pursue you relentlessly. This sign is resilient and persevering in all his pursuits so if a Scorpio man sets eyes on you, very soon, he will make you his in no time. He is charismatic and his moves will melt your very heart.
  • When a Scorpio man likes you he will want to understand all of your emotional layers and one way to do this is to have knowledge about what you want. It won’t be surprising that he can spend all his weekend analysing you, strategizing his moves on how to win you over, scouring through all your social media profiles and even ask you lots of questions, just for the sake of knowing you in-depth. When a Scorpio man ask you plenty of questions, he is very interested in you. Otherwise he will be minding his own business and analysing other subjects and conserving his energies for his other quests.
  • He’ll be extremely protective and will do everything in his power to stand up for you and protect you when he likes you! He is known for his fierce loyalty and protection of the people in his life that he is closest to. This zodiac sign wants to make sure you are well taken care of and part of that includes making sure he has your back!
  • His intense stare at you sometimes sends chills down your spine but in an electrifying and loving way. Expect your Scorpio man to admire you and watch the little things you do. If the Scorpio man is falling for you he will become very observant as his focus is solely on you.
  • He wants to touch you and be close to you constantly. I have ever a Scorpio guy friend who confessed to me that he before he invest into a long-term relationship with a partner, he will tend to size things up to gauge the level of sexuality between them. If it is cold and not passionate (during dating stage) and the lady isn’t reciprocating well to his advances (kisses, touches), he will drop the ball and move on without even looking back.

What Happens If Your Scorpio Man Is Ignoring You?

Coming from my Scorpio male clients, here are the top 4 reasons why he will ignore you and what can you do about it?

  • “I don’t see any point acknowledging the person because the person is a horrible person. It will be a waste of time for me to get in contact with him.” – well obviously in this case, if you didn’t get into the good books of Scorpio, he won’t be even near your radar.
  • “I’m not doing it intentionally, I have a lot of things on my mind and I’m not paying attention.” – Ok this is legit, he can be intensely focus onto something that sucks up his energy and attention that he decides to ignore you for the time being. For few days it is fine but if it gets beyond 3-5 days, do the needful and get in touch with him. He wants to know that he matters to you too!
  • “I really like the person so much that I try to avoid them which might seem like I’m ignoring them. This only happened a handful of times and it occurs when I feel like a woman is too good for me and I ignore them or avoid them to help me get over the crush. I need to feel sure she is worth my time investing before I approach further.” – He feels insecure and unsure if he will be met by your rejection. Probably things didn’t advance to his expectations and he may tend to pull a step back to assess before he strikes again!
  • So much time has passed since we last spoke that it would be very awkward to reinitiate contact. Meaning, I would have to explain myself or hear someone elses explanation and I don’t care to explain or hear someone elses explanation. – Scorpio hates small talks and won’t get in touch with a person just for the sake of getting in touch.

But if you didn’t feel that you’ve did anything wrong and your Scorpio man is pulling away from you…? Then chances are he could be under stress or if you have encountered one of these that could have pulled him away from you. Not all Scorpio man is created equal and it is important to decode his personality and understand his inner world before it is too late.

If he is the one for you and you feel that you want to do all that you can to get your Scorpio man to love and to commit to you, you need to get the 5-Simple-Steps-To-Positive-Love to make your dreams a reality. It is non-manipulative, and you will have him love you in the most unconditional and natural way and he wouldn’t even sense that you are trying to get him closer to you! It is that simple, safe and practical.

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Make committed love happens with your Scorpio man, you can certainly do it and deserve it.



Jassy Clover


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