The best compatibility match for a Libra man

Perhaps you’re seeing a Libra guy or are already involved with one and aren’t sure if you’re the best fit for him or not. The following is information that may help answer your questions..

How Compatible Are You With A Libra?

1. The best match for Libra man

It’s hard to narrow women down to one sign that will work best for the Libra guy. There are many variables that play into compatibility than just sun sign alone.
That being said, when it comes to looking at the simplicity of Sun Signs and their compatibility, the best sign for the Libra man would be the Libra woman.
When the Libra man pairs up with a Libra woman, it’s a very natural union and it is as if he has found his feminine version of himself. Everything has 2 sides of a coin to it so even a Libra man and a Libra woman may not spell perfection. There are still things that they must work together in order to keep the relationship great and sane.
Libra are infamous for their indecisiveness, passiveness, and rather cold when it comes to love. Yes I know.. especially when Libra is ruled by Venus and it lives and breathes Love, how can it be cold when it comes to love? It is not that he doesn’t care or he is emotionless, but he is very objective and clear headed and not allowing emotions to rule all over his head. Which is not a bad thing! Someone has to be rationale and think of the bigger picture and Libra is one. His partner could be upset that he didn’t give her enough emotional support and while to Libra man, he felt that he has done nothing wrong.
When two Libras come together, we have two very cerebral individuals who will do their best to rationalize things until they may lose any emotional value. These partners value dedication, a spiritual approach to love, fineness and moderate choices, reasonable behavior that will not be judged by those around them. When it comes to this side of their relationship, two Libra representatives seem to be a perfect fit. If they let each other be who they are, they might become an inspiration for all of us, teaching us what a productive relationship really is.

2. Other sizzling matches

As Libra is an Air element, the zodiacs belonging to the Air elements will be a good pair together! They are Gemini and Aquarius!
Their thinkings, feelings and way of handling the relationship and how they live their daily lives are very much similar so there won’t be much drastic stark differences in them. For zodiac signs in the same element as Libra man, it makes the relationship flow naturally with teases and lots of fun time together. Not to say, before sex happens the mind has to be activated! It is always the mind before body.
Having an easy time in the relationship may not be always the best (although it seems great at first glance). There should be a little bit of challenges somewhere so that it builds up the relationship to something more solidify and creates the sparks and excitement to it. A little breakthrough as and when will propel each other to grow and learn.
As the saying goes, it is not just the good times but how we both can ride through the tough times.

Gemini + Libra

Both guided by the element of Air and this should give them a good start for their mental connection and verbal understanding. When it comes to sex, this is a plus, for they will both be free to communicate anything that bothers or satisfies them. They could find a way to tease and seduce each other with words, and in the end find a way to communicate everything else if they both care enough.

Libra + Aquarius

There is strong understanding between them due to their shared element of Air. Still, it can be quite difficult for them to get along especially with Aquarius’ need for spontaneity they often won’t last long enough for time to mend what gets broken. Whatever their story, they will have a lot of exciting things to live through together and if they fall in love, it would be a shame for a couple such as this one, not to give their relationship a try however it might end.

3. Who else? Is that all?

Of course, that’s not all. A great relationship doesn’t just depend on the Sun sign alone to achieve that! The ones I’ve listed above are somewhat the best matches but it’s certainly not the end. There are other signs that will work well with the Libra man.
Remember that no one is created equal and we are all unique. There goes the same to your special Libra man!
As Libra is an Air element, the zodiacs belonging to the Fire and Air elements (Fire and Air creates combustion!) will be a good pair together! They are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius!
Fire without air, no matter how much fuel it has, it cannot survive. Air can exist quite nicely without all that smoke but why does it still need fire? It’s the heat that it seeks. There is strong attraction between these 2 elements but there’s also an ever-present danger. Fire can burn so brightly in an Air person’s company that they forget to refuel. Then, the Air ends up putting out the fading fire. But as long as there’s even a tiny spark remaining, a breeze can rekindle it. Thus this relationship can carry on blowing hot and cold for a lifetime.

Libra + Aries

This pairing is good, exciting and where both partners can learn a lot and be active in a good way. When they are madly attracted to each other and fall in love, there is almost nothing that could separate them, no matter the differences. Wouldn’t we all like to find the middle ground with our loved one? They need to work on their bond, that’s a fact, but their relationship is a promise of a perfect fit of two souls meant to be together.

Libra + Leo

They have a lot to learn from each other, and the main goal of their relationship is to reach the point of shared respect and responsibility in a perfect balance of power. It will sometimes be hard for them to overcome the need for competing, trying to determine who is a better, smarter or a more capable person. Even if they don’t, their relationship will be something to enjoy and show off in public.

Libra + Sagittarius

This bond that allows these partners to develop their emotional, inner worlds and build their lives without negative influences. The only way for them to be happy together, is to respect each other fully and let each other do what they are meant to do. Libra should stick to their relationship and love, ruled by Venus, while Sagittarius should stick to their convictions and width, ruled by Jupiter, multiplying the love Libra provides.

4. Cusp signs and rising signs

If your sign isn’t mentioned above, don’t despair as there is more than it meets the eye when it comes to understanding compatibility. Rising signs can alter things as can Cusp signs.
Cusp signs are when someone is born in between one sign and another. This makes it so that the person can carry characteristics of both signs or they can lean more toward one than the other.
Rising sign is the sign that describes how the person appears to the world and who people believe they really are. It may also vary from their Sun sign which would be why they are a bit different.
Remember, it’s always best to get to know everything you can about the Libra man. It may be that no matter what your sign, your personality actually melds well with his.


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Keep well!
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Jassy Clover

Love, Relationships, Compatibility – In The Mind (Mercury)

Mercury in the Signs ☿️

Mercury not only signifies a person’s communication style and and thought process, but also explains what a person’s mental approach will be when it comes to sexuality and relationships. When it comes to relationships and getting a healthy dose of communication, understanding your partner’s Mercury placement is priceless.

Successful relationships are largely built on communication and affection. In Astrology, these are ruled by Mercury and Venus respectively. In my previous blog on understanding a man’s Venus sign could give away important clues to the type of woman he is most attracted to. You can read more about it here.

But today, we will just focus on the mercury aspects of understanding what exactly is going on in the mind of your special one!

Getting Into The Mind – Mercury

You can be an Aries but if you have your Mercury in Taurus, your thought processes could be less impulsive and you are more thorough and slow in your communicative style and decision making.

Are you aware of his Mercury sign? Well you better be because it will open up a lot of information into what is going on in this person’s mind! Click here to get a copy of his natal chart information ^.^

*Date of Birth, Time and Location of birth are required for highest accuracy*. If timing isn’t available, the most common used timing is 12pm as a gauge. It’s better than nothing and it is still close to accuracy for some cases.

Mercury in Aries:

He is quick to speak and he is exactly as his sign Aries so not much difference from how he thinks and how he acts in daily life! He speaks and think fast, direct and to-the-point and is quick to make decisions. Does he return your text lightning fast?? There is a tendency he might even forget about what he even said or texted you argh! He is generally enthusiastic and don’t always think before he speaks so if he does repeat himself about his interest towards you, then take his words for real! Be ready for verbal sparring!

Mercury in Taurus:

This man is slow to make a decision and sometimes may not even want to give you an answer until he is comfortable with his own plans. But rest assure that once he has decided, he is all in and he won’t change course. If he says he likes you, chances are he’ll stick to it unless something drastic happens! It is hard to change his mind and don’t even try changing him, for you may incur the wrath of the bull.

Mercury in Gemini:

He will be very animated when he speaks and he speaks super fast! Maybe his body and limbs will be involve when he talks. He is very inquisitive and curious about you so don’t take his words very seriously unless you’ve heard more than several times from him on the same context. Be ready for verbal diarrhea 🙂 he may just talk non stop if he’s in love!

Mercury in Cancer:

His words will be sentimental, emotional and he can be moody at times with his thoughts. This guy will be soft-spoken, gentle and never will he raise his voice at you. He can be very humorous when he’s relaxed and opened up to you so if he starts chatting away, you know you’ve got him! However, be ready to experience momentus of fluctuations in his temperament as this sign is ruled by the Moon and his thoughts could be unpredictable.

Mercury in Leo:

How to know if this guy is in love? When he starts to boast and showcase about how good he is and talks about his creation, leadership and how much achievements he’s got! He can be really entertaining and you will never get bored of this sign because he is born to perform and he’ll be the star and life of the party and venue! Be ready for love songs and poems!
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Mercury in Virgo:

He will be very analytical and dry in his words but you can be sure that he is super well organised and seldom leave any room for errors. He can be very thoughtful and caring when he’s in love and he will be practical and down to earth with his words and thoughts. He can be critical and cynical at times which can really drive you nuts with his endless nags!

Mercury in Libra:

He speaks with real charms and is an excellent communicator who is smooth, sauve and gentle. He can be indecisive at times as he is always trying to weigh up the best decision to benefit every person. He is fair with his thoughts and words and he avoids creating unnecessary provocation or conflicts. it will be really a breeze and joy talking to this guy!

Mercury in Scorpio:

He can have the best sarcasm that not many will get it but if you could, you will be an excellent reader of being able to read in-between the lines. His thoughts are calculated, piercing and sharp. He speaks little but it carries weight and is powerful. His words have the power to heal or to destruct. He can be full of secrets and you will never know the depths to his mind.

Mercury in Sagittarius:

Haha I love guys with Sagittarius in their Mercury because it is so hilarious and fun to be around them. He loves to inspire others with his speeches, and organize events to bring people together and get things done! He tends to use grandiose language, which can sometimes result in putting his foot in his mouth, and may enjoy arguing for the sake of arguing. Sagittarius is a freedom-seeking sign, so he doesn’t care if his ideas fit in with the crowd! He is very well learnt and read so you can count on this worldly sign to guide you in his thoughts

Mercury in Capricorn:

He has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, and a goal-oriented approach to life. You can sense that his words and thoughts and how he process them will be practical and traditional. He is highly organized and likely the type to jot notes down when you speak. He may speak little because he doesn’t want to give away himself too much and want to maintain his reputation or air of professionalism.

Mercury in Aquarius:

Sometimes you don’t even know what this guy is thinking or talking about because he can be light years ahead of us! Mercury in Aquarius is one of the most ingenious signs out there, and he is super intelligent and highly creative and innovative! Most of the times, he’s seen as detached, aloof, intellectual, logical, and cool. Others may find him a cryptic, technical, or socially awkward, but the truth is he is just a loner and a rebel and marches off to his own beat. He is the least emotional sign in the zodiac belt.

Mercury in Pisces:

He may sing and write you poems and love songs. His words are beautiful to the ears and could leave you in an ethereal world that you can’t decipher what’s real or unreal. You can be surprised by the way how he perceives and understand things, but that’s because he’s attuned to smaller meaningful and intuitive observations. He is caring and compassionate.
So have you already gotten the sign of your man’s Mercury planet? If you like to get him to get closer to you, you need to know more about him so that you could easily penetrate into the complexity of his world without breaking a sweat.
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Can Astrology Really Tell You Something About Your Relationship? – A Practical Overview

For hundreds and hundreds of centuries, sages, scholars, gurus and wise men have all at one time, used astrology as a tool to predict and forecast the events in their lives. At times, it could even mean life and death to them.

The most famous one being the Egyptians who paid particular interest to the brightest star on our galaxy – Sirius. This to them, very important, because when Sirius rises, the Nile River will flood. By knowing it’s cycle and trends, they can evacuate and save millions of lives. Farmers will also find it useful when it comes to planning  of their crops harvestations.

When you go for a holiday, I’m sure you will do your homework to check out the local weather before booking your tickets and tours! You will avoid going at a period where the weather will conflict with the itineraries you have in mind, otherwise it will be so dampening for the entire trip!

Imagine flying all the way to Tokyo Mount Fuji in September and gotten your Mt. Fuji trip cancelled due to an Earthquake! Yeah that person was me! I didn’t do my due diligence and later found out that Sept was the month of their earthquake season!

So everything in the Universe, has more a less a significant influence on us, whether you like it or not, they are here to stay. Astrology revolves around the idea that we pick up energies from the universe and its celestial bodies, which are the intermediaries connecting us to the greater cosmos.

So can we really use astrology to guide us in our relationships?

The answer is an astounding YES! But only on one condition – to have your entire natal chart done up and analysed.

In examining romantic relationships, and compatibility between couples, there are quite a number of elements in play. Here, are some of my notes to share with you and what to look out for and what they mean for you and your lover:

How attracted a man is to a woman:

Relationship astrology explained

This speaks a lot about how his Venus ♀️ energies are blending in with her personal planets!
If there’s a harmonious blend of his Venus energies to a woman’s personal planets, there will be a sense of comfort and familiarity when he is with you.
But if Venus is afflicted (not in a favourable position), there will be friction and creates repulsion of the union of coming together at ease. Some interesting combination is a blend of two person’s chart with these aspects:
  • Venus♀️/Sun☀️ (very amicable and giving)
  • Venus♀️/Moon🌙 (comfortable at heart, it just flows)
  • Venus♀️/Mercury☿️ (you can read each other so well!) and so on.
Relationship astrology explained How open is he when he’s in love? What is holding him back? What are his fears? What is he wary of when giving himself into a committed relationship?
His Pluto ♇ energies (his secrets and obsessions), Saturn ♄ energies (fears and worries) and his Chiron (what hurts and heals him) could give away many clues about him.
  • Pluto♇/Venus♀️ shares a theme about him being possessive and obsessive in love, not willing to reveal much but secretly he could be checking you out.
  • Positive Pluto/Venus energies give a person intensive yet passionate loving nature while the challenging energies of Pluto/Venus gives a more manipulative, and obsessive nature.
  • Saturn♄ /Moon🌙 energies restrict a person on how he reveals his emotions and is fearful of letting his heart out. Or it could mean very good discipline in his emotions and is serious and committed in his relationship.
  • Find out dating and love styles from these zodiac men below:
    1. ARIES
    2. TAURUS
    3. GEMINI
    4. CANCER
    5. LEO
    6. VIRGO
    7. LIBRA
    8. SCORPIO
    11. AQUARIUS
    12. PISCES
Relationship astrology explainedHave you ever been in a relationship that started off with a BANG and you just felt that he/she is the right one, only to find that the relationship fades into the background a little too early?
Or perhaps you crave for a long term committed relationship but most of the time, you get partners who are either unavailable or for some reasons the relationship tend to die off faster than you could even imagine.
When there are aspects of the planet Uranus ♅ influencing Venus ♀️, it tends to give an exciting yet short-lived affairs.
If the energies are positive, the relationship will be stimulating and refreshing. But if the aspects are negative and challenging, such relationships then to die off and resurface later to reunite. The time spent apart is longer than being together but it is highly stimulating that keeps the couple coming back for more even though they know there’s not much staying power in the relationship.

Has he been acting distant and unavailable? Understand his love language and find out what you can do to make committed love happens.


In conclusion, you can’t just look at the basic compatibility of the sign based out of you and his date of birth. Or to use each other’s sun, moon, and ascending signs to gauge on the relationship compatibility level. By doing so, it would be the equivalent of taking a blood test and not fully reading it, or trying to read it selectively.

A doctor would not just look at three things. They have to read the entire panel to draw any conclusions. The truth is that your whole chart needs to be done in order to have any predictive value.

So the takeaway is that, you should never dismiss a romantic relationship with someone just by their sun sign, moon sign, or ascendant sign—just because they are incompatible with you. Astrology is a whole science – connecting us to the bigger self through the Universe energies. The more you understand the soulful workings of the Universe, the more you will be able to apprehend why certain events and people come into your life – while some has chosen to stay.. some, on the other hand, have decided to go..







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