How Compatible Are You With Him?

Astrological dynamics in a relationship – How Compatible Are You With Him?

When it comes to love and relationships, I often get the same question, “Do we have a good match?”  Or, even better… “Is he or she THE ONE?”

I guess ultimately, it all boils down to one question that only you could ask yourself — what do you really want out of a relationship?

Some people wants novelty.

Some want to start a family and have kids.

Some just want a companionship.

For some, they crave stability and affection.

While there are some who loved to be adored and some, who just loves to do the adoration.

There is no hard formula to deciding what’s a good match since different people have different needs and wants in their relationships. 

For people who seek stability in love, any changes will create disruptions and insecurities in their lives. While on the other hand, those who seek novelty and spontaneity, to them, change is the only constant and they love the surprises and varieties that come along with it. So it all depends.

The simplest way to put across, will be to understand the energies dynamics that surrounds the relationship theme.

Take a look below at the different energies emitted from the 12 zodiac signs when they rub shoulders with one another.

Find out what’s your geometry dynamics with your special person!

The Same Zodiac Sign 

Couples who share the same sign in a relationship have very similar taste, personalities and even the way how they handle things in any given situation are closely matched.

This is one of those instant-connection sorts of relationships. You feel this person is a kindred spirit. You’re likely to see many similar qualities in your partner that you find in yourself!

It’s like looking at yourself in a mirror, but occasionally you can easily see a reflection of your own flaws through your partner’s eyes.

For the most part, it should be an easy flow depending upon how self-aware you are. If, however, you’re less in touch with yourself and your own flaws, seeing them mirrored back to you can be alarming, but from which you can potentially experience the biggest growth.

Same signs couples:

    • Aries-Aries
    • Taurus-Taurus
    • Gemini-Gemini
    • Cancer-Cancer
    • Leo-Leo
    • Virgo-Virgo
    • Libra-Libra
    • Scorpio-Scorpio
    • Sagittarius-Sagittarius
    • Capricorn-Capricorn
    • Aquarius-Aquarius
    • Pisces-Pisces

One Zodiac Sign Apart

When you are born a sign apart, your relationship is very supportive and is likened to a mentor-student sort of relationship.

The student (can be the earlier or later zodiac sign) will feel as if they have much to learn from the teacher and the teacher will have an understanding/empathy for their student that they can’t quite explain.

Other than that the relationship feels lukewarm and nothing much about being passionate or affectionate. This applies when the couple’s energies are mostly 1 zodiac sign apart.

You approach life differently and therein lies the potential attraction or even nothing at all because of the difference.

You have the ability to complement each other when it comes to your strengths. Balance and success in this relationship come from allowing the one who wants to take the lead to lead, and the one who wants to follow to do just that.

1 Zodiac sign apart couples:

    • Aries-Taurus
    • Taurus-Gemini
    • Gemini-Cancer
    • Cancer-Leo
    • Leo-Virgo
    • Virgo-Libra
    • Libra-Scorpio
    • Scorpio-Sagittarius
    • Sagittarius-Capricorn
    • Capricorn-Aquarius
    • Aquarius-Pisces
    • Pisces-Aries

Two Signs Apart

Friendship should come easily between you two, and it is cohesive, flowing, even though at times, the differences between you can result in a “fight, break-up, make-up” sort of relationship, there will be still affections and teasing between the both of you!

Luckily that dynamic tends to happen quickly and your relationship moves on to the next conversation. Anything unresolved between you, however, will have a tendency to come back and repeat itself over and over again… even years later!

If you can maintain a core of friendship between the two of you, this relationship has the potential to last.

2 Zodiac signs apart couples:

    • Aries-Gemini
    • Aries-Aquarius
    • Taurus-Cancer
    • Taurus-Pisces
    • Gemini-Aries
    • Gemini-Leo
    • Cancer-Taurus
    • Cancer-Virgo
    • Leo-Gemini
    • Leo-Libra
    • Virgo-Cancer
    • Virgo-Scorpio
    • Libra-Leo
    • Libra-Sagittarius
    • Scorpio-Virgo
    • Scorpio-Capricorn
    • Sagittarius-Libra
    • Sagittarius-Aquarius
    • Capricorn-Scorpio
    • Capricorn-Pisces
    • Aquarius-Aries
    • Aquarius-Sagittarius
    • Pisces-Taurus
    • Pisces-Capricorn

Three Signs Apart

More often than not, such relationship poses the most amount of challenges but is also the one that could withstand the storms and emerged to be the strongest relationship ever.

But before that happens, both partners will sense an underlying tension when it comes to understanding each other. You approach life from an entirely different perspective and may feel as if your way of doing something is always not the one that your partner can see eye-to-eye with.

There can be constant clashes and conflicts that arise from the way how you both each handle a situation, how you both think or speak and love.

Tension can be a good thing if it leads you to being more self-aware and then, in turn, to understanding someone who is different than you are. Is that what you’re looking for? No one said a relationship had to be easy. The best relationship is always one that can last through the test of times!

3 Zodiac signs apart couples:

    • Aries-Cancer
    • Aries-Capricorn
    • Taurus-Leo
    • Taurus-Aquarius
    • Gemini-Virgo
    • Gemini-Pisces
    • Cancer-Libra
    • Cancer-Aries
    • Leo-Taurus
    • Leo-Scorpio
    • Virgo-Gemini
    • Virgo-Sagittarius
    • Libra-Cancer
    • Libra-Capricorn
    • Scorpio-Leo
    • Scorpio-Aquarius
    • Sagittarius-Virgo
    • Sagittarius-Pisces
    • Capricorn-Aries
    • Capricorn-Libra
    • Aquarius-Taurus
    • Aquarius-Scorpio
    • Pisces-Gemini
    • Pisces-Sagittarius

Four Signs Apart

This is one of those relationships that feels the luckiest and happiest!

They just flow naturally and effortlessly because of an underlying empathy that exists between the couple. You feel, act, love and think similarly.

You approach life in basically the same way. This match is one that typically can have success more than any of the other combinations that exist.

This is a natural pair that should work from the get-go. You have the power within this relationship to get rid of any misunderstandings that may come between you.

However, as much as the relationship is smooth-sailing and easy, couples should be cautious about becoming complacent as it will result in stagnancy and lackluster in the relationship. When boredom steps in, you’ll know what’s next..

4 Zodiac signs apart couples:

    • Aries-Leo
    • Aries-Sagittarius
    • Taurus-Virgo
    • Taurus-Capricorn
    • Gemini-Libra
    • Gemini-Aquarius
    • Cancer-Scorpio
    • Cancer-Pisces
    • Leo-Aries
    • Leo-Sagittarius
    • Virgo-Taurus
    • Virgo-Capricorn
    • Libra-Gemini
    • Libra-Aquarius
    • Scorpio-Cancer
    • Scorpio-Pisces
    • Sagittarius-Aries
    • Sagittarius-Leo
    • Capricorn-Taurus
    • Capricorn-Virgo
    • Aquarius-Gemini
    • Aquarius-Libra
    • Pisces-Cancer
    • Pisces-Scorpio

Five Signs Apart

Typically, there will be some element of miscommunication or inability to communicate completely effectively that can undermine this relationship.

When the signs are 5 zodiacs apart, in astrological terms, this relationship has pretty much nothing at all in common. Thus, it is very difficult for the planets to communicate with each other.

For example, if your Sun is in Gemini (mutable air) and your Moon is in Taurus (fixed earth) there will be a big gap between your emotions (Moon) and your understanding of yourself (Sun).

This relationship can be very difficult to survive with because each of you will always feel at odds with the other.

As usual, nothing can break a beautiful love as long as communications, empathy, kindness and commitment are in place, don’t you agree?

5 Zodiac signs apart couples:

    • Aries-Virgo
    • Aries-Scorpio
    • Taurus-Libra
    • Taurus-Sagittarius
    • Gemini-Scorpio
    • Gemini-Capricorn
    • Cancer-Sagittarius
    • Cancer-Aquarius
    • Leo-Capricorn
    • Leo-Pisces
    • Virgo-Aries
    • Virgo-Aquarius
    • Libra-Taurus
    • Libra-Pisces
    • Scorpio-Aries
    • Scorpio-Gemini
    • Sagittarius-Taurus
    • Sagittarius-Cancer
    • Capricorn-Gemini
    • Capricorn-Leo
    • Aquarius-Cancer
    • Aquarius-Virgo
    • Pisces-Leo
    • Pisces-Libra

Six Signs Apart

Heard of opposites attract don’t you?

There are 12 zodiac signs altogether, so when we come to 6 signs apart, that refers to zodiacs of the opposite signs!

Those of the opposite sex born under this combination will have an intense attraction between the two of you.

Those of the same sex, will have an underlying envy of what the other person has that you know you lack. The inner urge to copy one another will be hard to resist, so we often find ourselves imitating those of our opposite sign.

That in and of itself can stir up difficulty in this relationship as it causes us to look at ourselves truly for who we are. Ultimately, however, THAT can be the greatest gift in this relationship. Being more aware of who you are allows you to be more free to be yourself without any limitations.

6 Zodiac signs apart couples:

    • Aries-Libra
    • Taurus-Scorpio
    • Gemini-Sagittarius
    • Cancer-Capricorn
    • Leo-Aquarius
    • Virgo-Pisces

Now you are aware of the dynamism and the energies that revolve around the different zodiacs.

A simple way is to get hold of you and your partner’s natal chart and find out what is your dominant zodiac energies.

If out of 12 zodiac signs you have 4 or more planets sitting on 1 zodiac sign that will be your dominant!

But in the event that your planets are evenly split, then the best way to do is to understand the planets’ zodiac signs between the two of you. For love, it will be Venus and for sexuality compatibility, it will be Mars!

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The best compatibility match for a Leo man

Are You A Good Match To A Leo Man?

Perhaps you’re seeing a Leo guy or are already involved with one and aren’t sure if you’re the best fit for him or not. The following is information that may help answer your questions!

The best match for Leo man♌ 

It’s hard to narrow women down to one sign that will work best for the Leo guy. There are many variables that play into compatibility than just sun sign alone.
That being said, when it comes to looking at the simplicity of Sun Signs and their compatibility, the best sign for the Leo man would be the Leo woman.
When the Leo man pairs up with a Leo woman, it’s a very natural union and it is as if he has found his feminine version of himself. Everything has 2 sides of a coin to it so even a Leo man and a Leo woman may not spell perfection. There are still things that they must work together in order to keep the relationship great and sane.
Leo are infamous for their impatience, impulse, and their bossiness and arrogance which can sometimes be hurting for sensitive partners. They can come across as too self-centric and selfish.
When two Leos come together, we have two very warm and passionate people sharing an intense crazy amount of energies in a relationship. They can share many adventurous moments together and the only way to sustain the relationship, one of them has to be rational and less aggressive and to stay calm. If none of them has this rational, grown-up ability, it is only possible to prolong their relationship based on superficial activities and sex, of course.
This pair will be a powerful and dynamic duo which can take the world on their hands. There will be tonnes of sparks flying around and it never will be a boring and routine relationship.

Other sizzling matches

As Leo is a Fire element, the zodiacs belonging to the Fire elements will be a good pair together! They are Aries and Sagittarius!
Their thinkings, feelings and way of handling the relationship and how they live their daily lives are very much similar so there won’t be much drastic stark differences in them. For zodiac signs in the same element as Leo man, it makes the relationship flow naturally with teases and lots of fun time together. Not to say, sex and passion are off the roof as well!
Having an easy time in the relationship may not be always the best (although it seems great at first glance). There should be a little bit of challenges somewhere so that it builds up the relationship to something more solidify and creates the sparks and excitement to it. A little breakthrough as and when will propel each other to grow and learn.
As the saying goes, it is not just the good times but how we both can ride through the tough times.

Leo♌ + Aries♈

Both are passionate and dramatic, but they don’t seem to mind an occasional fight. It is almost impossible to separate them as they stubbornly hold on to the idea of their future together when they are deeply in love. They are fighters in love and will not be afraid to fight for what they believe in love and for each other. They are both protective and loving towards each other.

Leo♌ + Sagittarius♐

This is a lively, funny and humorous pair! They are both adventurous and idealistic. The only thing about Sagi woman is that she can be difficult to pin down. Leo wants constant validation, and whole hearted devotion from his partner which can irritate Sagittarius at times, insensitive to what Leo’s ego might want. They are masters of romance and passion and are charmers to each other.

Who else? Is that all?

Of course, that’s not all. A great relationship doesn’t just depend on the Sun sign alone to achieve that! The ones I’ve listed above are somewhat the best matches but it’s certainly not the end. There are other signs that will work well with the Leo man.
Remember that no one is created equal and we are all unique. There goes the same to your special Leo man!
As Leo is a Fire element, the zodiacs belonging to the Fire and Air elements (Fire and Air creates combustion!) will be a good pair together! They are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius!
Fire without air, no matter how much fuel it has, it cannot survive. Air can exist quite nicely without all that smoke but why does it still need fire? It’s the heat that it seeks. There is strong attraction between these 2 elements but there’s also an ever-present danger. Fire can burn so brightly in an Air person’s company that they forget to refuel. Then, the Air ends up putting out the fading fire. But as long as there’s even a tiny spark remaining, a breeze can rekindle it. Thus this relationship can carry on blowing hot and cold for a lifetime.

Leo + Gemini

Gemini and Leo can have so much fun that it could make the rest of the zodiac envious. They both consider their day best spent in laughter, and if they share friends, they could seem like a perfect couple. Their main challenge is the difference in their approach to change and they both need to make room for small adjustments in their behavior if they want their relationship to last.

Leo + Libra

They have a lot to learn from each other, and the main goal of their relationship is to reach the point of shared respect and responsibility in a perfect balance of power. It will sometimes be hard for them to overcome the need for competing, trying to determine who is a better, smarter or a more capable person. Even if they don’t, their relationship will be something to enjoy and show off in public.

Leo + Aquarius

These 2 are the oppositions to each other and hence the attraction! The desires for all things fun and creative bring out the very best of this pairing. Ideas of the Aquarius are put into action by Leo lady and they will have ongoing projects together, thriving for greater cause while Leo will shine at her best which Aquarius will gladly allow her to do so. If they want to be together, they will both need to avoid their tendency towards stubborn resistance to other people and to each other.

Cusp signs and rising signs

If your sign isn’t mentioned above, don’t despair as there is more than it meets the eye when it comes to understanding compatibility. Rising signs can alter things as can Cusp signs.
Cusp signs are when someone is born in between one sign and another. This makes it so that the person can carry characteristics of both signs or they can lean more toward one than the other.
Rising sign is the sign that describes how the person appears to the world and who people believe they really are. It may also vary from their Sun sign which would be why they are a bit different.
Remember, it’s always best to get to know everything you can about the Leo man. It may be that no matter what your sign, your personality actually melds well with his.



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I hope I have been of some help to you. I wish you all the best with your Leo and hope to hear wonderful news from you soon.
Keep well!
Your Relationship Astrologer and Friend,
Jassy Clover

Powerful New Beginnings – Capricorn Solar Eclipse 26 December 2019

new moon solar eclipse, solar eclipse capricorn, 2019 solar eclipse

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

New Beginnings. Powerful Revelations. (Dec 2019)


We are approaching our last new moon of 2019 on December 26 in Capricorn. The occurrence of the solar eclipse refers to the alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth coinciding with a new moon which signals the closeness of the Moon to the ecliptic plane. Solar eclipse happens when part of the earth gets shadowed by the Moon when it passes in front of the sun.

During this time, the eclipse will be visible in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Northern Mariana and Guam. This won’t be just any new moon but one that will coincides with a solar eclipse, that will entirely change the mood and energy of how it will affect all of us. Let’s find out what do new moon and solar eclipse mean and how would they impact us in a significant way.


In astrology, new moons symbolise new beginnings and fresh starts. Manifestation of fresh energies and the launch of new projects and new determination. With this special eclipse new moon, it will unlock previous closed doors and bring about exciting advancements to stale projects and open up new opportunities. This eclipse will certainly rock your boat, but in a way that’s best for your personal growth. With the solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn, work, career, ambitions as well as your reputation and social status will be highlighted in the coming year, and energies in these areas will be intensified.


Everyone will experience different influences during the eclipse. Depending on how your natal chart is constructed, it will reveal astounding insights on how your energies are exchanging with the collective events that are unfolding.


This is a period that’s pretty much exciting to watch out for. Lucky Jupiter will be in the sign of Capricorn till Dec 2020. It signifies growth, abundance and good luck. One thing for sure, Jupiter will balance out the heavy solemn energies of Capricorn and create a sense of relief and ease while you press on in your endeavour. A side note about Jupiter is that, this is a planet of expansion, so whatever it touches, seeks to be expanded. Great for good news but not so for dramas! Meanwhile, relationships and finances could be taking a challenging hit due to the squaring off between unpredictable and unruly Uranus and Venus – the planet of love, money and pleasures. If you feel any at all negative with your current situations, all you could do is to have faith (big faith!) and trust you have the grit to ride the waves out.


With persistency and hard work, tangible results will be guaranteed as depicted by Capricorn, it is only a matter of time. But you have a choice to adverse the situation quickly to your ultimate advantage. Along the way, there will be handful of pleasant surprises coming up which some could even sweep you off your feet in the most unexpected way! This is so because lovely lucky Jupiter is coinciding with electrifying Uranus to form a harmonious aspect and during this time, you will feel optimism despite down times, able to see the value and lessons of what you’ve been put through and rise above any suffocating situations on hand. There’s no better time in undertaking those daunting tasks on hand.


If your Rising Star, Sun and Moon signs are as follow, you may wish to pay a lil’ more attention to what the partial solar eclipse will bring. It will linger for ~6 months, longer than the usual 4 weeks:

December 2019 Solar Eclipse Horoscope, insidecloverastrology, astrology predictions

December 2019 Solar Eclipse Horoscope

  • ARIES: Tame that fire and watch your words. Lots of major decisions to be made. Career is the theme.
  • TAURUS: Letting go and seek new beginnings! You need strong faith to believe in yourself and you can do it. The stars are at your favour so start breaking out from your old patterns!
  • GEMINI: Big transition period for you. This is a time to tear down whatever isn’t working and rebuilding everything from scratch. A heightened time for self-realisation. Focus is the theme.
  • CANCER: Time to bring your existing relationship or partnership to another solid level. If something isn’t working anymore, time to call it quits. There’s a way better one out there for you.
  • LEO: Time to move ahead Leo. You have some habits of yours that’s been putting everything to a halt. Readjust your routine, restart your button to a more productive and progressive one.
  • VIRGO: You have a knack for being observant and detailed oriented and this the time to put this into good use and bring forth your ideas and creativity to fruition. Time to shine your light on stage!
  • LIBRA: Family is the theme. Foster closer bonds with those who matter and mend up broken relationship with love ones. There’s more to gain by releasing that 3 letter word — ego.
  • SCORPIO: Great time for you to pursue new learnings and skills. You have strong mental power and able to grasp meaning and communicate them articulately to anyone you meet.
  • SAGITTARIUS: Good money aspects. To sustain wealth as much as you create wealth, you must first understand its value. It is not just about making money that gives you happiness, but what good can you make out of it and create more positive values in you.
  • CAPRICORN: A time to focus on and bringing out your true identity and assert yourself. This is a period of self transformation which you can’t help but feel that a brand new you is emerging. Embrace and accept it.
  • AQUARIUS: A period of self-undoing and reflections. Your intuition is screaming for you to be awakened to that inner voice of yours. You could be in the moment of getting in touch with the higher self, the spiritual realm or even your higher consciousness. Acknowledge and embrace the truth.
  • PISCES: As selfless as you can be, there’ll be much going on in your circle of friends, communities or groups that you usually hang out with. Feel free to let go of those who can’t fit in your life, you don’t have to always play the role of saviour/martyr.


So what are the stars telling about you? Are they pointing favourably towards your next career move? Is family theme in the picture? Will marriage or a new relationship be highlighted during this period?

Share your thoughts about how you feel during this period. Comment with “I affirm” for the immense strength to manifest from within.


All the best!



How To Find Your Destiny And Be Successful In Life And Love

how to find your destiny and be successful in life, north star

It all boils down to revealing of your Northern Star!

We have heard people saying, “This is my north star.” And Pierce Brosnan has also famously quoted his wife Keely, of being his “North Star”, after she guided him through a series of personal tragedies.

So what exactly is North Star in astrology?

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, North Star or Pole Star refers to the star of the northern hemisphere toward which the axis of the earth points. And in one of Havard Business Review’s articles, Northstar represents the highest personal aspiration in our life direction that comes with a grand purpose.

So to say, your North Star is your personal mission statement. It’s the ultimate destiny you are heading towards in this lifetime.

So what’s your North Star? How Do You Find The Purpose In Life?

    1. Is it being the best parent you can be?
    2. Is it to be creative and dare to take the world as your stage?
    3. Is it to revolutionise the way how the world commute daily?
    4. Is it to empower children with special needs?
    5. Is it to rid the world of poverty, suffering, and attain world peace?
    6. Or is it to practise compassion and selflessness towards others?

Does everyone has a North star?

I believe everyone comes to Earth for a reason and for this reason, only you would have the capacity to fulfil what your mission is. And along the way you will have events and people that come along (good or bad) to guide you to where you need to be. But does that mean that you need to have a lofty North star mission before considering to have a valid North star purpose? Not really..

We are plagued by everyday’s problems and issues that many of us could be stuck in a mud. Some could be spun around in an endless painful loop and have yet to find the way to breakthrough themselves. As such, finding your North star could be the answer to your way out.

What And Where Is Your North Star/North Node

Your astrology chart is unique and it defines the axis points of the planets and stars from the very moment you were born. It sorts of points out the destiny that has already been carved out for you, but that’s not final or fixed! You can either amplify that to your advantage or if you aren’t able to push through the negativities, it can be challenging to attain what the Universe has already in place for you.

Finding where your North star is situated in your chart, reveals a whole new picture about where you’re heading towards and what makes your life journey fulfilled and meaningful. In astrology, North star is known as the North Node in your chart.

There are 2 things to find out:

    1. Which zodiac sign is your North Node in?

    2. Which astrology house is it situated?

Zodiac sign (Aries – Pisces) are in fact energies that influence our actions, behaviours, thoughts and deeds. So by understanding the characteristics of your North Node sign, you can decode a lot about what you need in order to bring out the best in you.

Astrology Houses in an astrology chart refers to the important aspects in your life. Together with the zodiac sign that your North Node is placed, in one of the twelve houses, you will know which aspect of your life needs to display that form of energy in order to make you feel revitalised and fulfilled!

For eg. Your North Node is placed in the 7th house with Taurus as the sign. Let’s decode that and first let’s understand what 7H and Taurus mean.

7th House = 7H is ruled naturally by Libra and is a house for relationships, partnerships, 1-on-1 personal relationship. It talks about marriage, union, love, pleasure, beauty, fairness, objectivity and justice. This is a house of ‘others’ vs the ’self’ house that is represented in the 1st house.

Taurus = a slow moving earth sign and is very dedicated and persevering in whatever he/she does. It is nurturing, peace-loving, gentle and a home-body. Taurus is steadfast and very loyal but can be the most stubborn sign in the zodiac belt which finds it hard come out from the rut when it is time to let go. Heard of the raging bull in chinatown? Ok that’s Taurus. Don’t mess or push a Taurus too far you don’t want to see an angered charging bull. I’ll say just let it graze the field and nudge it a little by little to get your point across. Like Libra (they both are ruled by Venus) they hate war, hate conflicts and love peace.

Creating breakthroughs in relationship and love! Crack his love language and discover the relationship theme between you two!


Depending on the other factors in the chart, there are many ways to interpret how North Node turns out for you. For ease of this article, I’ll provide the general snapshot of what it means –

The destiny of a Taurus 7H North Node is to learn how to be comfortable while being in a committed relationship. Learn to be relaxed and at ease with another person rather than being paranoid or pulling your heart close to your sleeves that forbid anyone to know you. Let go of the need to be controlling and bare your soul to your partner without worrying to be hurt. You are very protective of yourself because you feel love to the deepest core and you love with a burning soul.

When a relationship ends, you feel immense pain and hurt and are therefore scared to commit too much, putting a leg out of the relationship for fear of being scarred. And that’s because of this, you can’t enjoy a fulfilling relationship because you are thinking of ‘escaping’ all the times.. But that’s all about love! You learn along the way and understand the meaning behind each lesson and event that gets unfolded. You can be possessive and wants commitment from a partner fast as you want him/her to be as invested as you.

Do allow relationships to develop at their own pace and take your time to know a person well before deciding to a committed union. You have the ability to stay with a partner for long so decide who you want to spend your life happily with and don’t rush. There’s quite a fair bit of drama in your relationships and subconsciously you might instigate something out of nothing in order to have that as drama and transformative relationships are what makes you alive and happy. Learn to have relationships with stable, dependable, and practical people. Invest in long lasting, steady, reliable significant relationships while exploring the sensual side of it. The goal is to learn how to value your significant other and most importantly, learning to trust and to let go

The interpretation of the North Node will be different if it happens to be in Sagittarius sign and on 4th house. Where the theme could surround long distance travel for the family or you probably could settle abroad with your family. So understanding your North Node position and what it entails could help you to work towards that goal, giving you a sense of purpose and achievement in this journey.

Achieving your north star is not the final destination

Heard of the phrase, “It is not the destination but the journey that matters’? Don’t get too fried up whether or not you’ve achieved your North Node goal. The entire purpose of it is to learn what matters to you along the way. Be it to get the meaning behind the meeting of a new partner, the lesson to learnt behind each failure, and the reason behind why certain things unfold the way they did. The whole point of your north star is to help you make informed decisions and how you can be better in your next endeavour. Be content with your progress, knowing that you’re one step closer towards your destiny!

Your north star can change!

Planets rotate and evolve every second so does your needs and wants and your North Node too! Over time you may find that your direction changes as you evolve. That’s completely normal. You may experience something that pushes you in a different direction which means it’s time to set a new target and aim. This could mean an extension to your current North Node goal or a new one altogether.

So, what’s yours? Where’s your north star pointing you to?



Jassy Clover

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