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What are the Top 10 indicators to success in life?

When it comes to the word “success”, many still tend to associate it with social status, career position, amount of money made or the amount of influences one has.. 

10 indicators to success in life; astrology success indicators

In actual fact, studies have shown that the most successful people are the ones who are able to manage their relationships well and lead fulfilling and purposeful lives. So in Astrology, there are 10 major areas that are crucial in identifying how to lead a person closer to their success. It is nonetheless, to know the significance of each planet’s role in your chart and what do they represent!

  • Sun☀️: Sun is the core in our solar system while the other planets surrounds it. So it represents our way of life, our directions. An Aries Sun life direction is very much different to a Cancer Sun. Aries view life as dynamic and passionate and wants to charge ahead, living it out spontaneously. Cancer on the other hand, takes charge as well but more towards feeling its way around and testing the water before plunging in. Cancers are more private and deep compared to Aries who is an open book and what you see is what you get. So knowing about the zodiac that represent the planet will give a good indicator of how a person will go about handling a particular aspect in life that will largely influence his decisions and actions made


  • Moon🌙: Moon signifies our emotional needs and that instinctive, intuitive side of us. What is needed in order to feel nurtured, cared and safe? What makes us emotionally strong and emotionally fulfilled? Moon in a man’s chart represents his significant woman in life and in this case Moon also signifies Mother and/or Wife. So to know what type of woman he’s most likely to marry, check his moon sign ‘cos this is how he’ll feel most at ease with. Also Moon is the source for emotions turmoil, fluctuations and unease. Depending where your Moon is aspecting, it will bring out a certain theme in you and how you feel during that period. E.g if you have been feeling hopeful, optimistic and very positive, it could be your Moon is having an aspect (forming a connection) to the transiting Jupiter or Venus in the sky! However do pay attention to over optimism and over indulgence. In any endeavour, there needs to be careful application of wisdom and insights to separate from what’s real and unreal, being realistic.


  • Mercury☿️: This is the planet of communications, thoughts, agility, wits, and learning/reading. Mercury is also known as Hermes in the Greek mythology. How literacy inclined are we and as Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, it is highly intelligent and an analytical planet. Due to its dual functionality, people with heavy Mercury traits usually tend to have dual personalities, are versatile and they also speak very FAST! If you have Mercury in Pisces you probably are soft spoken and rather creative with your thoughts. Someone with Mercury in Sagittarius will be inclined to worldly affairs, teaching and traveling most of the times in order to feel expansive in life! Mercury also indicates learning curve and skills obtained. It display alot about a child’s speech and learning progress during their formation years too. Check out a video of what I’ve done for Greta Thunberg. She has autism and it is shown by her Mercury Retrograde in her own natal astrology chart. When Mercury goes direct, she gained her speech power and delivered her talks in the UN in 2019. Amazing how the planets and stars movements can tell so much stories about a person’s behaviour and the overall psyche being projected!


  • Venus♀️: This planets rules money, wealth, pleasure, happiness and love! It also rules sensuality, attractiveness and partnerships. This planet is one of the luckiest ones in the zodiac belt! Wherever Venus is placed, it brightens up the area of the chart and bringing good tidings wherever it goes. But too much of Venus may make a person vain and lazy. There are always 2 sides of a coin and even a good thing, could turn out to be negative if the qualities are being misused and abused. Venus is best in the sign of Pisces. It shows unconditional and selfless love and it is love at the highest level. You are naturally well-liked by others and people are just so drawn to you to want to help you out! Lucky you! Venus is the dominant planet to display a person’s preferences of giving love and receiving love. It speaks the love language and if you can understand someone’s Venus’ sign, you more or less are able to know how to get into his/her good books! Time to find out about your Bosses’ stars to get into their good books! 😆
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  • Mars♂️: This is the planet of drives, motivations, sexuality, combativeness, courage, dominance, power and a force to be reckon with. Mars is known as the God of War. A complete opposite of Venus which is ruled by Aphrodite. To be a successful person, you will need to be persevering and initiates by taking charge in life. If your Mars is weak, high chance that you can’t really assert yourself much and tend to be lead by others without a mind of your own. This is especially so if your Mars is in Cancer.. And Mars is most comfortable and being able to be at its best in the sign of Capricorn!

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  • Jupiter ♃: The luckiest and most fortunate and expansive planet in astrology! Jupiter expands whatever it touches including your waistline too haha! Too much of Jupiter could be unhealthy as it could lead a person to over-indulgence, over-optimistic and over-confident that he fails to see the practical side of things and find it difficult to accomplish the objectives on hands. But no matter what, Jupiter is always very lucky so it will still have an easing effect even when placed in the most disastrous place in an astrology chart. In order to know how a person feels happiest and luckiest in life, know the sign it’s in. Jupiter is happiest when it is in the sign of Cancer where it rules the heart! As the saying goes, “It is the heart that matters most.”


  • Saturn ♄: The no joke and serious task master. This planet brings about harshness, death, coldness and is melancholy and solemn. It is depressive and fearful and yet trying to still put up a strong front to protect himself because he wouldn’t want to be seen as weak. But the strength of Saturn is formidable. It is resilient and it doesn’t surrender even when he’s being placed in the harshest position. Its perseverance and determination are the highest among all planets will finally be paid off handsomely. It signifies power, authority, success and social status as well. Take your pick which side of Saturn you want to be. Saturn is your tough coach, that pushes you in the hard way so that you learn and grow in the best ever way. It will strip you off your arrogance, teach you to eat humble pie, drill you to forsake short cuts and to be diligent in building a solid foundation so that you have the right mindset and attitude to build, sustain and continue your empire in legacies. Trust Saturn.


  • Uranus ♅: The planet of rebellions and unconventionality. It gives rise to the reason why you want a sudden change, an awakening, and ingenuity are all found in Uranus. It brings about jolts and shocks to people about you! If you have Uranus in your 6th House, highly likely you don’t like to work in a 9-5 job and prefer something non routine. This is important to know as I have always come across people who aren’t happy at their job no matter how hard they try. Until I realised their Uranus is placed in the career and 6th House position signifying a need to move around and hates to be restricted. Uranus don’t really do well under authoritarian style and they are the rules bender. The word ‘Why Not’ is designed for it. Scientists and inventors have strong Uranus in them! Or those who are freedom loving, support global causes/underdogs/humanism,  tend to have heavy Uranus traits! When Uranus is aspecting certain important planets in your chart, it will awaken that side of you to display that needs to a refreshing and exhilarating level! You’ll feel liberated and it is a process to nudge your growth, else you’ll be forever stagnant in a shxxhole!


  • Neptune ♆: The planet of delusion, higher consciousness, selflessness, inspirations, dreams, illusions, creativity, deceptions and ethereal feel..This planet is out of the world and is so far away from us and it is just like living a dream and being in a fantasy zone. In its positive manifestation, it will make us realise our highest conscious and sacrifice for other people, or talented wizards who inspire humanity on a mundane level. Neptune in one’s personal and professional life are seen through medicine, healing, psychology, or charity work and care for people with special needs. If its talents guide us, we will follow our mission through music and other forms of art, brought to Earth to inspire and support large groups of people. The darker side of it, is to be addicted to drugs and wearing rose tinted glasses that lead to losses and disappointments when the fog is lifted. Know where your Neptune is placed you’ll know which is the area of life you need to be careful in not wearing rose tinted glasses and take things as its value and not by what you think or feel. This way you can feel less disappointed and put yourself into self blaming mode.


  • Pluto ♇: The furthest and the smallest planet in our solar system. Pluto is the most transformative, tyrant and ruthless planet that comes with an agenda. There are always 2 sides to a coin. The phrase to describe the lower vibration of Pluto energies, “Revenge is served as a dish, cold..” and the higher vibration of Pluto energies, “In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must Burn.”
    Whatever doesn’t work anymore, Pluto will come tearing it down like a child smashing the beautifully built lego castle and then rebuilding the next better one he deems fit. It rules death and rebirth, obsessions and sexuality, crime and the underworld. This is the darkest side of us. Pluto at its highest good represent transformation and enlightenment. You feel as if you were reborn after going through a ‘life-and-death’ ordeal – maybe in a relationship, career transition, a divorce, a death of someone close.. It definitely has to be a significant event that leads to a total transformation so that you can grow and move on to the next phase in life. This is a planet not to be mess with. If you can master it, you will do well in any situations you are being placed in. High resiliency and a never-say-die spirit is in the powers of Pluto. Pluto rules also wealth wields immense powers. Heard of the word ‘Plutocrat’?

There are more to just planets and zodiacs. So many things to be revealed from the Cosmos and once you master it, you literally feel like being able to converse with the Universe at anytime.. It is profound and I find it a truly awakening experience. 🙂

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