The Best Match For A Taurus Man

How Compatible Are You With The Bull?

Perhaps you’re seeing a Taurus guy or are already involved with one and aren’t sure if you’re the best fit for him or not. The following is information that may help answer your questions…

1. The best match for Taurus man

It’s hard to narrow women down to one sign that will work best for the Taurus guy. There are many variables that play into compatibility than just sun sign alone.
That being said, when it comes to looking at the simplicity of Sun Signs and their compatibility, the best sign for the Taurus man would be the Taurus woman.
When the Taurus man pairs up with a Taurus woman, it’s a very natural union and it is as if he has found his feminine version of himself. Everything has 2 sides of a coin to it so even a Taurus man and a Taurus woman may not spell perfection. There are still things that they must work together in order to keep the relationship great and sane.
Taurus are infamous for their rigidity, stubbornness, possessiveness, slow and passive nature. When Taurus man is feeling overwhelmed, he will seek solitude to rest, recuperate, and sort out his thoughts and during this time it is important to know how to reel him back without losing him for good and at the same time not imposing on his privacy. However, even in the best of times, a Taurus man enjoys his “Me time.” So, give a Taurus man space and time on his own and he’ll come back refreshed and loving. A Taurus man is fixated and has a mind of his own and never likes to be controlled or be told what to do. Unless you want to lose him forever, never go about changing him but embrace who he is.
When two Taurus come together, we have two very devoted and faithful individuals who crave emotional connection and togetherness and eventually having the same mindset to form a union and family together. Once Taurus is in a relationship, the union is more or less closer to being sealed unless, he is skeptical and wary of it due to his past relationships and conditioning of his personality.
However both are very devoted lovers, who prefer harmony, pleasures, happiness and simple things in life.

2. Other sizzling matches

As Taurus is an Earth element, the zodiacs belonging to the Earth elements will be a good pair together!
Their thinkings, feelings and way of handling the relationship and how they live their daily lives are very much similar so there won’t be much drastic stark differences in them. For zodiac signs in the same element as Taurus man, it makes the relationship flow naturally with teases and lots of fun time together.
Having an easy time in the relationship may not be always the best (although it seems great at first glance). There should be a little bit of challenges somewhere so that it builds up the relationship to something more solid and creates the sparks and excitement to it. A little breakthrough as and when will propel each other to grow and learn.
As the saying goes, it is not just the good times but how we both can ride through the tough times.

Taurus + Virgo

Very stable and dedicated in their love. Luckily we have Taurus to ground the relationship and calm the nerves of restless and anxious Virgo. Her steadiness will provide a boost to Virgo’s confidence. The only thing about them is they can be highly practical and forgot about the emotional side of things especially for Virgo.

Taurus + Capricorn

They can form a relationship so deep that their creative power in the material realm could seem unreachable for other signs of the zodiac. With the ability to complement each other in a gentle, slow way, they are the most boring couple on the outside, with most exciting inner activity that stays hidden from the rest of the world. But first Capricorn needs to learn how to trust and Taurus must learn how to be less needy and possessive. The relationship will last if there are solid emotional platform to sustain the two.

3. Who else? Is that all?

Of course, that’s not all. A great relationship doesn’t just depend on the Sun sign alone to achieve that! The ones I’ve listed above are somewhat the best matches but it’s certainly not the end. There are other signs that will work well with the Taurus man.
Remember that no one is created equal and we are all unique. There goes the same to your special Taurus man!
As Taurus is an Earth element, the zodiacs belonging to the Earth and Water elements (a nurturing blend!) will be a good pair together! They are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
Earth is a symbol of abundance, stability, and solidity, as it associates itself with the ground, water is the best element in nurturing all lives from within it (like water and plant). This can be a very creative combination suggesting they can improve, and are good for each other’s well-being too!

Taurus + Pisces

Pisces is bound to have a lot of fun with Taurus. They are both able to think on the same emotional level. They are not only realistic but also sentimental. Taurus can stimulate the emotional side of Pisces making her feel cared for and protected. He will enjoy making the decisions in the relationship because she is so indecisive and always at a loss of what to do.

Taurus + Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio are ambitious and strive to achieve success. A Taurus man needs to be pushed every now and than and his Scorpio woman will oblige. In relationships, both look for loyalty, honesty and commitment. They are opposites in many ways and are drawn to each other. The Taurus man is very down-to- earth, predictable and persistent while the Scorpio woman can be emotional, mysterious and passionate. Both are fixated and hold true to their values.

Taurus + Cancer

With the Taurus man and Cancer woman it will be love at first and their bond will grow more over time. The Taurus Cancer couple will both be equally committed and loyal to each other as well as neither will need to seek outside of their relationship for they will be satisfied with each other. His woman will not ask him to change and will appreciate his predictable and methodical nature as this makes her more secure. He can take on the typical male role and she will be his woman.

4. Cusp signs and rising signs

If your sign isn’t mentioned above, don’t despair as there is more than it meets the eye when it comes to understanding compatibility. Rising signs can alter things as can Cusp signs.
Cusp signs are when someone is born in between one sign and another. This makes it so that the person can carry characteristics of both signs or they can lean more toward one than the other.
Rising sign is the sign that describes how the person appears to the world and who people believe they really are. It may also vary from their Sun sign which would be why they are a bit different.
Remember, it’s always best to get to know everything you can about the Taurus man. It may be that no matter what your sign, your personality actually melds well with his.


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