This Is How Astrology Guided Me To A Better And Meaningful Life

Few years ago I was enthusiastically looking for a new house that I could call home. My research mode was activated and was diligently doing my homework researching and asking around for solid advices. This is not a small investment and will be a place where I’ll be staying for the next decade or so, I better make the right decision!
Out of so many advices I’d received, one interesting piece that keeps coming back was, “You need to avoid the west-facing sun to your apartment”.
Wait…wait a min.. Why does the sun’s direction to the house matter so much?

So how does that help me to create a better and meaningful life through Astrology?

Alrighty, hold it.. I’m coming to that.. patience my love. After hearing the same answer from friends, I guess the whole thing in the end, made so much sense.

When it comes to buying a house, a west facing house will generally get less favoured because of the setting sun’s heat that can cause deterioration to the walls paintings, furniture and making the entire space hot and stuffy.. with poor ventilation of air. You then increase your a/c power and that in return increase your utilities bills! Your health might be affected because of the increased in house’s temperature.

*Studies have shown that people get exposed to warmer environment tend to get angry and frustrated easily. Guardian wrote an article in 2015, literally saying that how these

Cruel Summers and hot weather make people angrier

In the long term, you may tend to fall sick more often with unexplained migraines and other ailments.. As a result, you take more medical leaves, your work and performance get affected, and you’ve got not much energy to carry out your daily life! *Scary…. now wait till you hear the next one..
Your appraisal doesn’t look good, you have put in so much hard work but getting back less returns (not entirely your fault!) and that dampens your mood. In return you project your anger and frustrations to the ones you love, and in the end creating ripples of poor relationship management, and the whole cycle repeats..”
WOW! That was elaborative! You may think this sounds exaggerating, but looking at the above chain reaction, I think it does make sense and it did happened to some people in life!

Just look at the amount of researches a home-buyer will make when it comes to getting his long-term investment. It is not just about the price, facilities, history, location and convenience that matter, but the house owner also consider other factors that will impact his well-being in the long run!

I’m not implying that all west-facing home owners will suffer such an ordeal, but we can see that most of the times west-sun facing houses are the least favoured because of lesser positive factors being presented. What intrigues me the most is the extent of knowledge application, wisdom and understanding of how to work alongside with the universe forces.

Now, coming back to my article… my house hunting experience sparked off further insights to how we could use the knowledge of the universe and work that to our advantages.

Let’s consider this scenario.. have you come across cases where some people tend to be more well-liked, successful, happier, luckier than the rest of us? You know it the moment you stepped into school! I’ve an ex-schoolmate, who spent up to 10hrs playing Nintendo daily and 2 hours of studying, scored way more As than everyone did. And me, who struggled 20hrs of hard work, are not even anywhere near him.
Yeah exactly! It just felt so unfair! But does that mean that I won’t be successful one day? Does that mean that our playful friend will always have an unfair advantage over us? 

The answer is very simple. You see, back to the house buying analogy. When you know the science to how the Sun’s movements matter to your well-being, you can put that into considerations in advance before you decide to buy the house of your choice. Similarly, if we know how the elements, external forces and energies of how our Universe functions which have direct influence to what will be felt on earth and how they impact us internally, we can apply them with ease to strategically transform our lives for the better!

The closest celestial body to the Sun is our Moon. Moon controls our tides and that’s where sailors, fishermen or even anglers need to have a good knowledge on. A rising tide is considered to be one of the best fishing factors for a good catch. For sailors, they have also relied on the moon and stars for sea navigation. 

In Astrology, each zodiac sign represents the unique set of energies which are known to be our innate gifts inherent in us. 

When your energies are in harmony, you can easily ride the waves of tough times and turn them into success and abundance. But this energy will not last forever.. just like your bank account, it will get depleted if you keep spending money and not saving any. 

So our smart friend may have scored aces in school but without constant hard work and polishing, he won’t be able to develop the necessary skills in life to counter any obstacles he has. It is about gaining soulful insights to the world around us and applying them into our lives in the most appropriate way. 

Look at the rest of the other 8 planets that are significant in shaping the way how you live out your life today. Consisting of your articulation skills, how resourceful are you and what are the life lessons coming to you to guide to where you need to be in the near future. Continue reading here.

To end off, the person who strives the most will eventually be made so much tougher and stronger – to have the wisdom to counter any hurdles faced in life. It is about how we learn from these challenging moments and turn them into growing opportunities for us. But before it begins, are you even able to identify which are your inherent strengths and how do you utilise them to your greatest advantage?

That’s where the language of astrology comes to light. 

Rather than going in circles, why not find out yourself what is the most appropriate solution to the biggest concerns of yours?

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