Which Is The Most Difficult Zodiac To Love

Love is something I would described as airy, light, happy and it gives you inspirations and motivations. However, not many would agree that love is as such.
There are 12 zodiacs and each comes with their own characteristics and archetypes, forming a unique love language that only the right person would know how to appreciate them.

Which Is The Most Difficult Zodiac To Love And To Receive Love?

Even though love is a universal language and while each of us has different way of expressing it, there are, a couple of signs that could be a little too hard to love or to be loved.
Which are these hard-to-love signs? Let’s find out.

Scorpio – Emotional Depth

Known for their silence and indifference demeanour, Scorpio is one of the hardest zodiac to understand and love.

Lovers will be put through gruelling tests, brought on trials after trials to prove their undying love.

And if you think it is over, wait till you witness Scorpio’s level of possessiveness and distrusting nature.

They have the best radar and are known to be superb investigator and detective. And when they say or feel something is amiss, they are usually correct. After all they are a water sign and are intuitive and psychic.

Its love nature is very intensive and not many souls are capable of handling such overwhelming forces.

It is mind torturing and draining for those who decide to go through these gruesome mind F experiences to love a Scorpio. But the reward?

Scorpios are demanding in love because they know the level of depth they can go through for you. Scorpios are ready to lay down their lives, fight and to protect you. They will never stray and they are one of the most loyal, passionate, loving partner you ever find.

Sex with them is tantalising.

With all these that a Scorpio is ready to offer to the one he loves, he is fearful of getting hurt and that’s the reason why no lover is spared from all these tests they are being put into.

You may think Scorpios are elusive and they aren’t revealing much but in actual fact, they are intuitive and know deep enough what is happening without anyone telling them.

They have transcended the level of emotions into something words alone cannot explain.

He won’t share because he knows you won’t understand the emotional depth he is going through or perhaps the truth is too painful, he is sparing you from the searing pain.

Loving a Scorpio can literally transform your entire psyche, something that no other zodiacs could ever achieve.

It is said that once you have loved a Scorpio, you would never experienced another love like this ever again, unless it is another Scorpio. What do you think?

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Virgo – The Perfectionist Lover

Their quiet, shy and understated demeanours can sometimes be deceiving. Virgos are service oriented creatures and it works the same way when they fall in love.

Virgos give and give and they will always feel that there is always room for improvements in the relationship. Sometimes they can be too busy perfecting the relationship that they neglect the current moment to enjoy love in the process.

When things are already going on well, Virgos tend to find flaws out of nowhere, so that he can deploy his fix-and-mend skills to prove his usefulness. Many times, because of this, Virgos go through self-prophecy situations because they unintentionally created the flaws in their subconscious so that they can work their relationship to its best.

They feel that they don’t deserve to be loved or they can be so critical of themselves or their partner that they can’t help but keep remodelling each other to become better persons in love.

Just because Virgos care too much, and are too concerned about taking care of others, they can come across as overly anxious and critical. They nitpick on almost everything because he only want the best for the people they love.

When Virgos are appreciated, they become the most sensual, loving and dedicated partner you ever seen. But before that happens, you need to be patient, caring and appreciative of your Virgo. They don’t need anything fanciful. Your words of appreciation will be their biggest reward.

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Know his love language and relationship style based on his zodiac sign

Aquarius – Intellectual Love

Sometimes you find yourself questioning your sanity, “Am I really in a relationship with this Aquarius??”

This aloof, yet friendly and sociable sign, is one of the hardest nuts to crack. It is made worse as an air sign, making him formless and even difficult to grasp.

Aquarians are by nature, inquisitive, eccentric and progressive. He is by far the most embracing sign as he believes in equality and love knows boundaries.

Before Aquarius fall in love, the rule of the thumb is, nothing should change from the transition of friendship to lover. They should remain the same and if not, even friendlier!

Aquarius doesn’t want to commit so much in love because he knows how messy things could be. Once he senses your possessiveness and insecurity, and forgoing your identity dreams because of the new status, Aquarius will not hesitate to give you the cold shoulder or leave the relationship.

He seems cruel but he does that because he wants the best for you and the relationship. In fact, this hurts an Aquarius deeply becausee values friendships more than anything and by treating you this way, he is near to losing a friend and he hates it.

Feelings to him is like an alienated experience, Aquarius choose to mask away their emotions by turning cold and emotionless. They block out this part of them because they don’t know how to process it.

However, Aquarius is one of the most loyal signs out there and is very committed (only if you can get them) when they are in a relationship. Very much so because they are a fixated sign.

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Capricorns – Crippling Fears

Whenever I think about this zodiac sign, it reminds me of the legendary Beast in Disney’s.

Capricorns can come across as condescending and pessimistic and perhaps it is imprinted in their DNAs, they don’t feel deserving of love and and may even question their lovers’ agendas which can easily push them away unknowingly.

Capricorns can love and they love dearly. Only the right ones could activate the love they longed for. But before that happens, Capricorns hesitate to fall in love because back in their heads, they have this constant crippling fear and it is something they can never control, is the day that their partners could walk out of their lives anytime..

Due to this, Capricorns are extremely cautious to who they give their hearts to and it is not only about love, but also about their social standing and reputation. How humiliating it is for a Capricorn to be defeated in love??

Most of the times, that’s the reason they never put in their 100% during early stage of the relationship. One leg in one leg out, so that if anything happens they can exit without taking a toll in their hearts.

But this self contradiction is detrimental to attract potential lovers. Capricorns, you are keeping love at bay because of your self-defeating and pessimistic nature. Once the fear is removed the love will blossom. Don’t wait for love to happen before you give yourself, love is a two-way thing.

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Sagittarius – The Amorous Archer

The archer is progressive, and constantly aiming for self growth and development. It is very similar to Aquarius but Sagittarius is way more spontaneous, expressive and loud!

Sagittarius has an insatiable need to want to explore. He lives and breathes adventures and is a seeker of the truth and justice.

They have the need to want to find a purpose behind everything and anything they are involved in, and when this is taken into the form of a relationship, he wants to grow with his partner (who is also his best friend).

He wants to go on an adventure trip with his special someone and explore the meaning to life and the world. It is when the journey serves no growth or meaning to both parties, Sagi will find no reason to want to stay on.

He is gregarious, bubbly and very open. His sign is the most expansive and optimistic of all and that’s the reason why he sees opportunities everywhere including love!

That’s where it can get tricky because why would a Sagittarius forgo the entire forest just for a tree? Does that explain his flirtatious and promiscuous actions?

Yes, when he isn’t committed and fully ready for love, he is an opportunist but when he is ready, his values principles and ethics of how he should behave in love will kick in.

To love this fire sign, make sure you are equally spontaneous as he is, respect his freedom and give him the absolute trust and never cave him in.

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There are more than it meets the eye when it comes to deciphering the love language of each zodiac sign and understanding what works for each of them. Above are examples of the characteristics of those who display heavy energies of the zodiacs mentioned.

You can be born an Aries or a Cancer but you may display traits that are closer to other zodiac signs, depending on the positioning of your chart’s planets.

It is enlightening to discover more about who you are and learn the best way to channel your energies into the areas that most require nourishment and growth. When the mind, heart and soul are aligned, that’s where magical moments of manifestations to what you want, will happen.

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